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October 2020

We are planning to meet in person for the October meeting and see how things go. 
If you want to get something to eat before the meeting, we suspect most restaurants will be open in some capacity.  Check out the local haunts around 6 PM. Chinatown and Five Guys might be good options to try.  Call those whose numbers you have to make plans.  The club will be open at 7 PM for the meeting.  Hope to see many of you there.


President's Message

Hi Gang,
It seems like forever since we have all been in each other’s company. This month we have made the decision to meet once again in person and see how it goes. We should remember to be aware and mindful of our neighbors at the tables. If you are not feeling well or still uneasy about meeting in person, we all understand and hope to see you soon.  I will most likely be in the area around 6 PM looking for dinner options.  Call me if you have my number but regardless of dinner, the meeting will begin at 7 PM at the club.  Remember to bring a sweater or light jacket as the doors will be open to keep the air exchanged. I am hoping for a perfect October evening in New England. Maybe we could sit outside as well. I do not recall if there is a fire pit on the property but, that could be a perfect place to gather.
The chance to purchase this year’s club pipe has expired and moneys have been collected as well as sent out to the pipe maker. We achieved most of this via e-mail, zoom, PayPal and some hard work from our members. Special “thank you” to Tim, Matt, and Dennis Ciprianno for working behind the scenes and making this happen.
Other than enjoying each other’s company we should focus on a couple of topics, one being the Annual Holiday Party and secondly how we are going to proceed with further meetings. Gather some ideas in your gourd and we can discuss next Tuesday.
Besides seeing some of you I am most excited to be able to bring back the Presidents Raffle. In keeping with a Halloween theme and a “Witches Cauldron” all members who smoke a pot shaped pipe during the meeting will get an extra ticket for trick or treat.


Pipe Personality: Fred Bear

When chatting in an outdoor setting the legendary Fred Bear, one of the worlds greatest archers and developer of archery equipment, always has 2 things in operation - his corn cob pipe and his constantly searching eyes of the hunter. Bear has held at least four different archery records at one time.

Fred Bear was born in the town of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. Although he didn't start bow hunting until he was 29 and did not master the skill for many years, he is widely regarded as a pioneer in the bow-hunting community. Bear was a world traveler, film producer, and the founder of Bear Archery, an outdoor company that still exists.

In 1947, Bear and his wife moved to Grayling, Michigan, where they lived in a tent along a river to keep their personal expenses down while trying to make a go of their bow business. Even as late as 1961, it was difficult making ends meet for Bear. The following years proved prosperous however, as more states permitted bow hunting and the sport's growth steadily increased.

Riverville Murder - Chapter 18 & 19


The patrol plane continues to make a wide circle over the Dolphin as support surveillance. “Here comes another cutter from the south. Looks like the same class, the chief said as he lowered his binoculars, should be here in about an hour and a half, at the speed its going.”

“In case they aren’t watching their radar, we’ll notify the Spencer. Perhaps they don’t need the back-up,” The pilot replied.

The radioman, on the inter-comm, tells the Pilot, “Sir, they will wait for the other Cutter, and told us that we can go on home. A good day wouldn’t you say, Lieutenant?”

The Dolphin’s crew is transferred to the Spencer and locked up, An officer, and several seamen, man the Dolphin for the trip back to Boston.

Men from the Northland, who assisted the Spencer crew, returned to the Northland, which turned about and set out for home; Portsmouth Virginia.

The Dolphin is confiscated by the Coast Guard at Boston and the crew is turned over to ATF agents for transport to Portland, where they will be interrogated and arraigned.

Newport Pipe Sightings

This past month my wife and I took a trip to Newport, RI. This is a favorite spot for us and we usually visit once a year. Normally we'd stop in to the Humidor on Thames Steet but this little shop that is located below street level was flooded out this year and is undergoing repairs. I could see the place was gutted and men were working to restore it. It is not 100% clear if it will open but their answering machine message sounds like there is hope.
After lunch at the Black Pearl we strolled around Bowen's Wharf. I found myself being drawn into a shop called Scrimshanders, a small shop with lots of impressive scrimshaw work. But what really caught my eye was that they had 3 pipes in a rack for sale. To me this would not be an unuaual site in a nautical shop or in Newport for that matter but maybe 50 or 100 years ago. It brought a tinge of happiness and maybe hope to see pipes for sale in a shop other than a tobacco shop or antique store.
Finally, a normal custom for us is to check out the local breweries for brews that aren't overly hopped like they have become over the past 5 years or so. Something akin to the older days when beer was beer. Just outside of Newport in Middletown we found the Coddington Brewing Company. I was instantly impressed by the brewery's logo which depicted the settlers and indians shareing a pipe and a mug of ale. We were happe to find they were open and serving food and a great variety of beers to sample. All were good and very drinkable even for my finicky pallette. Obviously these people have good taste and know what beer is all about. If you're ever in the area, be sure to check them out.


This Month's Tobacco Raffle

Since we're finally meeting in-person this month, we're going to go big with the raffle tins. These tins are from Smokers' Haven and are blended by Germain in the British Isle of Jersey. They're also nearly impossible to find. As always, we'll have some alternatives available.

Smokers' Haven In-B-Tween Mixture 2oz Tin - Out of Stock
IN-B-TWEEN Mixture (2oz. tin) is balanced with equal flavor components of grassy, matured Virginias, smooth, smoky Latakia, and Turkish Orientals IN-B-TWEEN, like their other fine English blends, is a long string cut for slower burning and should not be packed too firmly in your pipe (note: this tin is factory dated 4/13/18).

Smokers' Haven Select Mixture 2oz Tin  - Out of Stock
Select Mixture (2oz. tin) If you're not too fond of large amounts of Latakia and Turkish you'll love Select Mixture. It's mild, slow burning, and dry smoking with just enough Latakia and Turkish to pique your interest. All of this takes place within a piquant, matured Virginia Base (note: this tin is hand dated 6/1/15).

In case you miss any information or just want to give us feedback, please feel free to contact us.

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