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February 2020

The Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club of Boston will meet at the usual place and time on Tuesday, February 4th at 7 PM. There will be a pre Meeting smoke from 5 pm - 6 pm at CB Perkins, Cobb Corner, Canton with dinner at a local eaterie from 6-7 if you'd like to join us.

President's Message

It’s me again, I’ll keep this short,

Hope all is good, and this message finds you well.  As we are all aware February holds a special place in every pipe smokers’ heart. No, no not Valentine’s Day but, International Pipe Smoking Day a/k/a IPSD.     A day for all pipers to unite and raise their briars high in solidarity of this great hobby we all enjoy.

Our friends from the Fall River Chapter will be holding their regular meeting on the exact day Feb 20th.  At the Old Fire House Smoke Shop. I am planning on visiting since we have not been there in a while. 

As for our group and anyone else who is interested, the Humidor in Cranston RI will be hosting an event to commemorate IPSD on Saturday February 22 from 1 to 4 p.m. There will be pizza and calzones as well as other goodies and plenty of liquid libation. The owners are also extending a 20% discount on all pipes and tobaccos purchased that day. I hope we have a great turn out and Jana and the crew are looking forward to seeing some old friends.

I am still working out the details but, we may have a special guest attending this month. All I can say is bring a few extra greenbacks as there may be some pipes to buy.

In honor of St. Valentines Day. This months Presidents raffle will be an extra ticket for all those who bring in a pipe that was bought for them by a significant other. (whether they know about it or not)

See you Tuesday,

2020 SHPC Club Pipe

The decision has been made!  The Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club of Boston's 2020 Club Pipe will be the Merchant Service pipe styled after their original prototype which is a slightly smaller version of the Merchant Service pipe that is available today. 
This year's contenders for 2020 club pipe were a number of pipes crafted by pipe maker Scott Klein and the Merchant Service prototype.  We had a number of beautiful Scott Klein examples to choose from but the sleek and handsome yet not overly ostentatious Merchant Service pipe won out by a very small margin, so it is very probable that we may see a Scott Klein pipe in our pipe rack sometime in 2021. 
Thanks again Tim for your time and energy in making our yearly club pipe a reality.  It's not always an easy task finding a pipe that will appeal to the independent and oftentimes frugal group of individuals that are the Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club of Boston. 
We will be taking orders for this pipe at the February meeting and there will be a discount if a certain number of pipes are ordered.  We hope you will consider making the SHPC Merchant Service pipe a member of your collection.

Pipe Personality: Sailor Jerry

Norman Keith Collins, known popularly as Sailor Jerry, was a prominent American tattoo artist in Hawaii who was well known for his sailor tattoos. Collins was  also well know for smoking his pipe while tattooing. He often used a pipe because it allowed him to customize his tobacco blend. Not much information was found on the type of pipe and tobacco he smoked but I wouldn't be surprised if it was a Navy Flake.and his pipe looks to be fond of the Billiard or Canadian.

Collins was born on January 14, 1911 in Reno but grew up in Northern California. As a child he hopped freight trains across the country and learned tattooing from a man named "Big Mike" from Palmer, Alaska. Originally using the stick and poke method and working with whatever tools he could find, he would practice on anyone who would be willing to let him.

In the 1920s in Chicago Collins learned to use the tattoo gun from his mentor Gibbs "Tatts" Thomas and practiced his craft on real skin in the evenings at the morgue (so it is told). As Collins took hold of the cadavers arm, getting ready to tattoo, the corpse (not actually a corpse) sat up and scared the hell out of Collins and much to the delight of the others present.

Riverville Murder - Chapter 12


Scott and the others run after Nunsay. Scott shouts, “You two, stop. You are under arrest.”

Nunsay stops running as he reaches the waiting van, pulls a revolver and fires at Scott. Scott winces as the round grazes his ribs, but gets off two shots at Nunsay’s legs. Nunsay goes down writhing in pain from the sting of the 45 Caliber slug buried deep in his right thigh. Nunsay’s partner, unknown to this point, stands shaking beside the van. The driver sits silently with his hands placed on top of his head.

As soon as the situation cooled down, Martin Wolfe, his handcuffed hands behind his back, was roughly escorted by two detectives to one of the unmarked cruisers and rushed off to Massachusetts State Police headquarters. His hands were freed on the way, and an explanation given of the fake arrest.

Scott and Albert Nunsay, in separate ambulances, were rushed to Beth Israel Hospital, while the van driver and Nunsay’s, yet unidentified accomplice, were hauled off to Boston City Jail.

Tobacco Review:  Cornell and Diehl's  Sun Bear

by Ernie Whitenack

A blend of the finest red and bright Virginias balanced by Basma leaf from 2014 and Izmir Orientals from 2013, Sun Bear showcases select varietals by highlighting their inherent characters with a range of unique and nuanced casings. South Carolina garden-grown honey — harvested from the personal beehives of C&D's head blender, Jeremy Reeves — combines with a whisper of silver tequila and elderflower to augment the fruity and floral notes of the choice Orientals and Virginias. The result is a natural, refined tobacco with a bright, refreshing character and a creamy, rounded finish — the perfect complement to these final days of summer.

And then it goes on to tell you how all of this interacts and mixes.

Prior to writing this, I read a bunch of reviews and watched a couple of videos, simply to see if I would agree. Everyone seems to love Sun Bear.  Naturally I had to smell it right-off. To me, the tin aroma was reminiscent of frozen pudding ice cream, also known as Rum-Raisin.  At first light, I tasted no Virginia, but the Basma and Izmir were boldly up front. There is an underlying sweetness; from the honey, I assume. 

I have no idea what an elderflower is, unless it is the flower of the elderberry bush, often used in gin, along with the berries. I can’t say what it adds to this tobacco.

This Month's Tobacco Raffle

As you probably know, Dunhill discontinued its pipe tobacco blends in 2018.  While many of the most popular blends are now being produced under the Peterson name, a few were not, and there appear to be no plans to reissue those blends.  We have two of those discontinued blends, both date-coded to early 2017, for our February raffle.  We'll also have aromatic alternatives.
Dunhill Durbar (50g tin)  is an Orientals-forward Latakia blend which has top-notch flue-cured tobaccos added to the base. It's a cool and complex blend with a bright, incense-like aroma and intriguing flavor.
Dunhill The Aperitif (50g tin) is a light-medium blend of Latakia, Orientals, and Virginias with the addition of unflovored black Cavendish. The resulting mixture is smooth and mellow with an undercurrent of sweetness that is refreshing while never becoming boring.  Tom says it's one of his favorite blends.
In case you miss any information or just want to give us feedback, please feel free to contact us.

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