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A Review: Ionizing, Electro-Static, Air Cleaner

 A Review: Ionizing, Electro-Static, Air Cleaner .....by Ernie Whitenack

Several Years ago, Eric and I were talking about air cleaners for smoke and we both purchased one about the same time; his from Amazon and mine from Walmart. They looked and worked identically but for the name. Ours had different brand names. The same unit is used at the club. This prompted me to do a bit more searching and found several of the same units, all with various names and prices, and from different internet dealers.
The unit has served me well and does the job as advertised in my three, moderately sized, four-room apartment. Where I am here the majority of the time, I keep the unit running most of the time and the electro-static generator does a good job keeping the smoke odor down, as well as cooking smells. I do not use the Ionizer when I am home but turn it on when going out or expecting guests. The odor of the ionized oxygen (O3) is prevalent when I return. It quickly reverts to normal oxygen (O2) when the ionizer is turned off, leaving the air quite void of odors.
Naturally, as with any device, maintenance is necessary. The unit and the ionizing plates must be carefully cleaned as per the manual instructions. It is important, for optimal affect, to follow the instructions as closely as possible. Pay particular attention to the section regarding “Ionized Air.” Recently, Nelson asked me to write this review about my air cleaner so I dug into the internet to see if it was still available and found the same thing regarding names and prices of the device. Some have been updated considerably. These seem to be made by the same company, China. They are sold under various names and in several configurations. Some have 1 static plate while others have 2. Some have multi-stage filtering in addition to the ultra - static and ozone generator. Most all have the same Cherry wood case, although one is black, grills and knobs are the same. I have seen them priced from $69.95 to $229. Mine, when purchased, was $119 from Walmart. Seems Walmart and Amazon have the best prices.

Download a PDF of this review with a list of comparable air purifiers.

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