October 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012 at 7:00 PM
or meet early at
C.B. Perkins at 5 PM Cobb's Corner, Canton.
Dinner 6PM - Location TBD

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Details of the September Meeting
It's always nice to start each new month off on a positive note because when this happens the whole rest of the month usually seems to follow suite. So you can understand why the SHPC club meetings are strategically scheduled for the first Tuesday of the month.
For those of you who may be reading this newsletter for the first time, I wouldn't be surprised if you spend most of your pipe smoking hours alone. We do tend to be a lonely lot it seems but it's of no fault of our own. We've been ostracized from society and those who put us there know not the rewards of pipe smoking; if they did they would not ban it. Back in the day, men got together all the time to spend a few hours talking with friends and smoking their pipes. I'm happy to say, although much less frequent and convenient, that tradition is still alive today. As a matter of fact I recently came across a few gentlemen sitting outside of a convenience store in Bristol, RI and one of them was smoking a pipe. The scene had a Norman Rockwell feel to it and made my day. This tradition is also alive and well right here in Massachusetts with the good comrades of the Sherlock Holmes Pipe club. Our meetings are a great way melt away the stress of a long day and to set an easy tone to the beginning of a new month. If you live in Eastern Massachusetts and are interested in enjoying your pipe while talking to others instead of yourself or the tv, send us an email and we'll get you connected. It doesn't matter whether you smoke a cob, a clay or a Dunhill or whether you're an old timer or just starting out. If you're interested in sharing in this time honored tradition (and are of legal age), let us know. You won't be disappointed. Contact us now.

SHPC 2013 Club Pipe... possibly
The big talk at the September meeting was about the 2013 club pipe. I know we just handed out the last of the 2012 club pipes to their happy owners but it's a good idea to get started early on next year's pipes, because you never know how long the process will actually take. The club agreed to pursue having the 2013 club pipe produced by Neerup. Tim Hynick and Dock Perry agreed to team up to make it all happen and in a month's time have already come along way in getting the process moving. Tim and Dock have picked out a great shape that was well received by the club members and have been given the go ahead to move forward. Peder Jeppesen, Neerup's master carver does some beautiful work and always adds some extra bling to the shank. I have also never heard a bad word about the smoking quality of any Neerup pipe. We're hoping to get the pipe pictured above in smooth finish with a some nice accents to finish it off. Tim has exchanged a number of emails with the maker to determine if this pipe can be made in quantity and within our desired price range. Peder said he will do what he can to make it all work but we do not yet have all the details. We'll keep you posted.
2012 SHPC Annual BBQ  by Joel Reich and Eric Kahn
I had the pleasure of attending the annual SHPC's BBQ for the first time this year. I have had to miss the 2 previous years due to prior obligations. I was more than impressed with the spread of wonderful food and amazing BBQ ribs which were well seasoned and smoked with oak. I think the winner by far was Ernie's Chili. I am confident in saying that he should have it blessed by a Rabbi and brought to all club meetings. The BBQ was a great opportunity to catch up with the guys and meet some of their significant others. The weather held out great and this was the perfect day to sit down with a few friends for some Pipes and Cigars that Eric so kindly provided from his collection. The previous weekend I had been at a small general store in New Hampshire where I purchased a 1.5 ounce pouch of Prince Albert. At the strong recommendation of Neil I had to try it. I brought it with me to the BBQ and was amazed on how good it really was. I have since smoke it almost everyday, purchased another 14 ounce can and have found my new daily smoker. Thanks Neil for the recommendation.

At the end of the day, the Patriots had one (Don't tell Tim as he was recording it on his DVR and didn't want to hear the score), I was full, talked out and ready for a nap. Thanks Erik for organizing and providing a great location for the event. Can we do it again next year? - Joel Reich

Thank you Joel for taking the time to write such nice words about the BBQ. I just want to say thanks to those that attended. We always have a good time there. I do wish more had come, I had enough food for about 30. Happily we were joined by a couple of the Cigar Guys a.k.a. Brothers of the Leaf from C.B. Perkins. They enjoyed themselves, too. I understand Neil had one complaint....no hamburgers. But he had the grace not to complain.

