May 2007

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007 - 7:00 PM or
** Meet at X & 0's in Stoughton at 6:00 PM **

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Details of the April Meeting
A surprisingly nice turnout considering the temporary change in location. But we packed 'em in at X&Os and everyone seemed to enjoy their meals. We did a six car caravan back to the meeting spot where we settled in a bit before sampling two more C&D blends, Sunset Harbor and Guilford Courthouse, reviews for those are below. Dock brought with him his NY Pipe Show acquisitions to share with the rest of us.
During the short but official part of the meeting we took a head count of those who plan to attend the Chicago Show.and for the first time since I've been a member we have no one going. However, our former secretary Mark "Barley" Maxfield now living in Illinois will be attending the show. If any of our other detached members plan to attend (Dr. Bob??) be sure to connect with Mark if you can. If anyone needs his email address please let me know.

2nd Annual SHPC Swap & Sell
Do you have a few pipe you find that you rarely smoke? What about those tins of tobacco you know you will never smoke? Why not bring 'em to the Swap & Sell on May 1st and see if you can't exchange them for something new (to you anyway) or put a couple of extra dollars in your pocket. Go ahead... take a look at all your pipe stuff and see if there's anything you're ready to part with.
A friend of Dock's will be coming to the meeting with a bunch of estate pipes including some Radice's, Ashton's & Charatan's. Let's make this event bigger than last years. See you there.

Tim Hynick Pipes
This pipe is still available. If you are interested please contact me with your information and I will put you in touch with Tim. Emails will be sent to Tim on a "first come, first serve basis". $225

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Member Contributions

Book Review: The History of the Calabash
                                                                   By Tom Martin

Its been a long time since I shelled out seventy dollars for a book, reluctantly it was for a college text. Back then seventy dollars would buy a lot of beer. Recently I purchased The History of The Calabash Pipe by Gary B. Schrier with forward by Ben Rapaport. Its price, you guessed it; seventy dollars, which buy the way would by a lot of tobacco. Is it worth it? Yes, every penny.

The book is actually better than advertised and surpassed my expectations, which were high. It was as informative as a textbook and entertaining as well. Written in a tone that makes it an instant classic, and the only book written about the Calabash pipe. The five-plus years of research is evident from front cover to back.

Author Gary Shier is a Calabash Collector, enthusiast and historian. If you have every tried researching the calabash on the internet, you’ll know that little information is to be found using the world wide web. Instead, Gary draws upon his years of experience collecting, trading in, and smoking these fine pipes. With the information superhighway falling short, Gary took to the skies to get the job done. And a fine job he did.

What do others think about the book:

  • A Magnum opus par excellence.” *Peter C. Wiseman, Pipe Club of London
  • An enthralling read.” *Moty Ezrati, Upshall & Astley Pipes
  • I‘m declaring it a joy!” *Linwood Hines, C.O.R.P.S.
  • I have developed a sincere appreciation for and a great knowledge of this pipe. I think I want to own one. *Bill Unger, NASPC
  • A worthy additional reference book for pipe smokers around the world. *Howard S. Smith, Dunhill

As a pipe maker, wanting to learn the lost art of calabash pipe making, here are but a few of the things I learned from the book:

  • These gourd pipes are not a novelty, they are a specialty.
  • A Meerschaum cup cut from a solid block, “while elitist, will smoke no better than a pressed bowl.”
  • The calabash offers the coolest, driest smoke…
  • Making a Calabash pipe takes no small amount of ingenuity
  • Unlike briar, the Calabash responds well to varnish

What you take away from the book might be something altogether different as it is written for the casual pipe smoker, collector, and even the connoisseur.

With the declining need for a pipe to be portable as a briar, the calabash might make a comeback. In this day in age, where home is one of the last places to enjoy pipe smoking, why not get your bash off the rack and light it up. Now that The History of The Calabash has been written, by reading it you can help preserve its future. If you don’t already own one, this book teaches you everything you need to know to go out and get one. Save the Calabash!

Pipes & Tobacco News & Info

An open letter to all the New Hampshire House of Representative Members
A Smoking Ban would take away Our Rights and Dollars
                           by David Garofalo, Two Guys SmokeShop

I want to voice my strong opposition on behalf of thousands of retail store owners, their employees, all their customers and all New Hampshire residents of the possibility of a ban on smoking in restaurants and bars in New Hampshire, the “Live Free or Die” State. Do not let this state get ruled by the iron fist of its government.
The smoking ban, SB-42 would not allow private business owners of restaurants and bars to exercise their freedom of choice to accommodate customers who smoke by totally banning smoking in their establishments.
If the government is truly interested in our health and welfare, I appreciate the concern but I will take care of it myself rather than the risk of losing my freedoms.
Here are a couple of good reasons that we should oppose a smoking ban whether we smoke or not.
First, we should oppose any government body that tramples the rights of business owners to operate their own business as they see fit. A government dictated ban gives people no choice of where to use a perfectly legal product.  [Read More]
Other News & Information for smokers:

Websites Worth A Look
This forum was set up by Bill Williams to help fight smoking bans and preserve Smoker's Rights. Please take a few minutes to stop by and show some support. Check it out.

