We Meet the First Tuesday of Every Month in Stoughton, MA.
Next Meeting is Tuesday, November 4th, 2014 at 7:00 PM
or meet early at
C.B. Perkins at 5 PM Cobb's Corner, Canton.

Club Info & Events

Details From Our Last Meeting
Our last meeting was much like all the others but always an enjoyable gathering of good friends. We had a couple members return, we hope, to regular status. Rick, the clubs treasure came back from about 3 months off to find the coffers empty which just proves he should never stay away so long again. And Steve returned after being gone a couple of years. He went and got himself married and moved out to Vegas. When he gambled all his money away there was none left to buy tobacco so he figured he'd come home since there is always plenty of Sutliff to go around. Welcome back to you both.

The SHPC Gazette
The past few months I've been contemplating making some changes with the SHPC Gazette. Maybe you've noticed (or not) that it's been a little scarce as of late. With a number of other things occupying my attention, there is not as much time to research stories or to write something original. A few other members (Ernie, Rick & Eric) have done a great job helping out with providing content which I appreciate more than they know. But I'm just not sure how many people actually read the Gazette. I still want to keep people informed about upcoming meetings and events and to hopefully attract some new members so I may move to a blog type format and only post when there is something interesting to share.
If you are an avid fan of the Gazette and will be disappointed if the format changes, feel free to let me know.

Sharrow Philtpads .................... by Ernie Whitenack

While reading back issues of the Gazette, I came across Eric Kahn’s article on “Keystone Clay Pellets” (May 2009 issue). And remembered seeing a similar product on Pipes and Cigars website and promptly bought some, as I was placing an order anyway.

The Philtpads are round chalk inserts that fit in the bottom of a tobacco chamber and, due to the four ridges on the rounded bottom of the Philtpads, allow smoke to get to the draft hole of the pipe shank while the rest of the insert absorbs moisture as smoke passes over and around it.

The Philtpads seem to work and are reusable for several smokes A pipe cleaner proved there was much less moisture than usual in the stem and shank. Then, the Philtpad should be set aside to dry for use on another day.

Well, I suppose it is worth the trouble to fish the Philtpad from the ashes. I had trouble remembering where I had put it for the next smoke until I smartened up and designated an empty tobacco tin as a home for waiting Philtpad. A pad is good for 3-4 smokes before it must be set aside to air dry.

If you would like a dryer and marginally cooler smoke , give then a try. They are cheap enough.

Websites Worth a Look

I Hear About Sherlock Everywhere Podcast
Yet another podcast. Find out what's going on in the world of Sherlock Holmes, including pop culture, Sherlock Holmes societies around the world, and a reflection on how this great literary character has inspired generations of dedicated literary and non-literary types. A delightful way to spend an evening with Holmes as your affable co hosts Scott Monty and Burt Wolder share their unique perspectives and sense of humor. Haven't listened yet but plan to. Check it out.

Pipes & Tobacco News & Info

PipesMagazine Radio Show - Recent Episodes
Below are links to the Pipes Magazine Radio Shows that aired since the last Gazette. (Live Tuesday evenings 8 PM )

Other Important Links for Smokers:

The Country Squire Podcast and Tobacco Shop
In a recent Gazette I put a link to the Country Squire Podcast I had found on iTunes and told you I'd let you know what I thought after I had listened to a few episodes. Well I forgot to do that until I talked fellow member Rob who told me he's been listening and was enjoying it. So I subscribed and started listening during my commute to Boston. It is a weekly show that is very well done, has great sound quality and an interesting variety of pipe related content. In addition to producing the podcast they also do the show live on YouTube on Tuesday mornings an occasionally will do an after hours show that involved a little drinkin'.
The hosts Jon David and Beau are a couple of good ol' southern gentlemen. JD is the manager of The Country Squire Tobacco Shop in Jackson, MS and brings his acquired shop expertise to the show while Beau handles the technical side of things. The guys have a real easy going manner and you can tell they love doing this show together. Shows are about an hour long and they've been going strong now for over a year now. Each show contains a number of different segments with their feature segment covering a variety of topics like Missouri Meerschaum, McLelland Tobacco, whiskey and tobacco pairings, Sherlock Holmes and they've also talked to a number of shop owners.
Over the past few months they have been doing a series called Pipe Culture which is driven primarily from listener feedback and if I understand correctly will cover topics that are strongly associated with or effected by the pipe smoking culture. These topics include relaxation, origins, thoughtfulness and craftsmanship. I've been listening to the podcast in reverse order so I've only heard part three on craftsmanship so far but I'm looking forward to parts one and two.
So if you have some free time or a long commute, go ahead and subscribe on iTunes and start listening. Enjoy.

Tobacco Raffle
This month we have blend made for the 2013 CORPS Expo and an old standard for burley smokers.

Hearth & Home Marquee El Nino (1.76 oz Tin)
Hearth & Home Marquee El Nino was created for the 2013 West Coast Pipe Show, and like its namesake, it delivers a lot of power, A complex, hard-to-describe blend of Virginias with Perique and dark-fired Kentucky with some unflavored black Cavendish, it's a constantly changing smoke with depth.

McClelland's 221-B Series Arcadia (1.76 oz Tin)
Arcadia refers to Watson's favorite blend, which Holmes noted has a "fluffy, white ash". This delicately balanced recreation is Orientals-forward, with enough Latakia to be intriguing, and supported by sweet, top flight Virginias - pleasantly gragrant and relaxing.

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