September 2012

Tuesday, September 4, 2012 at 7:00 PM
or meet early at
C.B. Perkins at 5 PM Cobb's Corner, Canton.
Dinner 6PM - Location TBD

Club Info & Events

Details of the August Meeting
You know what makes for a good meeting in the middle of the summer.... "PIPES" and this month we had plenty off them. I guess you could call it Christmas in August. So with the new 2012 Club Pipes by Mastro de Paja here it was no surprise that we had a nice mid summer turn out. We even had Dock "GTL" Perry in the house for a visit. The pipes were distributed by lottery sight unseen and from what I could tell everyone was extremely happy with their pipes. The craftsmanship was top notch and for what looks to be a fair amout of briar involved, the pipes are extremely light weight. Those who have smoked them already have reported that they smoke great from the first bowl. We'd like to thank Alberto Montini from Mastro de Paja for producing a great pipe and Josh Weiser from Arango Cigars and for making the purchasing process as smooth as it could possibly be.

2013 Club Pipe
Tim Hynick and Dock Perry have agreed to take on next year's club pipe which we hope will be crafted by Neerup. We had a conversation with them a couple of years ago and they seemed interested so we will re-connect with them again. Better get an early start if you'll be dealing with people overseas.

SHPC Club Lighter
A suggestion was also made that the club commisson an SHPC club lighter with our logo on it. The suggestion was well received as long as it was a quality lighter, preferably an Old Boy or Old Boy style. We will look into this a little further for more details.

SHPC's 2012 Annual BBQ
The Annual SHPC BBQ is set for Sunday, Septermber 9th at around 1PM. This year's barbeque will be held on Sunday, September 9th at 1 PM. Details have been sent to all club members via email so if you plan to attend and have not yet RSVP'd to Eric you need to do it now.

Broken Pipe

Ted Blank - SHPC Member
After sending out last month's newsletter I received an email from Ted's wife Lee informing me that Ted had passed away from a aggressive type of cancer. I first met Ted back when we used to meet at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, back before the workplace smoking ban forced us into the streets. Those were the good old days. If you remember Ted the things that most likely stand out in your mind were his huge smile, his enthusiasm in being a part of our club and his collection of Meerschaum pipes for which he received the nickname "Sea Foam". Ted was also the winner of SHPC's first and only Ugliest Pipe Contest.
Ted lived a long and full life and has had more accomplishments than can be listed here. To get an excellent overview of Ted life please read this (unfortunately they omitted one vital piece of information).
Although Ted has only attended a few meetings in the past few years, he is thought about and mentioned often. He will be missed. Shalom Ted.

Giancarlo Guidi - Founder Mastro de Paja & Ser Jacopo
This news is a little old now but since our 2012 club pipe was made by Mastro de Paja I felt it was fitting. Giancarlo Guidi one of the founders of Masto de Paja who went on to create Ser Jacopo has passed at age 69. I'm sure his presence in the pipe community will be stongly felt.
To read more about Giancarlo Guidi, click here and here.
Sweet Smoking Pipe
Sweet smoking pipe; bright glowing stove;
    Companion still of my retreat,
Thou dost my gloomy thoughts remove,
    And purge my brain with gentle heat.

Pipes & Tobacco News & Info

H.R.1639 - Traditional Cigar Manufacturing and Small Business Jobs Preservation Act of 2011
To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to clarify the Food and Drug Administration's jurisdiction over certain tobacco products, and to protect jobs and small businesses involved in the sale, manufacturing and distribution of traditional and premium cigars.

A while back we asked you to send in your petition to the White House in support of H.R.1639. Since then 198895 petitions have been sent in and we have 219 co-sponsors supporting this bill which should be the majority. This could be a huge success for the tobacco industry but this bill focuses mainly on premium cigars. What about pipe tobacco? While CRA and IPCPR work to fight for premium cigars the Eddie Haskell of the tobacco industry tapes a "Kick Me" sign to the back of pipe tobacco. This is a clear sign of what an addictive personality will do to get what it wants. Everyone in America should have the freedom to choose to smoke or not to smoke but it's it's time to throw Eddie Haskell and the cigarette industry under the bus. Go ahead and destroy them, after all, they're the ones doing all the damage. Leave pipe tobacco and cigars alone. This is a hobby, a lifestyle, like drinking wine, growing orchids, collecting art or visiting tropical islands. It's not an addiction. We're mature enough to handle it without letting it get out of contol. It's too bad there are people out there that are too blind to see it.

Horace Harker  

Other Important Links for smokers:

Tobacco Raffle
This month we have a new blend from MacBaren that's been practically non existent since it made it's debut. We also have a new blend by the NY Pipe Club. Maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones who fills his bowl with a new blend this month.

MacBaren Old Dark Fired Pipe Tobacco (3.5oz)
A bold flake of dark-fired burley's in a well balanced unity with Flue-cured Virginias. This flake is Hot Pressed, meaning that during the pressing, heat is added by steam to the tobaccos which causes the tobacco to intensify the marrying process giving us a bolder tobacco. The robust, earthly flavor of the dark-fired burley's shines through in the taste, and you will experience a deeply satisfying smoke indeed.

NYPC Bedloe's Island - VaPer Oriental (2 oz)
A dramatic merging of bright Virginia with a generous portion of Acadian Perique is invigorated with a measure of Macedonian oriental leaf and presented in a pressed cake. Sweet on the top, it develops into a lush, complex smoke with a savory body and layers of flavor from the oriental component. Muse upon a "New York State-of-Mind" with Bedloe's Island.

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