September 2007

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007 - 7:00 PM or
** Meet at X & 0's in Stoughton at 6:00 PM **

Club Info & Events

Details of the August Meeting
Those of you who attended don't need me to say that last month's meeting was terrific! With vacations and all, it's just not always easy for folks to show up in the dead of summer but somehow most of our regulars did. It was particularly nice to see our club's elder statesman "Steve "Mass Consumer" Gutz after missing July's meeting with some medical problems as well as "club funnyman" Sid Shear who graciously brought quite a few of his pipes and related ephemera to donate to club members. For those of you who were unaware, Sid actually quit smoking a few months back. His famous words to me have always been: "I'd never pay more than a buck for a pipe" but this just couldn't be true as his box of old briars contained no less than three Dunhills!

Also in attendance was our "key note speaker" for the night Russ Oulette who drove almost three hours down to join us from the Habana Premium Smoke Shoppe in Albany, NY where he is the head tobacco blender. Russ' "Home & Hearth" series of tobaccos have won critical acclaim from fellow pipe smokers coast to coast. Russ gave an informal but infomative thirty minute long speech about tobacco and tobacco blending which everyone seemed to really enjoy. Being the generous gentleman that he is, Russ also donated more tins than I can remember for us to sample and raffle off as well. Russ is a great guy and a dear friend to the club. Hopefully we can talk him into visiting us annually!

2007 SHPC Club Pipe
The 2007 club pipe will be deliverd by it's maker at the September meeting. Joe Skoda will make the treck from New York to Mass. to personally hand out the 2007 club pipe that he has crafted for us. If you ordered a pipe be sure to attend the meeting to collect it. Your payment of $150 will also be due at the September meeting.

Save the Date: September 15th, 2007
Annual Pipe Party & Cookout
As many of you are aware, due to Steve Gutz's continued convalescence he will be unable to hold his annual pipe party and cookout. However, Eric Kahn has graciously agreed to take it on this year. The date is planned for Saturday September 15th around 2PM. Details will be discussed at the Sept meeting.
Unfortunately, due to space limitations this invitation is only open to active members this year. We apoligize for this.

From the Telegraph Office

Piper in Paradise
We recently received this emal from our old friend and compatriot Dick Morse. Dick is living in Florida these days and doing very well but why not let him tell you himself.....

"A long overdue hello to all from Dick Morse down in the Floridian version of Heaven. I've been out of things for quite some time now, what with culture shock, selling my house up north and building a new one down here(and all the associated traumas which many of you are familiar but I only thought I knew which way was up!), trying to procure employment in a field where they make it very difficult to practice without meeting very stringent licence requirements (and the pressure of getting a job to pay for all the demands of both states until we finally made the move etc.) But it was all worth it, I love my job (and I never thought I would ever say that), I work at the VA hospital in Tampa, and love working with the veterans as sad as it sometimes is to see what the soldiers who come back are up against (this particular VA is the busiest in the nation). My quality of life went up dramatically, I love where I live, it's a beautiful golf course community (I don't play golf of course- maybe I will learn if I feel I can afford another bottomless money pit besides pipes etc.). I have a teriffic home that's peaceful and I look up at a sky that seems much larger than I can adequately describe (I know that doesn't make sense but I don't know how else to put it).
I can bend your ears some more at another time but before I go I want to say how much I miss you all. My leaving was in many regards very easy. My job was tedious and the jerks seemed endless and I needed a change very badly. What I found very difficult for me was leaving a group of guys that were not only my best friends but became the best things about my life and who I genuinely looked forward to seeing more than anything. Every one of you brought your own uniqueness that made my relationship with each of you very special to me not just in what it was but what it could be. We may not have always talked because of time or table proximity but I always felt that at some point we would and that we would all always be there. I guess not. Which made me very sad about the way things worked out with changes in meeting nights and locations which made it impossible to see you. I hope you are all well and would welcome any contact if you wish it. I won't mention every one by name for fear of leaving someone out inadvertently and would love to hear from everyone (email address and / or phone #s).
It was great to see Bob, Charlie and Andy in Chicago and I hope to see more of you at shows when you can-you won't believe how much fun they are."
                                                         Miss all,   Dick

We miss you too Dick but glad to hear your are doing well. If you want to contact Dick you can email him at:
rich221b (at) tampabay (dot) rr (dot) com


Pipes & Tobacco News & Info

Cigar & Tobacco Tax - This is Serious Business - Your Action IS Required!!!

I mentioned the cigar and tobacco tax in the last newsletter but I want to remind folks that this is serious business that should not be overlooked. We need to make ourselves be heard by contacting our congressmen and senators. This tax does not only effect cigar smokers.

It's Easy
It'll only take about fifteen minutes of your time. Click on the link below, enter your zip code and it will list the people you need to send letters to. It will give you a number of different paragraphs you can use in your letter, all you have to do is select which ones you want and they will compose the letter for you, to each of the people listed under your zip code.. You can choose to send the letter by email or you can print them out and send them by regular mail. Email is much easier to ignore so I suggest taking the extra time to print the letters and send them to your congressmen and senetors.

Please don't ignore this. Enough is enough! We need to take a stand before its too late.

!!!!! DO IT NOW - CLICK HERE !!!!!

Other News & Information for smokers:

Websites Worth A Look

The Singular Adventures of Mr Sherlock Holmes
New Sherlock Holmes Adventures written in the classic manner and receiving high praise from Holmes experts.                    [Take A Look]

The League
Are you bored at work? Can't find any new pipe related sites on the web to browse. Why not check out this MySpace website. It has a pipe smoking theme (among other things).
 [Check it out]
This Month's Tobacco Raffle

McClelland Christmas Cheer 2007
The 2007 blend is made with a special selection of red, ripe, mellow flue cured Virginia from the Middle Belt crop of 2001. Smooth with rich undertones and natural sweetness and zest, this excellant Virginia should age beautifully.

GL Pease Embarcadero
Red Virginia tobaccos are deftly combined with just the right amount of choice Izmir leaf, then pressed and aged in cakes before being sliced into flakes. The result is a richly flavored and harmonious natural tobacco blend, as comfortable as an old pair of jeans, but with a delightful complexity to engage those who choose to explore its depths.
Tobacco Retail Humor
While doing a search online for Mass tobacco retailers I came across a pretty informative (but somewhat outdated) site that had comments on some of the different shops. I found one comment about Mike's News & Tobacco in Brookline that I found quite funny. Unfortunately, it'll only be funny to those who have had the opportunity to appreciate Mike's shop in person.   Here it is:

"Amazing little store with over 432 Premium brands in stock. This "two an a half man" operation does most of its cigar business by mail. If your waist is over 36" forget about getting into the shop. "

An invite from pipe maker Andrew Marks
Tom Martin recently made a trip up to Cornwall, VT to visit with pipe maker Andrew Marks. During his visit Mr. Marks extended an invitation to the members of the Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club to come up for a tour of his shop/studio and for a pipe making demonstration. If folks are interested in making this journey North at some point let's talk about it at a future meeting

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