November 2011

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011 at 7:00 PM or meet early at C.B. Perkins at 5 PM Cobb's Corner, Canton.
Dinner at 6 PM - Location TBD

Club Info & Events

Details of the October Meeting
Due to a scheduling conflict at our usual meeting location, we met at the Sportman's Club last month which is always a nice change of pace. It tends to get a little smokier but it was still warm enough to open the door and air things out a bit. If you get board, there's a pool table, tv and dart board to keep your occupied. Ernie and I worked a little of the rust out of our dart throwing arms while a couple others knocked the pool balls around.

Neil was showing off the two new Vauen pipes that he recently purchased. If you're looking for something that's a little less mainstream from what you're used to smoking, you might want to take a look at what Vauen has to offer.

2011 SHPC Club Pipe Update
All orders have been placed and the production of the SHPC 2011 Club Pipe by Mastro Beraldi has begun. We do not know when they will be finished yet but will pass that info along as soon as we have it. If you haven't already made payment, bring it with you to the November meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please be sure to send a check to Rick Frederics asap.   We'd also like to thank Mike again for coordinating and seeing through this rather lengthy process.  

The Crooked X - Prelude to War
A Short Story of Hate, Mystery and Intrigue
                                                           By Ernest N. Whitenack

The story takes place in 1934 during the depression and leading up to World War II. Boston Lawyer, Scott Wadsworth, follows a lead on his missing friend which could lead him into a tangled web of foreign intrigue, murder and counter-espionage.

Read prviouse chapters: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Misty Murder
Resting under a cloth in bottom of the box was a Webley Mark IV, the famous and powerful top-break, self-extracting revolver of the British military. Brigadier Ashley Moss, Scott's counterpart in British Military Intelligence with whom he once shared an office, presented the pistol to Scott the day he left France for home and separation. The revolver was beautifully engraved thanks to the Sergeant Major, a master gunsmith, in charge of the British armory in France who also fashioned a suppressor for the gun. Scott took the revolver in hand, hefted it, spun the cylinder and placed it back in the box. Perhaps another day, he thought.
Scott grabbed an old, overly-used and blackened pipe, a bulldog, as he left through a rear door and placed it in his mouth; pulled a battered brown fedora low on his head and vaulted the low fence into a neighbor's garden. Late afternoon at this time of spring brought an early dusk with lengthening shadows, helping to make his short trip to the service entrance of the State House un-noticed.
Read Chapter 3 

Early Pipe Poetry

Whene'er I take my pipe and stuff it
And smoke to pass the time away,
My thoughts, as I sit there and puff it,
Dwell on a picture sad and gray:
It teaches me that very like
Am I myself unto my pipe.

Like me, this pipe so fragrant burning
Is made of naught but earth and clay;
To earth I too shall be returning.
It falls and, ere I'd think to say,
It breaks in two before my eyes;
In store for me a like fate lies.

No stain the pipe's hue yet doth darken;
It remains white. Thus do I know
That when to death's call I must harken
My body, too, all pale will grow.
To black beneath the sod 'twil turn,
Likewise the pipe, if oft it burn.

Or when the pipe is fairly glowing,
Behold then, instantaneously,
The smoke off into thin air going,
Till naught but ash is left to see.
Man's fame likewise away will burn
And unto dust his body turn.

How oft it happens when one's smoking:
The stopper's missing from its shelf,
And one goes with one's finger poking
Into the bowl and burns oneself.
If in the pipe such pain doth dwell,
How hot must be the pains of Hell.

Thus o'er my pipe, in contemplation
Of such things, I can constantly
Indulge in fruitful meditation,
And so, puffing contentedly,
On land, on sea, at home, abroad,
I smoke my pipe and worship God.

Johann Sebastian Bach

Pipes & Tobacco News & Info

From the SHPC Letter Office - Help Needed!
To all readers of the Gazette:
We received a letter from Don, trying to find out information about the whereabouts of a Peterson pipe that was once owned by SHPC founder, Alan Rosenfield. I know this may be a long shot but still worth a try. Here is Don's note.

I hope that you can help in a search for an old Peterson Pipe that once belonged to a Mr. Irish, Alan Rosenfield.

A friend of mine in the International Peterson Pipe Club is looking for the current owner of a Peterson pipe that was carved in the likeness of a bust of Charles Peterson.

The last we know of the pipe, Mr Rosenfield of Westborough , MA exhibited it at the 1993 PCI convention in Washington, DC and then listed it for sale in the Pipe Smoker magazine.

Mr. Jim Lilley of the IPPC is writing a book and would like to include some photos of the pipe if it can be located.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Substitues for Ehrlich's Scollay Square
We also received another inquiry from Jim, looking for a good substitute for Scollay Squar,e an Ehrlich blend no longer in production. If any of our readers liked this back in the day and have found a replacement for it today or, if you know what the make up of the blend was, please let us know and we'll pass it along.
Other Important Links for smokers:

Websites Worth A Look

New Pipes by Rolando Negoita

My new series of pipes is called Conducta. The name derives from the Romanian term for a conduit or passage where some form of matter or energy passes from one chamber to another. The English word “to conduct” has a very similar connotation.
This is the new generation of Pipe-Pipes and is a variation on the principle of the gourd calabash. I have engineered these pipes so that the smoke from the tobacco chamber will pass through a “cooling chamber” in the shank before being delivered to the stem. In addition to cooling, this chamber will act to decant and filter the smoke as well. The chamber is easily maintained and needs only to be wiped out periodically with a tissue.    << read more >>
This Month's Tobacco Raffle
As Austin Powers once said... "It's a bit nutty." And that's what we're going for with the this month's tobacco raffle offerings.

If you can't see this video get Quicktime - It's Free

English Oriental Supreme
Unfortunately, they didn't have a description of their blends But I believe this is a Stokeybee blend that they sell in bulk. I couldn't find a website with more information but it sounded good and thought it might be worth a try.

Oriental Cavendish
Keeping with the Oriental theme but with a little something that our aromatic lovers might find appealing. This is on of the Humidor's house blends. We look forward to hearing the reviews.

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