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July 2021

We're delayed a week this month due to the holiday.

Next meeting will be Tuesday, July 13th @ 7:00 PM - Massapoag Sportmen's Club

Let's try to start our early smoke at CB Perkins at 5 PM again and then have dinner at 6 PM somewhere.  Look forward to seeing you all there.

President's Message

Hi Gang,
Certainly, hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend even though the weather was not cooperative. I took the time to just relax, watch some TV and spend some time smoking some blends I have acquired over the past few weeks from all the deals they were having on P&T and Smoking Pipes. My “go to’ for the past week or so has been Mac Baren 7 Seas regular. It is packed in a jumbo 3.5-ounce tin and is considered and aromatic. Not a goopy drug store blend (although I do love me some Captain Black occasionally) but, rather a mix of quality leaf with just enough flavor and amazingly easy to smoke on a hot summer day not to mention and a fantastic room note. In fact, my 18-year-old who does not really talk to anyone in the house because he is to cool, passed by my office and made a point to stick his head in and say, “Wow, that really smells nice.” I will most likely have the tin with me next week if anyone would like to try.
While we are talking about smoking in the summer, I would like to note that as much as we think we are not inhaling while we enjoy our pipes fact of the matter is there is no possible way we are not. We are our own secondhand smoke factories. Please take care while enjoying the leaf in the humid weather with poor air quality. Maybe choose a smaller bowl packed ½ way with a lighter blend. I know I sometimes see a difference in my breathing on a real muggy day. I know I may have mentioned it a couple of times before it would really be great if we could find a pipe friendly life insurance company and have an agent visit us some night. I think it is worth exploring. Suggestions are welcomed.
So…Since its July and will most likely be HH&H on our meeting night all members who bring and smoke a petite sized pipe will be eligible for extra tickets for the President’s Raffle.

Stay cool, Kevin


Arango Cigar Company’s - Balkan Supreme

by Ernie Whitenack

I read several posts on Facebook praising the flavor and tobacco quality of Arango’s Balkan Supreme, so I decided to try some and ordered two ounces along with other items. Unfortunately, I compared it to McClellan’s Balkan Series. This was unfair because of reasons anyone who ever smoked the McClellan Balkans knows.
In searching for this blend, I discovered this is Arango’s only house blend which made me curious about its origin, and I dug deeper. I found several Balkin Supreme tobaccos offered, all with identical ingredients made in Denmark by, I presume, Scandinavian Tobacco Company. It strikes me as odd that they all use the same name. But then, probably others have used different names. Most of the bulk Balkan Supreme on various sites use basically the same description as does Wessex tined tobacco.
A couple use the following and compare it to Balkan Sobranie.

Balkan Supreme is a bit sweeter than others but still has the Orientals and Latakia up-front and soft. The unflavored Black Cavendish is barely noticeable and probably lends to the slow-burning character of this blend. I might do a comparative test someday with two or three blends with like names. I’ll let you know.

Riverville Murder - Chapter 26 & 27

“With the cooperation of Reverend Carlton Mac Elroy and yourself, I think it will go like clock-work. Reverend Mac Elroy feels as you do but is willing to step around ethics to save Mark’s life. To answer your other question, Mark Simmons will only be at your place for a matter of hours. Allan and I will come to the funeral home, as towel and lab coat delivery people, in a panel truck with proper signage on its sides. We will take him out in a large hamper. After he is safely in Riverville, I can discuss the funeral with you and Reverend Mac Elroy. Keep in mind that the funeral is only for the family. Normally, there would be a large contingent of police at the funeral. That is OK, but they cannot enter the church. I will talk to the Chief about that problem.”

This Month's Tobacco Raffle

This month we have two hard-to-find tins from Samuel Gawith. They've been around since 1792, and their blends are as popular as ever. As always, we'll have alternatives available.

Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader (50 g)
Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader may be the quintessential 'English' blend. This medium-bodied mixture of golden and stoved Virginias along with earthy Turkish and a fair dose of Latakia delivers a rich, cool and amazingly smooth smoke perfect for anytime. See for yourself why Squadron Leader is one the shelves of English tobacco lovers everywhere.

Samuel Gawith Skiff Mixture (50 g)
Samuel Gawith Skiff Mixture is for the pipe smoker who appreciates the fuller flavor of an Oriental blend. Blending a variety of different styles of flue cured tobaccos gives Skiff its characteristic yellow and brown features. Its real identity comes with the addition of Turkish and a beautiful black Cyprus latakia giving the blend its full, round taste.

In case you miss any information or just want to give us feedback, please feel free to contact us.

Pipe and Tobacco Podcasts

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PipesMagazine Radio Show
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Sherlock Holmes Podcasts

I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere (IHOSE)
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