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September 2021

Hope you all had a great summer!!
Our next meeting will be Tuesday, September 7th @ 7:00 PM - Massapoag Sportmen's Club

Turnout at Perkins has been pretty low the last couple of meetings and Chinatown is still only doing take out. If you want to meet at Perkins and/or meet for dinner somewhere else, let others know via email if you can.

President's Message

Hi All,

Just my monthly poke in to keep you informed on what is going on with the club. First, I hope all faired well with that terrible hurricane that hit us last week. I was fortunate and only lost one plastic patio chair and a few corn stalks. Good thing was the corn was salvageable and I had it tonight with dinner, the chair is another story.
I was wondering the process of making corn cob pipes while I was devouring the sugar filled kernels. Then I remembered that there was a package in the foyer waiting for me. If you recall at our last meeting, I thought it would be a good idea for a member to bring in a portion of tobacco so each of us could try their favorite or “go-to” blend. I hope to do this quarterly and in response to Nelson being the first member to volunteer I bought 15 corn cob pipes for us to sample his ultimate blend in. Remember all should participate and we won’t know what blend it is until later in the evening. I have a feeling this is going to be a lot of fun and what could be better way to get to know a club member just a little bit better.
It was great to see The Man, The Myth, The Legend – Andy Camire live and in person at the last meeting. Those of you who do not know Andy - should! He is an all-around good guy and well versed and respected in all aspects of the pipe community through out the Galaxy and beyond. Not to mention a member of the club since it’s beginnings way back in the late 1980’s. Hope to see him more often at our regular meetings.
Sincere thanks to Andy and Tim for surprising me with a couple tins of my very own “Unicorn Blend” You guys have no idea how much that meant to me.
President’s raffle will be easy this month. All members who smoke a corn cob pipe during the meeting will receive an extra raffle ticket for a chance.

Be well, Stay cool, Kevin

Pipe Personality: John Dann MacDonald

John Dann MacDonald was born on July 24, 1916, in Sharon, Pennsylvania. During World War Two, he served in the OSS in the far east and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. While still in the military, he wrote a short story and mailed it home to his wife, simply for her entertainment. Unknown to him, she submitted it to the magazine “Story,” and it was accepted.

MacDonald is best known for the series of detective-style novels featuring Travis McGee, with an interesting twist on the usual hard-boiled character; McGee was NOT a licensed private investigator, and in most of the novels, he agrees to recover something of value for a friend or a friend of a friend; his fee is one-half the value of the object..
(IMDb Mini Biography By: Scott F. Johnson)

A seasoned salvage expert, McGee lives on his houseboat in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, docked in slip F-18a at the marina Bahia Mar. The marina and slip actually exist but slip F-18 is never used. A plaque of bronze can readily be seen at the slip, a memorial to MacDonald and Travis McGee.

Riverville Murder - Chapter 28 & 29

“Thank you -- very informative.” Judge Millstone said. “I read in the paper, the young officer Simmons passed away. I understand he was shot outside your office. Tell me more about that.”

“Respectively, Sir, I cannot. All I can tell you is that he is not dead. It’s all tied into the attempts on my life and this case. To tell you more will jeopardize Simmons’ life.”

“All right, Chief Investigator. I’ll accept that. But, when this is over, I want the full story.”

On the way out, Allan said, “That wasn’t bad. I thought you might get a good chewing-out for something, Boss.”

“No. Despite the judge’s abruptness, likely caused by being so busy, he is a good and reasonable man. Now, how about Angelo’s for lunch?”

The car headed out, traveled to Hanover Street, turned left onto Prince, and stopped at Angelo’s, Allan’s favorite restaurant.

This Month's Tobacco Raffle

This month we have tins from the John Cotton's Double Pressed line. These blends were developed by Russ Ouelette, and are sure to please! As usual, we'll have a couple of alternatives and by the way, we'll be raffling THREE tins this month!

John Cotton's Double Pressed Kentucky (1.75 oz)
John Cotton's Double Pressed Kentucky brings a new approach to pressed tobaccos that's almost revolutionary. It starts with smoky dark-fired Kentucky blended with sweet Virginias. These are pressed, sliced in to flakes which are then tumbled out into a ribbon. The tobacco is allowed to breathe and then moved back to the press to be formed into a crumble cake. This causes a second maturation cycle which deepens the flavor and takes any sharp edges off the blend. We have TWO tins of this blend up for grabs!

John Cotton's Double Pressed Dark Fired (1.75 oz)
John Cotton's Double Pressed Dark Fired brings the boldest blend yet to this storied brand. A flake made of dark-fired Kentucky from two continents gets completely tumbled out and allowed to breathe for weeks before it gets placed back into a press and turned into a crumble cake. This process makes the flavor richer and deeper, with more consistency.

In case you miss any information or just want to give us feedback, please feel free to contact us.

Pipe and Tobacco Podcasts

Country Squire Radio
countrysquirelogoA weekly podcast about all things pipes and tobacco.  Beau and Jon David have a great chemistry and keep you entertained every week. Check their website for show times. They mix it up a lot YouTube  |  Website
(1:00 PM Eastern Time)

PipesMagazine Radio Show
PMag radio show logoA different interview every week with Brian Levine a well known member of the tobacco industry.  Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!       iTunes  |  Website
(Live Tuesday evenings 8 PM )

Pipe and Tamper Pipecast
PMag radio show logoA Podcast for the Tobacco Pipe Enthusiast. Interviews with pipe carvers and industry influencers. Quick tobacco reviews and segments on pipes and tobaccos. New episodes are available on the 1st and 15th of every month.     iTunes  |  Website

Sherlock Holmes Podcasts

I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere (IHOSE)
IHOSElogoA delightful way to spend an evening with Holmes as your affable co hosts Scott Monty and Burt Wolder share their unique perspectives and sense of humor. Find out more than you ever thought possible about the greatest pipe smoker that never lived.

Shows come out twice a month. iTunes  |  Website

Sherlock Holmes: Trifles
Trifles Cover smFrom the producers of the I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere podcast, Trifles is a 15-minute, weekly audio program where Scott & Burt discuss something related to the Canon.
Have you ever stopped to wonder about why Dr. Watson was called James by his wife? Or of Sherlock Holmes's dining habits? Or what happened when he let a criminal escape? Answers to these questions and more await in Trifles, a weekly podcast about details in the Sherlock Holmes stories. iTunes  |  Website

Pipe & Tobacco Episodes:    Episode 71 | Episode 83

Trifles artwork created by Tom Richmond

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