Good day to you all,
Just a friendly note to remind you that this month's meeting will take place on Wednesday - October 8th, 2003. I hope many of you will be able to attend.

Important info from last month's meeting:
At last month's meeting Dock Perry and Steve Gutz presented the idea of putting together a Pipe Show in Boston. I'm pretty sure everyone was in favor of the idea however, with the new smoking ban in Boston the logistics of making it work might present a problem. Some suggestions were made to have it in New Hampshire or possibly in Waltham as an alternative, but from the information members have been getting from pipe smokers, they'd would really rather have it in Boston.

Developments since last meeting:
I contacted the Tobacco Control Program at the Boston Public Health Commission to see if there was any way of getting a 2 day waiver for such an event and was told not to waste the $100 non refundable filing fee because the chances of getting a waiver are none to none. It seems then that the only way of having a pipe show in Boston is to have it smoke free with designated outdoor smoking areas and would most likely have to take place during the warmer months.

Discussion for this month's meeting:
In lieu of a theme this month we will discuss the possibilities of a Boston Pipe Show further so bring your thoughts and ideas. Some things to think about. Would it make sense to have a smoke free pipe show? How well would a smoke free pipe show be attended? Has anyone been to Ehrlichs Tobacco Bar? How big is it, could we have the show there?
Anyone interested in helping to put this together please contact Dock or Steve.

Also we will hear a few tales and stories from those who attended the get together at Steve Gutz's house last month (which was a great time, see more below).

Pipemaker Extraordinaire
While at the latest pipe show in New Jersey, Andy "Doc Watson" Camire picked up a couple of very interesting pipes made by pipemaker Bartolomiej Antoniewski of Poland. The craftsmanship of these pipes exquisite but these pictures do not do the pipes or the pipemaker justice. If you'd like to see more of his work you can visit his website at He will even carve a pipe from a portrait of yourself, your dog or even your mother-in-law.
(click images to enlarge)

This month's tobacco raffle
This month we will be raffling off the following tobacco:

Brebbia Preludio
A fine blend consisting of Virginia tobaccos from the US, high quality Macedonian tobaccos, and Syrian Latakia. An exclusive aristocratic pipe mixture - Classic English Blend.

Skiff Mixture
Skiff is for the pipe smoker who appreciates the fuller flavour of an oriental blend. Blending a variety of different styles of flue-cured tobaccos gives Skiff its characteristic yellow and brown features. Its real identity comes with the addition of Turkish and a beautiful black cyprus Latakia giving the blend its full, round taste.

Those of you who were fortunate enough to make it to Steve Gutz's house last month now know, without a doubt, why Steve holds the nickname of "Mass Consumer". Personally I found myself a bit awestruck and overwhelmed walking around in a daze looking at everything but retaining nothing. I had to go upstairs, regroup and eat something before heading back down determined to see everything there was to see. But it wasn't an easy task. While examining something intently on one shelf you could feel an item or trinket on another shelf, another wall or even in the other room pulling you away. Books of all kinds were everywhere you looked, a closet filled with tins of tobacco (we won't even talk about what's in the garage), knick knacks and novelties on practically every shelf, drawers filled with an assortment of lighters and ink pens, plus there were pipe & tobacco slogans, pictures and cartoons covering much of the open wall space. Oh and did I mention Steve also has a few pipes as well? Fortunately we were only able to see the ones that weren't still in boxes otherwise we might have had to stay the whole weekend (hmm, maybe that wouldn't be so bad). Just about everywhere you turned there was a rack of pipes. No I'm not talking about your 7 or 14 day pipe rack, Steve has month and two month pipe racks. There are display cases showing off just about every kind of pipe you can imagine. Steve even commissioned a craftsman to build him an oak pipe chest which sort of reminds me of a mechanics tool box but instead of tools Steve has 20 drawers of pipes. As I left the library area and headed into the den, I caught 2 of our members sitting cross-legged in front of one of the display cases, eyes glassed over just like when they were 10 years old and glued to the Saturday morning cartoons. In one of the display cases I found two of Steve's pipes that I am particularly fond of. These briar gems were carved by Marc Darah and each depict an intricately carved scene from a popular Sherlock Holmes story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Each Darah pipes is a one of a kind work of art and can range in price from $700 to $2500 dollars. You can see more of Marc's work in the latest issue of Pipes and Tobacco Magazine. I was sort of hinting around to Steve that one of those pipes might make a nice parting gift but I don't think he was listening. Oh well!

