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November 2019

The November Meeting will take place at the usual place and time on Tuesday, November 5th at 7:00 PM.  Pre Meeting smoke from 5 pm - 6 pm at CB Perkins, Cobb Corner, Canton. Dinner at 6 pm at a local restaurant.  You can always find someone at Chinatown if you're running late.

President's Message

Hello Pipers!

Hope all is well, and you have survived the Halloween sugar hangover. Can’t believe almost another year has passed and next month will be our holiday extravaganza! Please mark your calendars and don’t miss it. Also Don’t forget about a possible trip to the Humidor in Cranston on November 9 for a pipe event the Erik Stokobye and the Kaywoodie Pipe show and slow smoke contest coming up in early December. We will certainly discuss these in greater detail at the next meeting as well as hopefully firming up the Pipe Show.
Our last meeting was a packed one with about 16 members in attendance including Steve, a potential new member; Greg, an old member from before my time back for a visit; and Al who we haven’t seen in a number of months.  Also in November, those of us who purchased the 2019 30th Anniversary Club pipe will receive them just in time to smoke over the holidays.  These are the best times of the pipe smoking year.
Andy Camire posted about the re-launch of the Merchant Service Pipe on our Facebook page.  I was intrigued and purchased one right away.  I will have a review of that pipe in the next Gazette.
November brings us National Novel Writing Month and National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month. So, for all those who bring Ernie a package of peanut butter cookies will get another raffle ticket good for a chance at winning something from my private collection. Ernie is automatically entered.
I’d also like to thank all our members who are Veterans for their service and extend my warm wishes to all for a Happy Thanksgiving.

All My Best, Kevin

Arleigh Albert Burke, USN

For Veteran's Day we will feature Admiral Arleigh Albert Burke as our pipe personality of the month. Burke, often pictured smoking a pipe was nicknamed "31-Knot Burke" because he usually pushed his destroyers to just under boiler-bursting speed, but while en route to a rendezvous prior to the Battle of Cape St. George, a boiler casualty to USS Spence (a jammed boiler tube brush used for cleaning) limited his squadron to 31 knots, rather than the 34+ of which they were otherwise capable. His nickname became "31 Knot Burke," originally a taunt, later a popular symbol of his hard-charging nature. An alternative explanation is provided by Jean Edward Smith in his biography of Eisenhower: "During World War Two, Burke mistakenly led his destroyer squadron into a Japanese minefield. Admiral Halsey radioed to ask what he was doing in a Japanese minefield. ‘Thirty-one knots,’ replied Burke”. Admiral Burke was named Pipe Smoker of the Year in 1958. "A man of action, a man of peace who knows how to relax with a pipe."

Arleigh Albert Burke (October 19, 1901 – January 1, 1996) was an admiral of the United States Navy who distinguished himself during World War II and the Korean War, and who served as Chief of Naval Operations during the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations.

An Adventure with Clay Pipes

By Horace Harker
I guess you could say I have a thing for clay pipes. I'm not a fanatic or anything but there is something intriguing about them that draws me in. Maybe it's the history behind them, I can't quite put my finger on it. But over the years I have purchased a few and found that although I'm fan of clays, most of them don't smoke well enough to keep in the regular rotation. Back in 2004 I took a trip to Virginia and while there I purchased two clay pipes, a long handsome churchwarden style pipe that I found at the Blacksburg Pipe & Tobacco Shop and on our way home I we stopped at Colonial Williamsburg where I found a simple clay pipe around 7 inches long. What drew me to this pipe was the size and shape of the bowl and the stem was long and slender enough that it would probably smoke comfortably. From what I can tell without doing a ton of research is that it is a 1900s style clay pipe. So I laid down a whopping $8 and brought it home. I never really had intentions to smoke the churchwarden clay, I bought it mostly because I liked the way it looked but I was looking forward to trying my Williamsburg purchase.

Unlike some of the other colonial tavern type pipes that have smaller, thicker walled bowls and thicker stems and are not all that comfortable in the mouth; the bowl on the Williamsburg was oval shaped, fairly deep and the seven inch stem tapered to a comfortable diameter that was easy on the mouth. It looked like it could hold a decent amount of tobacco and had a waxed tip for comfort. So I loaded lit it up and found that it was as easy to smoke as I suspected.

Riverville Murder - Chapter 9


Byrne takes a swallow, puffs on his pipe and says,  Seems there is a suspected mole working here. according to the C street boss. His name is Sean Keogh, or so he says. Could be anything, really. We are to keepan eye on him and investigate his background, as much as we can, without raising suspicion with anyauthorities. I’m to pick up a dossier on him tonight. We’ll meet here tomorrow at one-o’clock, look it over anddecide where to go with it.”

“I suppose they will want us to arrange hisdisappearance should we find out he’s dirty,” Mc Dougalresponds.

“Now, let’s not be think’n of that as yet. A heap of work must be done first. Then it’s the boss’s decisionnot ours, thank the good Lord.”

This Month's Tobacco Raffle

For our last regular club raffle of 2019, we have something extra special - McClelland!  The two winners will each pick one tin from the following four discontinued McClelland blends.  Those tins not picked will be returned to the cellar for possible inclusion in a future raffle.
McClelland Samovar (50g.)  is a rich full Oriental mixture, pleasantly fragrant with just enough rare Syrian latakia to satisfy without overwhelming. Warm spiritually satisfying, this dark, full Oriental pipe mixture is redolent with exotic Syrian latakia.  Originally introduced by the Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club, this tin is dated 2015.
Tinder Box Reserve 1928 (1.75oz.) is easy to pack, and has a subtle, natural sweetness. A cool, dry smoke with a light pleasing aroma. The composition of this new tobacco is red Virginia, orange Virginia, Virginia flake, and a touch of burley.  It is lightly aromatic, with notes of cocoa.  Tin is dated 2017.
Eric Nording Hunter Blend - Beagle (1.75oz.) is a classic dark, rich matured Virginia flake made from mellow premium orange and red Virginias seasoned with the finest St. James Parish perique.  Tin is dated 2017

McClelland Orient 996 (50g.) is very special blend of sugary bright Virginia and aged, mellow red Virginia, seasoned with a good amount of rare Yenidje and a touch of Syrian Latakia. Ready to smoke, but designed to age beautifully.  Tin is dated 2015  (note that the tin is dented, but the seal is intact).
In case you miss any information or just want to give us feedback, please feel free to contact us.

Pipe and Tobacco Podcasts

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PipesMagazine Radio Show
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Sherlock Holmes Podcasts

I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere (IHOSE)
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