November 2004

Thursday, November 18th - 6PM
Tangs Restaurant - Seabrook, NH

Club Info & Events

Happy Days in Beantown
It's been a good month for sports in the great state of Massachusetts since our last newsletter. First, the reigning Super Bowl Champs, the New England Patriots broke an NFL record by going 21 straight games without a loss. But more importantly and the biggest news these days (if you don't count the Presidential election) is about the Curse of the Bambino. The curse that has plagued the Boston Red Sox teams and fans for 86 very long years was finally broken this October and in spectacular fashion. A 3-0 comeback to snatch away the American League Pennant from our arch rivals the NY Yankees. Their worst loss ever. Followed by a 4 game sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals to win the World Series. What an unbelievable ride we've all just been on, long awaited and definitely well deserved. I'm very happy to say "I can't wait 'til next year!"
If you want to find out how all of this was possible read the article on the right titled "A Pipe Dream Come True." >>>>>

The Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club of New Hampshire
Well that's what it is for now anyway. We held our first semi-official meeting since the Massachusetts Workplace Smoking Ban forced us out of our usual meeting place at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield. The October meeting was held at Tangs Chinese Restaurant in Seabrook, NH after a rendezvous at the Gold Leaf Tobacconist located next door. When I opened the door to the Gold Leaf my first thought was to grab a fire extinguisher, but after taking a few steps inside I was able to make out the shapes of people who appeared to be in no danger at all and actually enjoying themselves. Along with a few of the Gold Leaf regulars I watched as Steve Gutz, Dock Perry, Cyndi Aimo, Greg Spanier, Jay Beard, Andy Camire, Tim Hynick and Dante Canarozzi emerge through the smoke. After Ted and Sid arrived we had eleven and with Mark Ternullo, one of the Gold Leaf guys we made 12 (Joe came over after he closed up the shop). I'd personally like to thank those of you who made the extra effort to get up there and help preserve our existence.
Around 7:00 we headed next door to Tangs for dinner. The manager took good care of us and set us up in an area that was a bit more secluded from the rest of the restaurant, and usually used as the non smoking section. There were 4 booths that held 4 people each and we filled 3 of them. Most of us ordered the specials and each table got a separate check.


After dinner I held a short meeting where we raffled off the tobacco that Nate Davis had donated plus a package of St. Bruno Flake my sister brought back from her recent trip to England. Cyndi also donated some very nice pens to everyone in attendance. Thanks Cyndi!
The main topic of the meeting was where to have our next meeting. Most everybody agreed to keep it at Tangs, at least until something better can be found. Two Guys Smoke Shop in Salem, NH was discussed briefly. They have a large meeting room upstairs that may be available. Joe Noradaki from the Gold Leaf also said he would look into the option of using a meeting room at the Hampshire Inn which is just off exit 1 in Seabrook. If this works out it may be a better arrangement than what we currently have. There was also a bit of a debate about which day of the week we should hold our meetings. The October meeting was on a Thursday which allowed Jay Beard to be with us for a change. His Wednesday night auctions have kept him from attending for the past year or so. But for years our meetings have been on Wednesday and even though it's only one day a month, I'm sure a fair number of people have arranged their schedules around this day. The group agreed to have the November meeting on Thursday November 18th, which is the 3rd Thursday of the month. I hope many of you will be able to make it. Another topic of the meeting had to do with the Pipe Smoker of the Year Award. (See story below titled James Barber Tobacco Shop, Otley, UK for details.)
All in all it was a good meeting but in my opinion does not come close to what we're used to. I ask all of you to keep your eyes and ears open and to pass along to me any ideas or suggestions you might have and I'll relay them to the club. I would also like to thank Joe Noradaki for helping us coordinate all of this. When the Blackwater Grille was going to close Joe got in touch with me with an alternate plan to have our meeting moved to Tangs. He also allowed us to use his shop as a gathering place on the same night that many of his regular customers meet. So if you're ever up in the Seabrook area please be sure to stop by and show your appreciation in any way you can.

Upcoming Events

Holiday Gathering of the Hudson Valley Pipe Club at Kaywoodie
If you plan to go to the the Kaywoodie Holiday Gathering $25 must be mailed to Andy Camire by November 15th. His address was listed in the November Meeting reminder email. If you don't get your check in by the 15th you are still welcome to join us but will have to pay $40 at the door. Here are all the details.

Date:       Saturday, December 11, 2004
Time:       To be announced.
Location: S.M Frank Co, Peekskill, NY (same as last year)
                  Bill Feuerbach will once again be making pipes for us                  (for the pipe smoking contest)
Cost:        $25 registration in advance, includes pipe and dinner.                  Registration at the door will be $40.
                 (We need to have as good a head count as possible in                  advance, so Bill doesn't make a lot of extra pipes.)

We're hoping to have 35 people in attendance this year (23 last year).

Email me if you have questions.


