November 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008 - 7:00 PM or meet early at
** Bertucci's ** - Cobb's Corner 6:00 PM

Club Info & Events

Details of the October Meeting
So our first experience with Chinatown was ok but no one seemed to be overly impressed and my sense is that Bertucci's is the favorite of the three. So we will meet at Bertucci's before the November meeting at 6 PM but will most likely alternate our choices to keep some variety.

The October meeting got moved into the intimate confines of the kitchen area and was filled with fair amount of debate and indecision. Whether it be politics (note to self.... resist engaging Eric in political discussions), what do to about a holiday meeting, or suggestions for ideas about using club funds. No decision was made in any of these areas. One decision was made however, regarding the 2008 Club Pipe. Since Kaywoodie was unable to meet their commitment this year we looked into the possibility of having our logo put on a Lepeltier clay pipe and keep the club pipe alive for 2008. A majority of the members present liked the idea and it was agreed to look into the details of making it happen. More on this below.

SHPC 2008 Club Pipes - Revived
As mentioned above, a decision was made to look into having the 2008 Club Pipe made my Lepeltier Pipes. Lepeltier makes a double walled clay pipe that is inexpensive, light weight, has a nice size bowl, is great to use for testing new tobaccos and can be adorned with your favorite image. I sent Lepeltier a couple samples of the Sherlock's head image that we use in our logo and we were quoted a price of $79 each to put the logo on the front and SHPC 08 on the shank. The image above (click to enlarge) is a mock up to give you an idea of what it will look like but the actual pipe may look somewhat different since their process is to embed material into the clay wall of the pipe. Here is an image of the actual pipe style and stem that will be used for our pipe.
Unfortunately they require a 12 pipe minimum purchase and in my recent email to club members I only received 5 replies from interested members. If we can get 10 orders total we may be able to use club funds to purchase the remaining 2 pipes which will be used for other club related purposes or to sell to a new member.
So if you are interested in continuing your line of club pipes or just want to help you fellow club members make this a reality please email us as soon as possible to we can add you to the order. This offer is available to non club members as well so if you're interested please email soon so we can get these pipes done before the end of the year.

If this goes through and we get a design proof from Lepeltier it will be posted in the newsletter and sent via email to all those who agreed to purchase one. Thanks for your support to our club.
Member Contributions ...... by Andy Camire

The Richmond CORPS Pipe Show Revisited
Saturday morning the show opens to the public at 9 a.m. and the lines out the door awaiting entry are long. The hall is just spectacular with tables overflowing with every imaginable pipe, tobacco, and related material. This year as always, the show is filled with enthusiastic patrons and vendors AND WE CAN SMOKE in the hall without any problems to enjoy the vast array of blends available to sample. Hundreds of them. And if you can't find what suits your fancy here at the show it doesn't exist. From the current line of fine English and American tobaccos to the vintage, aged, and highly sought after tins of yesteryear.

My estimate was that all 70+ tables were sold and just about anything that your tobacco or pipe appetite desires could be found here. Lucky for moi I acquired two estate Charatan Pipes to add to my collection and two new Kaywoodie POY (pipe of the year) Poker shaped pipes for 2008 which are IMHO the best buy in pipes on the planet. These Handmade Pipes are nothing short of extraordinary and smoke like a dream. I can't praise Bill Feuerbach and the S.M. Frank Co. enough for producing such a super smoking pipe, and the history of this company is amazing dating back over a hundred fifty years.

Upcoming Events

Radice Trunk Show at L.J. Peretti's - 11/29
Perreti's of Boston will be having a Radice Trunk Show on Saturday, November 29th, from 10am until 3pm. Marzio Radice, Luigi's son, will be here. Lots of great pipes, and bargains, too. Let's try to make a good showing for this event.

Pipes & Tobacco News & Info

Town Meeting KOs smoke ban
by Suzanne McLaughlin

LUDLOW - A proposal brought by the Board of Selectmen to ban smoking in private clubs was defeated at Monday's special Town Meeting.

The proposal attracted much discussion, but was voted down by a majority show of hands.

Selectman John P. DaCruz said he supported banning smoking in private clubs because smoking, even second hand smoke, causes cancer which kills. He said he supported the motion "for the public good."

"We want to protect the employees and the nonsmokers in the private clubs," DaCruz said.

The town already has banned smoking in public bars and restaurants.

Board of Health Chairman Bruce Dziura said he was opposed to the motion to ban smoking in private clubs.

Dziura said membership in the clubs is voluntary, and members should make their own decisions about whether to ban smoking.

"Democracy is about choices," Dziura said. "Every time we eliminate choice, we diminish democracy."

Selectman William E. Rooney said he had a family member die of lung cancer, but he continues to think that smoking in private clubs should be a matter of choice.

"A ban goes too far," Rooney said."
                                                 [read the full article]

Other News & Information for smokers:

Websites Worth A Look

Pipedia - A Wiki for Pipe Lovers
The scope of Pipedia will ultimately be defined by its contributors. Our hope is that it will become an extensive repository of information on tobacco pipes and their makers. Knowledgeable enthusiasts, collectors, pipe makers, and tobacconists are welcome and encouraged to contribute to Pipedia. [check it out]

Cigar Rights of America
Cigar Rights of America has been formed to fight unjustified tax increases and halt smoking bans. For years, cigar enthusiasts have been trampled on by all levels of government. With increasing risk of further local, State and Federal government intervention, now is the time for the cigar community to UNITE and have a powerful voice to protect our rights .[more]

This Month's Tobacco Raffle
This month we have a two hand made German flakes by Former.

Former's Flake Birds Eye (50g)
A smooth classic flake tobacco made from the finest grades of Virginia leaf, blended in layers and using traditional methods. Gently matured in order to bring out the optimum flavors of the natural tobacco.

Former's Cross Grain Flake (50g)
A full bodied "sweet" traditional Flake tobacco prepared with only the finest grade of Virginia leaf with a pinch of Perique. Aged to perfection in order to bring out the best in this cool smoking, magnificent flake

Re-Member: Notes from the Inactive
In the last month's newsletter I tried, as I occasionally do, to encourage some of our formerly active members to reconnect with the club. A few times I was actually successful and one of you that we hadn't seen in a while would show up at the following meeting. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened in quite some time... not even an email. Well that wasn't the case this time. After sending out last month's newsletter I received a nice reply from "Remington." Now although the moniker is familiar to me we're going back quite a way because I don't believe I ever had the opportunity to meet him in person in my eight years as a member. Here's what he had to say....

It was suggested in the newsletter that those who have been out of touch for awhile write in and let the group know how it is going. It has been years since I have been to a meeting. It hasn't been easy for me to get to Stoughton after work on any particular night... and I'm often working evenings when meetings are being held.

I don't smoke often any more. Part of that is that I am now living in a "non-smoking building" in Somerville. I will on occasion get out a pipe and go for a walk... that is usually a special event for me. I'm also no longer making pipes, as I gave up my workshop when I moved from Hingham to the city. Hey, on the bright side, my commute is now 25 minutes each way instead of 1.5 hours!

I saw the article about Puff the Magic in Hyannis. I spent some nights in there about four years ago and found it a comfortable place to sit and enjoy a smoke and talk with some of the interesting characters who make their way in and out of the shop. The place deserves recommendation.

I hope all is well. Good to hear that our members with unfortunate health problems are now on the mend.

Take care,    Randy Winchester

Thanks Randy.... it was good to hear from you. So how about the rest of you? Ultimately, we'd love to see you at a meeting but an email to catch us up on how you're doing and what you've been up to is just as welcome. What do you say..... do I have any more takers??

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