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February 2022

Our next meeting is planned for Tuesday, February 1st @ 7:00 PM - Massapoag Sportmen's Club

Check your email or our Facebook page before you come to make sure the meeting hasn't been cancelled

If you want to meet at Perkins and/or meet for dinner somewhere else,
let others know via email or on Facebook if you can.

President's Message

Hello Club Members,

I hope this message reaches you well. There has been a lot of new cases popping up and was one of the leading reasons we went virtual last month. We are going to meet in person this month and if you feel like joining please do. If not, you will be missed but, totally understand your position. However, we will be going over our choice for the POTY, there may be a slight change as we have a chance to obtain a beautiful “swan shaped” pipe from Merchant Service that is in high demand and limited supply. The distributor explained to Tim that they would hold 12 to 14 pipes until after our next meeting. So, if you can’t make for the vote, be on the lookout for an email explaining the details.
We do have a confirmed date on Saturday February 19th to celebrate International Pipe Smoking Day at the Humidor’s new shop in Warwick, RI. Time is set for 12 P.M., pizza and light refreshments will be served. They have done a wonderful job setting up the new store and it is well stocked with plenty of tobacco and a great pipe selection.
January was planned to hold “members favorite tobacco”. Derik G. has volunteered to bring a sample of his favorite blend for everyone to try.  That has been rescheduled for February. Remember we won’t know what it is until the end of the meeting, and we all have had a chance to taste and comment. As discussed bring your own pipe(s) for the sampling. Corn cobs will no longer be supplied as most prefer a broken in pipe.

President’s raffle is easy this month…Show up and get a ticket. And don't forget, we still have a belated Christmas gift for members.

Best, Kevin

Tobacco Review: Cringle Flake - 2021

By Ernie Whitenack

Sutliff Tobacco Company
From the Yankee Swap’s last remaining wrapped package, I removed this 1.5-ounce tin of Sutliff tobacco. Not being a fan of flavored blends, especially the forever wet sticky kind. Thoroughly expecting it to be some kind of peppermint and fruit blend, I immediately tried to remember what was taken before that so I could swap it away. I decided not to stick one of my friends with this stuff, so I didn’t go for a swap.
A couple of days later, I finally read the back of the tin and was surprised to see it is made from 20-year-old Cavendished Red Virginia and 2003 perique, pressed and sliced.
The tin nose is an old-fashioned Christmas Pudding, often called Plum Pudding because of its piquant fruity taste.
The slices were partly broken up. The rest were soft, breaking easily when touched. Cringle Flake rubbed out into large chunks, requiring additional vigorous rubbing to get it to a good size.
It took three lights to get it burning properly, but worth it. I can best describe the flavor as sweet lemonade with underlying spice. Not artificial and very pleasant. I’ll smoke it occasionally, but I doubt I’ll have any interest in the 2022 edition when it appears on the market next year.

Riverville Murder  Chapter 36 

The Final Chapter


“Chief Cosmo Natali. In a hundred years, who would suspect him of being dirty! A sad ending to an illustrious career,” Matt said. “Time for this department to move on and concentrate on getting all of those crooks in jail. The DA and his crew have a huge task ahead of them.”

“I just started to wonder what is happening in that regard. I’ve been so busy rounding up offenders, I haven’t been able to keep up.”

“The best I can do is give you an abbreviated summary of charges and convictions. Thanks to the team from the Steno pool who went beyond the request you gave them and with unbelievable speed.” Matt Said.

This Month's Tobacco Raffle

This month we've got two tins from Dan Tobacco.  Both are Virgina-based flakes, and as usual, we'll have outstanding alternatives available.

Treasures of Ireland Limerick Flake
Treasures of Ireland Limerick Flake
is a a
rich Virginia tobacco with 5% Perique added to keep the mixture cool on the palate. A dark, smooth, wonderful flake tobacco, it is a must-try for fans of Virginia/Perique blends.

Patriot Flake
Patriot Flake
Is a straight Virginia and
features U.S. Virginia grades and Virginia tobaccos from Mysore with additional fermentation under pressure. It is press aged, sliced thin and kept in flake form. Easily rubbed out. This blend has an excellent cool burn with a satisfyingly rich, but smooth flavor medium strength
In case you miss any information or just want to give us feedback, please feel free to contact us.

Pipe and Tobacco Podcasts

Country Squire Radio
countrysquirelogoA weekly podcast about all things pipes and tobacco.  Beau and Jon David have a great chemistry and keep you entertained every week. Check their website for show times. They mix it up a lot YouTube  |  Website
(1:00 PM Eastern Time)

PipesMagazine Radio Show
PMag radio show logoA different interview every week with Brian Levine a well known member of the tobacco industry.  Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!       iTunes  |  Website
(Live Tuesday evenings 8 PM )

Pipe and Tamper Pipecast
PMag radio show logoA Podcast for the Tobacco Pipe Enthusiast. Interviews with pipe carvers and industry influencers. Quick tobacco reviews and segments on pipes and tobaccos. New episodes are available on the 1st and 15th of every month.     iTunes  |  Website

Sherlock Holmes Podcasts

I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere (IHOSE)
IHOSElogoA delightful way to spend an evening with Holmes as your affable co hosts Scott Monty and Burt Wolder share their unique perspectives and sense of humor. Find out more than you ever thought possible about the greatest pipe smoker that never lived.

Shows come out twice a month. iTunes  |  Website

Sherlock Holmes: Trifles
Trifles Cover smFrom the producers of the I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere podcast, Trifles is a 15-minute, weekly audio program where Scott & Burt discuss something related to the Canon.
Have you ever stopped to wonder about why Dr. Watson was called James by his wife? Or of Sherlock Holmes's dining habits? Or what happened when he let a criminal escape? Answers to these questions and more await in Trifles, a weekly podcast about details in the Sherlock Holmes stories. iTunes  |  Website

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Trifles artwork created by Tom Richmond

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