Can you solve the mystery??

Work Space:
How to play:
Each Dancing Man-agram consists of an important message in the form of a quote, phrase, name, etc.of something related to pipes & tobacco, Sherlock Holmes, smoking and the like (that was your first clue). Each dancing man figure represents a letter of the alphabet. Your job is to figure out which letter of the alphabet each figure represents in order to decypher the message. Each month there will be a new puzzle to solve but don't think your clues from previous investigations will help you in any way, the key to the solution will always be a mystery. Be sure to print out the message so that you can work out the solution in your armchair by the fire with you're favorite pipe or your best Watson (you'll most definitely need him or her).

Hint: There is a second clue somewhere on this page. Use your mouse to find it. If after the first week I don't receive a correct answer, additional clues may be added so don't forget to check back.