The New York Pipe Show
Newark, New Jersey
March 12th, 2005

By Dock J. Perry


The first of four New York pipe shows this year was held March 11th and 12th in Newark NJ. Steve Gutz and I drove down and were there by about five Friday afternoon.

The hotel was noticeably quiet. Usually by this time vendors are quickly wheeling their wares in as customers start to gather in chairs and couches in the lobby. We wandered around for quite a while until we ran into Andy Camire and Jay Beard heading up to their room. We heard from them that Bonaquisti,Feurbach and Eells were holding court on the first floor so we headed down to see them. Paul had a couple dozen of his newest creations laid out on his bed. One in particular stood out at me, it was a large tan blasted poker with an acrylic ferule. The blast on this pipe rivaled any I had ever seen!

After visiting with the boys for a while I headed next door to see Jay & Louise Jones of Hermit tobacco. Surprisingly they didn't have their usually hundreds of pipes laid out for viewing, just a few very nice Ashtons one of which I purchased from them Saturday morning. Upon leaving the Jones I ran into Max Engle of I headed up to his room to see what was doing. Max had some gorgeous Jacopo's and Ferndowns that were VERY reasonably priced. I passed on a Three Star panel until I got to see what else was available. Sadly I just wasn't impressed with what I saw in the other rooms I visited Friday night. Mainly highly overpriced Danish pipes, some of which I had NEVER even heard of and selling for a tremendous amount of money. I was also disappointed not to see Knoxville cigar's represented this year. They always have such a nice selection of estates. Tim Hynick and I agreed that there was something missing on Friday night. The hotel was a ghost town and the usually exciting atmosphere was much more subdued.

My buddies Nelson, Gutz, Teddy, Rick, Bob Keiss, Tim and myself all went up to Jay and Andy's room for some great Bourbon and story telling. Jay had several pipes I wanted including the SHPC club pipe made by Ashton and the SHPC club pipe Dr. Bob made in 2002. Steve Gutz ended up with a HUGE and beautiful Peterson in which only four are known to exist. This pipe had been commissioned by Alan Rosenfield in the 80's and is highly sought after. Gutz had been after Jay to sell him this pipe for years and finally got him to part with it.

The show itself started promptly at 10 am Saturday morning and I was first in line to give Sam Barnett my admission fee. The crowd picked up in a hurry and soon after the room was filled with pipe smokers all straining to see what was available on the tables. Noticeably absent this year along with Knoxville were Matt Hayes and The Piperack. Throughout the day I purchased several pipes including the Ferndown from Max that I mentioned earlier, a highly carved Walt Cannoy and several tins of aged tobacco that were a steal. All and all it was a fun show and the nasty weather that was forecasted Saturday morning never came which made driving back Saturday afternoon painless.


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