A good number of our members showed up to check it all out, some brought their wives or girlfriends (but not both) which was a nice change. Sid even came alone bearing a bottle of his favorite "Old Fart" wine (I can just image what the bouquet would be like on a bottle of that stuff). Steve's wife and daughters were gracious hosts and his son-in-law made a great cheeseburger. Speaking of food, there was so much food, snacks and desserts that I became instantly full just looking at it all. I think it's safe to say that no one went home hungry that day, a tad envious maybe but definitely not hungry.

Afternoon rolled into evening at the Gutz's deeply wooded estate. Our bellies now full, we all found ourselves a comfortable spot to digest, converse or watch the Patriots game while enjoying a bowl of our favorite tobacco or maybe trying a new one. Fortunately for us, Steve supplied us with 6 different types of blending tobacco so the choices were endless. I was feeling a little creative so I decided to try my hand at creating the perfect blend.

As I sat back in my chair after a most enjoyable day I was reminded of a quote by Doctor Barnstein:

"Nowhere in the world will such a brotherly feeling of confidence be experienced as amongst those who sit together smoking their pipes."
The Results and Merits of Tobacco, 1844.

Don't Forget to Check Out the
Pictures of our Visit to Steve's


After our visit to Steve's new library and pipe room I thought this poem fitting for this month's newsletter...


With Pipe and Book
A gentler time and place I'd rather be,
With pipe and book on my knee,
I walk the paths of Whitman, Doyle and such,
The world and its troubles do not mean very much
As the day ends and night presses in,
I do not dwell on what might have been,
It's enough to be, to merely be.
With pipe and book on my knee.

As the smoke from my briar
drifts above my head,
My body aches, my eyelids turn to lead.
But my spirits refreshed
as I seek sleep's sweet release,
I am at peace.

Anti-Smoking News

Arnold for President
"CIGAR aficionado Arnold Schwarzenegger, eyeing a run for governor of California, has weighed in on Mayor "Tali-ban" Bloomberg's draconian anti-smoking policy. "I think that other people shouldn't have to inhale the smoke if they don't want to, but I would do it differently," Schwarzenegger told The Post's Megan Lehmann. "I would have some restaurants that are smoking restaurants and some non-smoking so there is a choice. Now there is no choice, so I think it's a little overboard." (NYPost)"

If you'd like to keep buying and smoking tobacco, read this...
The following two bills, if passed, will not only hurt the tobacco industry but will also hurt us as smokers and consumers. For your convenience I am supplying the two documents you should send to your Senators telling them that you are a smoker and you vote. All you have to do is download the documents, add your name and address then sign it and send one each to Senators Kerry and Kennedy.

Vote Against S.1177:
A bill has been introduced in the U.S. Senate that, if passed, will prevent you from purchasing the cigarette brand of your choice over the Internet. If you live in the states of Alabama, Arizona, California, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont or Wisconsin, it is vitally important that you write, call, e-mail or fax your Senator or Senators, urging them to vote against S. 1177.

Download documents and instructions for this bill.

Stop the Tobacco Quota Buyout!
"Several U.S. senators have recently introduced bill S. 1490, referred to as the "McConnell bill." The bill, a $13 billion buyout of the 65-year old federal tobacco quota program, would burden lower-and middle-income Americans with one of the largest tax increases in the last decade. If passed, the McConnell bill could also cost hundreds and perhaps thousands of jobs in economically depressed areas and exacerbate state budget shortfalls. This is a terrible price to pay to enrich a relatively small number of individuals and companies, most of whom do not actually grow tobacco."

Download documents and instructions for this bill.