I'm always terrified when the time comes around. I worry about the weather, and this time it was no different. But mom Nature came through and the weather was fine. Ceil was really happy that the weather held. Pipes being smoked in the house she has no problem with, ... Cigars...Well, let's just say, Ceil was really happy that the weather held.

Pipes & Tobacco News & Info

New Weekly Pipe Radio Show - Will it Last?
We've seen 'em come and we've seen 'em go. Does this one have what it takes to stay around for a while?

If you subscribe to PipesMagazine.com then you have most likely already heard about the new Pipes Magazine Radio Show. Scheduled to air on a weekly basis, I fear this may be a little too ambitious for a pipe show but the show is hosted by Brian Levine, a man who has done just about everything there is to do in the pipe business except for possibly making pipes.
Episode 1 aired on Thursday, September 20th at 8 p.m. eastern time and was available for download for the following day's commute. I listened to the show on my way home from work and thought they did a pretty good job but will wait to see how things progress and last before giving my final opinion.
This type of media is my favorite way of staying connected to the pipe community. I can't do the forums, there's too much going on to keep up plus your anchored to the computer. The cigar guys seem to be much better and more enthusiastic about their hobby and there are a number of cigar shows that have been running for years. The Dog Watch Cigar Radio show has been going for over 7 years and I've listening to them for the past 3 or so. They do a weekly 1.5 - 2 hr show and might have only missed one week in all that time. Now that's dedication. I got into a couple of the other pipe podcasts like Oom Paul and Old Tobey in past years but there was no real consistency and they didn't last very long. It was a disappointment.
But I feel pretty positive about about this new show mainly because they have a real pipe man as it's host and the show is supported by Kevin Godbee of PipesMagazine.com which has really proven itself to be a serious contender in today's Pipe and Tobacco media.
So I will urge all of you to go online and listen to episode 1 and find out what this man Brian Levine is all about. He'll also talk about pipe shows and pipe clubs while throwing in a little humor and music. It's only forty five minutes show and you can listen directly from your smart phone, in iTunes, in the car, on the train, while your exercising and yes... even while you're anchored to your computer, if that's what you like to do. They need our support and listenership. Let's give it to them.   [Listen Now]

Other Important Links for smokers:

Tobacco Raffle

McClelland Stave-Aged 35 Virginia Ribbon
This is a new blend from McClelland. An American classic, Bourbon (with a twist)! Instead of aging the tobacco in the barrels, they decided to age the barrel in the tobacco. Inside every tin is a piece of charred Kentucky Bourbon white oak barrel imparting a subtle, long-aged whiskey aroma and flavor giving the tobacco a soft, mellow character.

NYPC Jack Shanty's - Cigar Leaf Blend
Bestowed to our club by its founder, Sailorman Jack, his personal recipe is a rich and stout blend featuring sweet lemon and red Virginias with generous portions of fine Latakia and Perique for added spice and depth. Finished with shredded cigar leaf, it delivers unique flavor that will appeal to seasoned smokers. "Attention, Attention!" Savor a "New York State-of-Mind" with Jack's Shanty.

Oddly enough, a few days later I was at a cigar smoke in someone's backyard. He put together a nice firepit and five of us sat there smoking cigars. As one of their cigars came near its end, Gary pulled out his corncob and put the remainder of the cigar in the pipe to finish it. Hmmm... Where have I seen that before? At any rate, for the next hour we discussed the differences and benefits of pipe smoking. Karl, Ron and Gary may one day be joining our ranks... How's that?

Again, thanks to all who came to the BBQ, to all who added their food and their companionship. About the same time, next year. Hopefully NOT when the Pats are playing. - Eric Kahn

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