Pipes & Tobacco News

A Pipe Dream Come True
                                   By Horace Harker
George Herman Ruth folded his copy of the Pearly Gates Gazette and laid it on the cloud next to his chair. A sly grin slowly grew across his face after reading of the Red Sox's loss to the Twins putting them now at 10 games behind the first place Yankees. He sat deep in thought for a few moments then went to the closet and took down an old box from the top shelf that had been up there for quite some time. Sitting down in his easy chair he placed the box at his feet and removed the cover. A newspaper with the headline "Red Sox Sell Babe Ruth to Yankees" lay on top, covering the rest of the contents below.  
                                       Read the story

NY Judge block enforcement of smoking ban fines (November 2, 2004)
A court decision dismissing fines against three Long Island taverns where patrons were seen puffing on cigarettes has opponents of the state's bar & nightclub smoking ban hopeful of getting the courts to overturn the smoking prohibition.
                                        Read the story

International Pipe Smoking Contest
Copenhagen, Denmark - The participants came from Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico and Taiwan. Contestants received almost an ounce of tobacco and were challenged to keep it burning for as long as possible with only two matches.
                                        Read the Story

More Smoking News for Massachusetts and Around the World.  

The United Pro Choice Smoker's Rights Newsletter

Websites Worth A Look

Pipe Smoke Magazine Archives
This publication, which was discontinued in the Summer of 1999, used to be in the back of Smoke Magazine and was also published online. Many stories, articles and tobacco reviews are still available now through their online archives.
                                            Check it out!

Uptowns Smoke Shop
This website has a nice selection of pipes from Ashton to Learned to Vesz and everything in between. For those of you who read "In Search of Pipe Dreams" and are ready to break into your piggy banks and buy one of those Danish high grades, this is about the only website in America where you can do it. They've got 'em all from Chonowitsch and Nordh to Ivarsson to Bang.
                                         Visit Uptowns

This Month's Tobacco Raffle
We have a couple of flakes for you this month.

Orlik Dark Kentucky Flakes
Blending fine Black Cavendish with the irresistible qualities of Kentucky Burley give this flake a look, taste and feel uniquely its own. Tobacco cut: Flake slice cut Tobacco Flavor/Aroma: This is a non-aromatic, medium to full in strength.

Paul Olsen A's - 111 Flake
Matured flue-cured Virginias from the best crops mixed with Kentucky Burley and a touch of Perique. Tobacco Cut: Navy Flake. Tobacco Flavor/Aroma: True taste of tobacco for the connoisseur. Light aroma with deep flavors.




Member Contributions

The CORPS Show, Richmond, Va.
After enjoying my first pipe show in New York in March of 2004, I had set my sites on Richmond and was happy to be able to see my goal to fruition. The CORPS show in Richmond was celebrating their 20th Anniversary and was just my first stop on a long over due and desperately needed vacation. My wife Sherry, who was also a little interested to see what this pipe show thing was all about, has family in Virginia and so we decided to design our vacation around the sites and attractions in this part of the country. After Richmond we plan to spend a day in Colonial Williamsburg, a few days in Floyd visiting family, bowhunting (no luck unfortunately) and hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains. On our way home we spent a day at the Maryland Renaissance Faire and then stopped in Philly for a couple of hours to check out the Liberty Bell and have a cheese steak sandwich. I guess those commercials during the Red Sox games must really work. "It's like a baby New York!" (Don't they drive you crazy!). But first and foremost and of primary interest to y'all was the the CORPS Pipe Show.
                                                                                                 Read the whole story and see the pics from the show

James Barber Tobacco Shop, Otley, UK         By Horace Harker

During my sister's recent visit to England I asked her to visit the James Barber Tobacco Shop in Otley. I had communicated with the staff there telling them to expect a visit from my sister and to help her out with the items I was interested in. I also had her give them a couple of our bumper stickers. She ended up visiting twice because Mr. Barber was not in the first time. He was very happy to see her and gave her the grand tour of the place. My sister tells me that the main shop is very small and by her description it sounds about the size of Peretti's. But Mr. Barber took her to the show room in another building where all the pipes are displayed. He directed my sister's attention to a meerschaum pipe that was carved in the likeness of Sherlock Holmes. When they were back in the main shop, Mr. Barber told her about his uncle that had owned a tobacco field in North Carolina and gave her some postcards of workers in the field to give to our members. He also gave her some business cards and asked that we pass them out to our fellow pipe smokers. I'll bring them to the next meeting.
Just before she left Mr. Barber gave to her the Sherlock Holmes carved meerschaum pipe that they looked at earlier, as a donation to the club. I suggested at this past meeting that we give this pipe to the first winner of the Pipe Smoker of the Year Award when we decide to hold the elections. The group agreed. I emailed Mr. Barber to thank him for his generosity and to let him know of our plans for the pipe he donated and he was very happy with our decision. When you get a chance please take a few minutes to check out there website. They have quite a few pipes for sale in many makes and models as well as a large variety of tobaccos, including a number of brands that you can't get in the states. Shipping and other fees from overseas tend to get a bit expensive, so if you if see something you like maybe we can make a group order. Just let me know. If you do visit their site make sure you drop them a line to say hello and thanks from the Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club of Boston.




Occasionally I'm looking for a news item to help fill out this newsletter. So if you have some interesting
pipe, tobacco or smoking related news, or would like to share your knowledge on a particular
pipes and tobacco related subject, please send it along and maybe I'll use it. (Preferably by e-mail).

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