President's Message - August 2019

Hi All,

Hope you are enjoying what they call the dog days of summer and hope you all have had a chance to appreciate some time with family and friends. I think if someone offers me another hot dog, I am going to go postal on them. There does come a time that the thought of another hot dog or hamburger “on the grille” just drives me mad. I am unquestionably looking forward to some cooler weather and getting back into the kitchen and preparing some comfort food. My pipe smoking really isn’t affected too much as I do have the luxury of smoking in my office in the basement. That’s one thing I owe the significant other a two thumps up for tolerating.

I owe the group an apology for not writing a message last month and for not having a president’s raffle. I promise to make up for it this month. I recently acquired a nice estate haul of about 40 pipes I am going to restore and have chosen a well-known maker for this month’s raffle.

I also would like to welcome our newest member Craig to the group.  We’ve seen Craig down at C.B. Perkins for over the past year but we finally got him to pull the trigger and join.  Welcome Craig.

I was reading in one of the pipe groups that the Dunhill tobaccos will be re-branded under the Peterson name. Was wondering if anyone has any confirmation or information on this? Or, if anyone would like to dig in a litter deeper and share the evidence with the group on Tuesday.

I think it’s time we had a missing in action call out. Have not seen a few of you in a while and if you read this please send an email, text, or smoke signal that you are out there and OK. We all understand that life intervenes and sometimes it’s difficult to make meetings on a regular basis. But, know we are thinking of you and hope all is well. I am specifically looking to hear from; Joe Travis, Tucker, Jim Komola, Dennis Ciprianno, Michael Ponte, Steven Catanzaro, Anthony Catanzaro and anyone else that I may have not intentionally missed.

We have a lot of aged flake tobacco to sell at reasonable prices at this month's meeting so I hope we have a nice turnout.  If you like flakes, you won't want to miss this month's meeting.  See below for more details.

I am hoping to have some sort of business meeting this month even if its to go over some old business. If it’s too hot we can just sit, smoke and enjoy each other’s company.

Stay cool, see you Tuesday,


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