President's Message - April 2019

Hi All,
Hope this message finds everyone well and looking forward to an early spring. I have already been
thinking about the long “Honey-do” list that I know will be making its way to my desk any minute now.
In the meantime, I will pack, light, tamp, light again and sip slowly on some of my favorite blends until
the War Department hands me my marching orders. Fortunately, most of the usual jobs really don’t take
much effort to complete and all can possibly be performed with a briar clenched between my teeth.
Good news from our friend John from the Fall River Chapter. Seems he was at the New York Show and
was telling a lot of vendors there that there might be a good possibility of a New England Show in the
near future. The response was overwhelming, and he told me there are at least 10 or more vendors
interested in renting a table at out show if we do one. From what he also explained there has never
been a really serious show here in the past and the vendors he spoke with are anxious to “tap-in” to a
new market. I think it’s time we set our sails to the wind and let’s get this show off the ground. First and
foremost, we need to decide on a firm date and secure the venue. Let’s make that our topic for the May
Don’t forget that this month is our annual meeting where we will be electing officers for the up coming
year. There will be no business as this is a casual night for some food, drink, smoke and good
conversation. There will be a raffle and if I am not mistaking It’s going to be a special Dunhill tobacco
raffle. As most are aware Dunhill tobaccos are no longer being produced, so what’s out there is what’s
out there. There may be even a special Outgoing Presidents Raffle of a Dunhill Pipe. Who knows, guess
you will have to be there to find out.
The Treasurer started taking deposits for this year’s club pipe. If you have a few sheckles hanging around
bring them in and let Matt bank if for you to lessen the load of this special 30 Year SHPC Calabash Gourd
Pipe that we should have in our hands sometime in mid-Fall.
I want to thank everyone for their support and efforts over the last year. It has been an honor to serve
as the club President. I wish the incoming President the best of luck.
Other than that….I got nothing…Please try and make the meeting for the Elections and bring a favorite
hard or soft beverage. Dinner will be provided by the club.


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