October 2004

October 14th - 6PM - Blackwater Grille, NH

Club Info & Events

Live Free or Die!
I guess that's our new club motto and quite fitting considering the circumstances we're in. Our own state's smoking ban has forced us out of our restaurants, bars, night clubs and workplaces (oh yeah, they'll let us work but will they let us smoke.... forgetaboutit!). So now we are forced to take refuge in our neighboring smoker-friendly state of New Hampshire, at least temporarily. As mentioned in last month's newsletter, Steve Gutz has arranged to have our October meeting on Thursday, October 14th at the Blackwater Grille in Seabrook, NH from 6-10 PM. Since we currently don't have a permanent home, it's better to meet somewhere than nowhere. We haven't stopped looking for a new permanent place to meet and I do believe we will find something acceptable, but for right now we need to keep the momentum going. I know NH is a long way to go for many of you, myself included but it's just over the border in NH (about 1 hr from Boston). I think it's important to make an effort to come up and check it out and to show some support and club spirit. After all.... it is only one day a month, right?
Our meeting this month will be on a Thursday, maybe you can take Friday off and make it a long weekend (who can't use another one of those?). Or maybe you can carpool with someone to help the time pass (I can meet someone in the Boston area, email me if your interested).
I had hoped to entice some of you by telling you that Steve Johnson, distributor of Don Carlos and Comoy pipes would be attending the meeting but he came up with a scheduling conflict and will have to postpone until November. Joe Noradaki, the owner of the Gold Leaf will be coming by a little later on along with a few of his regular patrons. Even Jay "don't hit me in the head with the Gavel" Beard is supposed to show up (remember him?). He intends to perform a demonstration of his new auction calling technique called "Yodeleering", which should prove to be very entertaining if I know Jay. You definitely won't want to miss it. If that ain't enough to get you up there then I don't know what is?
Some of you we haven't seen at a meeting in awhile, Editor, where've ya been? Pusher Man, Bulldog, EverReady, you guys have been a bit scarce as well. C'mon guys help me out here... I can only stand looking at Steve, Dock and Allan for so long. Don't forget our new motto... Live Free or Die. Hope to see you all up there.

Another Great Post-Ban Meeting
The September meeting turned out to be yet another outstanding event. Hosted by our one and only female member Cyndi Aimo at her Cape Code home in the quaint village of Teaticket. As planned we all met at the Tinder Box Internationale at the Mashpee Commons at 1:30 for a smoke and a quick meeting while Cyndi got everything ready at her place. Nate Davis, Tinder Box manager and club member was awaiting our arrival and doing everything he could to make us feel at home. The Tinder Box has a very nice smoking lounge to relax in and watch the game. So if you're ever in the area be sure to stop by and say hello to Nate.
Well it barely seemed like I had gotten my pipe lit and settled in before it was time pack up and caravan down the road a piece to our final destination. When we arrived we found that Cyndi, a most excellent host, had catered the event with a barbecue feast of ribs, brisket, hush puppies, salad and more. Everything was delicious and washed down very nicely with a cold beer. We didn't have quite as many members show up as we had last month but it was nice to see Decoy and the good Reverend Gerry were able to make it. Tim, Rick and Steve brought their wives which is always a welcome change and a few of Cyndi's family and friends were there as well. I'd personally like to thank these and all the wives of our club members for supporting us in our pursuit to keep pipe smoking and our club alive and thriving.
With our appetites now suppressed we all settled down for an afternoon smoke while catching up on each others' news of the past month. While dodging the daggers of bright sunlight that flickered through the trees I squished my toes through the sand that filled Cyndi's back yard and couldn't help but think what an absolutely gorgeous day it was to meet with the good comrades of the Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club of Boston (Harvard, Cape Cod, New Hampshire....). See you in New Hampshire next month!
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Upcoming Events

CORPS Pipe Show - 20th Anniversary Richmond, VA.
Who's going to the Richmond Show? I'll be there. Let me know so we can meet up. Email Me

Holiday Gathering of the Hudson Valley Pipe Club at Kaywoodie
Last month I received and email from Andy Camire regarding this years holiday get together at the Kaywoodie factory. I was unable to make it last year but from the stories and pictures it was an event not to be missed. Here is the info about the event:

Date:       Saturday, December 11, 2004
Time:       To be announced.
Location: S.M Frank Co, Peekskill, NY (same as last year)
                  Bill Feuerbach will once again be making pipes for us                  (for the pipe smoking contest)
Cost:        $25 registration in advance, includes pipe and dinner.                  Registration at the door will be $40.
                 (We need to have as good a head count as possible in                  advance, so Bill doesn't make a lot of extra pipes.)

We're hoping to have 35 people in attendance this year (23 last year).

Email me as soon as possible if you plan to go so I can get a head count for Andy. When we finalize where payment should be sent I will pass that info along to you. If you want to see how it went last year, click here.


Pipes & Tobacco News

Another Spec of Gold in the Pan
I received a letter this week from our good friend Sid Shear with a couple of articles about places to smoke in Mass. One article was about the Old Oxford Cigar Bar in Fairhaven that was mentioned here last month but there was also another place on Rt. 53 in Hanover, MA behind Joe's American Bar and Grille called El Capitan. It's not very big, 12 (comfortable) seats and caters to cigar smokers (let's face it, cigars are definitely helping to keep smoking around). Hopefully ideas like this will continue to catch on and for a broader variety of smoker.
Thanks for keeping you eye out Sid.  

Canada's Got the Right Idea
Designated smoking rooms (DSRs) have become the most effective and common solution for the hospitality industry in Canada.
Read about it

More Smoking News for Massachusetts and Around the World.  

The United Pro Choice Smoker's Rights Newsletter

Websites Worth A Look

Many of you have already been here but recently I was checking out the site and realized that this is one of the best sites for accessories. They have a huge assortment of just about anything you could want to help you enjoy your pipe. The one thing that caught my eye is their 50 ft. pipe cleaner coil which is great for my MacQueen, Lord of the Rings style Wizard pipe which doesn't separate and is too long for even the Churchwarden cleaners.
                See if they have anything for you

Pipe Related Links
Like the sites says... "If you don't see it here, it most likely doesn't exist." Check it out

This Month's Tobacco Raffle
The tobacco for this month's raffle has been graciously donated by Nate Davis from the Tinder Box Internationale - Mashpee, MA.

McLelland's Deep Hollow
A lightly fragrant blend of rich, red, and black stoved Virginias

Dunhill's Elizabethan Mixture
A rich flavored blend of light and dark Virginia Tobaccos with a touch of Louisiana Perique for added zest.

And possibly a popular blend from across the pond.


Pipe Smoker Sightings
While attending the Salem Pirate Faire at Winter Island Park in Salem, MA this past month, I ran into a couple of pipe smoking scalawags.

(click for a better view)



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