November 2007

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007 - 7:00 PM or
** Meet at X & 0's in Stoughton at 6:00 PM **

Club Info & Events

Details of the October Meeting
The October meeting was an interesting one to say the least. For starters we were pleased to welcome Derek as the newest member of the Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club. It's always a special occasion when a new member joins our ranks. Derek is a jack of all trades and has even made a few pipes of own; he not only takes on the position as our newest member but also as our youngest member. (Sorry Dock... you've been bumped.) Based on the picture Derek... you look like a good fit.

Stepping Down
Our next bit of news came as quite a shock. Our President, Dock Perry broke the news that he would need to step down from his position of President. His commute is over four hours round trip and he cannot afford to be away from his business for a half a day each month. He still plans to attend meetings but may not be able to attend every month. Dock has done quite a bit for the club during his two years as President including the commissioning of three club pipes (which he will continue to do), he worked with Watch City Cigar to create a new club tobacco blend and he instituted the SHPC Annual Swap & Sell. I have also been informed that he has already begun talks with Kaywoodie for the 2008 Club Pipe. So on behalf of the entire club we say "Thanks You" for all that you've done and hope you will continue to be an integral part of the Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club of Boston.

Stepping Up
With the club now Presidentless the question was put to members present..... Does anyone here want to assume this role? There was lots of eyes looking back and forth at each other but no one raised their hand. Not an unexpected response since taking on a roll like this sometimes requires a little thought. Discussion continued with regard to the club's future and lots of positive ideas were thrown around. The question of leadership came up again and this time Eric Kahn spoke up. Eric's been with the club longer than any of our other "active" member. He said he might be interested in taking it on and asked what the role of president would include. In short the President of the club would be responsible for promoting the club in a way that would attract new enrollment and encourage former members to come back on a more regular basis. In addition, the club president should be instrumental in putting together a number of club events each year.
Eric decided that he would take on the role as president and I believe he is one of the top candidates for the job. Eric has said that his two main goals are to work with retailers to encourage them inform their pipe smoking clientele about our club and to encourage former members to come by for a visit more often. [more below]

Member Contributions

Andrew Marks, Master Carver and Magician
By Thomas Martin
There’s magic in the foothills of the Green Mountains, Vermont. I’ve seen it before, and I’ll see it again in the studio workshop of Andrew Marks, Pipemaker. When I see the “Bear Crossing” sign, I know I’m almost there and a far cry from Boston. “Moose Crossing,” even closer still and time to start looking for the first dirt road at the top of the hill where the guardrail ends. If I see the sign for “Otter Creek Brewing,” I know I’ve gone too far.

The Magician, Andrew Marks has been turning briar burls into work of art for 35 years. I use the word turning a bit differently than one might expect when talking about contemporary carvers. I do not mean turning the wood on a lathe. I mean transforming, and shaping the briar burl into a pipe in a fashion that allows him to hold the wood in his hands throughout the process, something important to his aesthetic, and appreciation of the material. He has the greatest respect, appreciation, and confidence in his briar which he imported some thirty years back. And I have the greatest respect, appreciation, and confidence in him as he teaches me his craft. [Full Story]

Pipes & Tobacco News & Info

Thanks to all of you show took the time to contact your representatives and show your support!! But the fight ain't over yet! Not by a long shot!
In fact there's already another bill on the table and from what I hear it doesn't look much different from the first one. We will let you know when your help is needed again. Better yet, why not subscribe to the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers
(formerly know as the RTDA) so you can receive the alerts yourself and take action sooner.

Why the RTDA Changed Their Name
I found an interesting article on the Stogie Fresh Cigar Journal about The Critical Difference: Premium Cigars vs. Cigarettes. Although this article is written from a cigar smokers point of view, pipes and cigars fall into the same basic category. This article also explains the reason why the RTDA has changed it's name to the IPCPR. Please take a few minutes to check it out. The Stogie Fresh 5 weekly podcast often has information about tobacco science and tobacco legislation that is also very relevant to pipe smokers and well worth a listen. [Take me there]

The Pipe Community: Are we doing enough?
In my opinion, the pipe community's voice on anti smoking legislation is far too quiet. The old saying... 'there's power in numbers" is extremely relevant right now in our efforts to fight against further legislation against tobacco. Pipes and Cigars ARE NOT the same as cigarettes and we need to do all we can to help make that clear to law makers. I'll have more on this in the December Newsletter.

