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August 2019

The August Meeting will take place on Tuesday, August 6th at 7 PM at the Massapoag Sportman's Club.  Meet at 5 PM at C.B Perkins, Cobb Corner, Canton, Dinner at a local eaterie at 6 PM.

President's Message

Hi All,

Hope you are enjoying what they call the dog days of summer and hope you all have had a chance to appreciate some time with family and friends. I think if someone offers me another hot dog, I am going to go postal on them. There does come a time that the thought of another hot dog or hamburger “on the grille” just drives me mad. I am unquestionably looking forward to some cooler weather and getting back into the kitchen and preparing some comfort food. My pipe smoking really isn’t affected too much as I do have the luxury of smoking in my office in the basement. That’s one thing I owe the significant other a two thumps up for tolerating.
I owe the group an apology for not writing a message last month and for not having a president’s raffle. I promise to make up for it this month. I recently acquired a nice estate haul of about 40 pipes I am going to restore and have chosen a well-known maker for this month’s raffle.
I also would like to welcome our newest member Craig to the group.  We’ve seen Craig down at C.B. Perkins for over the past year but we finally got him to pull the trigger and join.  Welcome Craig.
We have a lot of aged flake tobacco to sell at reasonable prices at this month's meeting so I hope we have a nice turnout.  If you like flakes, you won't want to miss this month's meeting.  See below for more details.

Who Remembers This Guy??

He may not be completely recognizable from this photo but this is former SHPC President Dock Perry.  Back in the day Dock brought a lot of enthusiasm to our club and as President he also resurrected the yearly club pipe which continues today thanks to the hard work of our own resident pipe maker Tim.  Dock was a huge collector of pipes, tobacco, all tobacciana, ephemera and other collectibles and he knew A LOT about the subject.  Back in March of ’05 a group of us took a field trip out to his home (which actually was more like a tobacciana museum) in Western Mass.  If you'd like to read about that visit (or relive it) you can check that out here.

But sometimes collections get stale or you come to a point in your life where you feel like you've run the gamut in a particular hobby or pastime.  This was the case for Dock, he always needed something new to stimulate his mind.  At one point he sold most of his pipes and replaced them all with all high end pipes and was even known as the “Danish Pipe Guy” for a while.  Eventually and unfortunately, Dock’s enthusiasm for the hobby of pipes and tobacco waned and was soon taken over by another with new things to collect and he began to fade away from this lifestyle. These things happen I guess and the only thing we can do is accept it.

Although this may sound a little like a eulogy, it's not, although it could be considered as a eulogy of a pipe smoker. But no, Dock's not dead however, he will be moving to Florida soon and is downsizing in a major way.  Fortunately for us, he asked if I'd bring all of the jarred tobacco he acquired from former member Ken Collins to see if any of us were interested in purchasing some of it. It's mostly, if not all flake tobacco.  There are at least 14+ large Ball jars filled to the top with high quality flakes like Bob’s Chocolate, Kendal Flake, Bosun Cut Plug, Bullseye Flake and more, and at least that many of the medium size jars and some smaller jars as well, most of which are aged 8-10 years. I will also be bringing a large Crown Achievement ceramic humidor half filled with matches, a Holmes and Watson 2 plate set and a limited edition, RD Field "Piece O' Pipe" 4 blend tobacco jar made in the USA and designed by Jonathan Kaplan will also available for purchase at reasonable prices.  He is also selling stuff on Ebay.
He told me I could keep half of the money but I will be putting my half back into the club for incentive to sell as much as I can.  That money could help fund our Christmas raffle or something else so it will be coming back to you in some form or another. 

See the images to the left for an idea of what I will be bringing in August and don't forget to bring your wallets, cash and checkbooks.

Pipe Personality: Fred MacMurray

(excerpted and adapted from Wikedia)

Frederick Martin MacMurray (August 30, 1908 – November 5, 1991) was an American actor and singer who appeared in more than 100 films and a successful television series during a career that spanned nearly a half-century, from 1930 to the 1970s.

MacMurray was most well-known for his role as the pipe smoking aeronautical engineer Steven Douglas on the TV series My Three Sons.  Douglas was a widower who was raising three kids on his own.

Douglas smoked his pipe on camera throughout the series. Sitting on a bench in the downtown plaza on Sundays, reading the newspaper and smoking the pipe was one of the trademarks of his character.  Between scenes he would sit in a chair, smoke his pipe and often be reading something which didn’t seem like much of a stretch from his TV character.........

Riverville Murder - Chapter 6

Leaning back in his old wood office chair, he blows smoke rings at the ceiling and tries to fight the feeling of fear that comes each time he thinks of his granddaughter being in eminent danger.

Carl, on the walk back to his office, suddenly realizes he must ramp-up protection between now and when Kelly leaves for Vermont. It could take several days to two weeks, depending on her employer’s needs.  

Frank Sullivan, wandering the streets while waiting for the All Erin to open, wonders if he has done the right thing. “Should anyone find out I snitched, my life will be taken with dispatch,” Sullivan says to himself. “Should I leave here and head West or hop a flight to Dublin and disappear somewhere in the Republic?

Tobacco Review: Mac Baren's Amphora Burley Blend

Based on some overheard conversations at the club last month, not everyone is a fan of the new Amphora Burley Blend.  But SHPC past President Eric Kahn said this blend came to his rescue and he found it quite enjoyable.  Here's what he had to say:
So I'm heading down to the Cape for the weekend just to hang with family. Clothes all packed, extra pipes and a couple of cigars. In the pipe case I put in cobs and a Sherlock Holmes head Meer, some pipe cleaners and an extra lighter.... you know the usual stuff. Oh! There is that Amphora Burly blend I've been meaning to try. Throw it in, just in case I run out of my usual and off the wife and I went.
First thing I want to do is sit in the densely wooded back yard and have a bowl. Birds of all types singing their songs, little critters scurrying about and even some mice minding their Ps and Qs. It was really relaxing. I reach for my usual tobacco in my back pocket. Hmm..., other back pocket. Hmm..., thigh pockets? Oops! Good thing I brought the Amphora. I hope it's good.  Ready rubbed, nice aroma in the pouch, moderate moisture, packs well, should light nicely.  First charring light, I'm expecting a bite... no bite. Let's see how it goes. Subsequent light, no bite. In fact throughout the smoking experience, no bite. Pleasing taste, if not exceptional. Mild. Nutty. Pleasing. Overall I'd rate this blend very nice. After I finish this pouch I'll try another and if it stays as good as the first I will buy a large can. I don't usually expect much from a Nutty blend, but from my view, Mac Baren’s has hit this one out of the park with their new Amphora Burley blend.

This Month's Tobacco Raffle

This month's tins are courtesy of Matt, our esteemed treasurer, who obtained them in Chicago.  Both are exceptional blends, and usually sold out.  As usual, we'll have aromatic alternatives, and maybe even a surprise or two...
Fribourg & Treyer Cut Virgina Plug (50g tin):  A full bodied, medium to full strength pressed flake. Very complex from start to finish with a well balanced taste that both boldly spicy and subtlety sweet.
STG Group Balkan Sasieni  (50g tin): Original formula Balkan smoking mixture was created in London at the beginning of the century by the master of Tobacco Blenders who first combined the aromatic pleasures of the choicest of Macedonia and Latakia leaf with the richness of Old Virginia to give the pipe smoker an unrivaled smoking pleasure.
In case you miss any information or just want to give us feedback, please feel free to contact us.

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