Other News & Information for smokers:

Websites Worth A Look

The Dog Watch Social Club
Another website for cigar smokers but their weekly podcast often has information about tobacco legislation and junk science that is relevant to pipe smokers as well.                   [Take me there]
This Month's Tobacco Raffle

Macbaren HH Mature Virginia
Once you light up your pipe with HH Mature Virginia the sweet Virginia tobaccos will greet you and slowly the dark fired Virginia will enter the taste. Over time experience how the complex naturally sweet and slightly smoky taste grows in power making. HH Mature Virginia a satisfying blend to smoke - and with no tongue bite.

In honor of the Boston Red Sox we will also raffle off an El Tiante Cigar this month.

El Tiante - Natural (Cigar)
Light bodied Nicaraguan wrapper with rich flavorful filler from Nicaragua and an Indonesian binder. Mild to medium flavor with a hint of spice. website

Upcoming Events

2007 Northeast Regional Pipe Smoking Contest
and holiday party - Hosted by Kaywoodie Pipes.
This has become a yearly tradition and is always a great time. Our own Rick Frederics is the reigning contest winner. Can he do it again this year???
This years event will take place December 8th but you must be an SHPC member to attend. Click here to check out last years event. Contact us for more info


Scotch & Cigar Night
The Ahavath Torah Congregation in Stoughton, MA will hold it's annual Scotch & Cigar Night. The cost is $45 and includes a complete epicurean buffet, scotch tasting and 5 premium cigars. Space is limited and advanced reservation is required. For more information click here.

A Word From Our New President (Kahn's Korner)

SHPC has been around for quite a few years now. We've seen a lot of changes in our smoking world. We started when smoking was still allowed in all restaurants and bars. Then the rules changed a bit, and smoking was restricted to an area of the establishment. Then the bad guys got another win, and smoking was history in all establishments that served food or drink. We met at that time in a 'club' room at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield. It was all of us in one room, served by our own waiter and an air recycler. But, all good things must come to an end. Our 'lease' at H.I. was canceled by the shortsightedness of our legislature and we had to find a new home. We did. Now we're well ensconced in that home. We're welcome and appreciated.

Yes, now we have to pay for the privilege of smoking but our members should know that the money is for charity, and deeply appreciated. There were those who fought to have us leave, but the presiding authority of the new location prevailed, and so then, have we. Indeed, after about a year and a half, there is not one objection to our presence. We've collected some $3000 dollars over the time here. It's gone into good things for good people. Our money helped in repairs and is now being put to a youth fund and education.

But we have suffered a little still. When we met at the Holiday Inn it was not unusual to see 18 or more at a meeting. Now, it's down to a regular eleven. Many of our founders are no longer able or willing to go the extra miles. One of our founders died. Two have become too ill to attend. Steve Gutz is currently recuperating in a rehab because of an illness. (Regarding Steve G, the good news is that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter, but he still has many weeks of therapy to go.) Doc has had to retire as President because of family and business. He'll still pop in now and then, though not as regularly. Ted had to cut way back because of health and Sid, has had to for the same reason. Sid still shows up, though, and is dearly welcome, smoking or not. Others have moved away to greater callings. But what of some of the others? Andy, Jay where art thou? Cindy? I'm not going to name any more names; I'm not try to shame anyone. Each has good reason for their absences and I'm not to judge.

On the good side, we have several new members, and they bring much to the pudding, so to speak. Tony, Tom, Bruce, Merek, welcome aboard. We are ever so glad to have you.

If I have a goal as your new president, I would sum it up as the desire to grow the membership and bring back some of the older members. To the 'used to be with us', may I appeal to you to come to a few meetings a year? Not all of them, just a few. We truly miss you and would love to see you again. To our current active membership, I make the appeal to bring in new members. The curious new pipe smokers, cigar smokers are our cadre. They just don't yet know about us. That's your job. You know what we have to offer. Good smoking, camaraderie, opportunities to connect with some terrific pipe makers and tobacco blenders. I'll be there, keeping the smoking lamp lit.

Good lunting* to you all.

Eveready (Would someone please tell me how I got that handle?)

*Slang: Taking a walk while smoking.

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