Rolando Negoita
Take a sneak peek at Rolando's Chicago Show pipes. As always some real beauties. Take a look.
This Month's Tobacco Raffle

Esoterica Tobaccos

A special formulation of six light Virginias plus Golden and dark Virginias with air-cured leaf and a pinch of Louisiana Perique. Easy burning is ensured by the carefully selected cut. The Perique balances the Virginias; for the discerning palate

A luxury English blend (Margate) is married with fine French Cognac. This outstanding mixture is a "match made in heaven." Rich taste with character to match. A symphony of delicate aromas and elegant flavours.

Tobacco Swap with Spain
I received an email from Eduardo Cestau of Spain. He is looking for pipe smokers in the States who would like to swap tobaccos with him. He sent me a long list of what is available to him and although many of the blends we can get here in the states, there are still some blends like St. Bruno and Condor on his list. If you are interested please contact me and I will give you his email address.

Trunk Shows
Peretti's April 28th:
Lugi Viprati and Alberto Bonfiglioli will both be at Peretti's on Saturday the 28th from 11 AM to 4 PM. I believe Don Powers will also be there if you'd like to stop by and say hello.

Watch City April 29th: Luigi Viprati will also be at Watch City Cigar in Framingham on Monday April 29th from 12 PM - 7 PM. Watch City will be running a special on Viprati pipes that day as well.

Sherlock Holmes in England
My sister took these picture while on her recent trip to London so I thought I would share them with you.


Tobacco Reviews

Guilford Courthouse           by Horace Harker
I'm a bit hard to please when it comes to tobacco so regardless of my reviews, positive or negative, you may still want to sample the blend yourself and form your own opinion (I suggest you do this will all tobacco anyway). My first impression of Guilford Courthouse was favorable. It seemed to me like an all day type of smoke, not too heavy or strong with a decent flavor. It packed well into my Dunhill Prince but I had a difficult time keeping it lit which surprised me because it didn't seem overly moist. And even though I don't inhale I still got a pretty good nicotine hit from it. I smoked another bowl on the way home with the same results and though to to myself that this one might just be a keeper if I let it dry out a little more. I smoked 2 more bowls later on in the week but now found if bland and unappealing and still difficult to light even though it had dried some. I hate it when this like it one minute and hate it the next. So the jury is still out on this one. I'll try it again in the Dunhill and see if the pipe makes the difference but I'm no longer feeling optimistic.
On a more positive note, I also sampled some Dunhill Light Flake between my two bowls of GC and know without further sampling that this one's a definite keeper. I've become quite fond of flakes as of late and happy to add this one to my rotation..

Sunset Harbor                    by Dock Perry
Thanks to our friends from Cornell & Diehl who generously sent us quite a few tins,we've been able to try a bunch of their newest creations. By far and away my favorite of the lot has been "Sunset Harbor Flake".SHF is a balkan flake comprised of a liberal dose of Latakia, Perique, Oriental and Turkish tobaccos. It's a broken flake with an absolutely wonderful tin aroma. It's only draw back is that it needs to be dried out quite a bit before smoking. When I pulled the brick like cube from the tin,the paper it was wrapped in was soaking wet! After leaving it out to dry for a few days,I rubbed it out almost completely and loaded it into my Tim Hynick 06 club pipe and smoked it to the heel with excellent results. The latakia dominates the blend with perique riding shotgun and the orientals somewhere in the back seat.I was'nt able to tatse the turkish at all. My past experiences have'nt been great with turkish tobaccos as I find them to turn harsh and sour all to quickly and I was happy to find that SHF has only a condimental amount of the stuff. As I smoked it,I kept being reminded of something else. It took me another full bowl to realize that Sunset Harbor Flake is the spitting image of well aged "Smoker's Haven" Crumble Cake! I picked up a 20 year old tin of the stuff from Mel Feldman a couple of years ago and the comparison is exact in every detail. I highly recommend SHF both for it's current smoking qualities as well it's potential to cellar very well. I'm going to put away quite a few tins of the stuff as I believe after a few years the latakia will smooth out enough to make the other tobaccos sing through a bit louder.

May's samples contributed by Tom Martin include the following:

Hearth & Home Frenchy's Sunza Bitches
Made for Frenchy of Frenchy's pipes, this is a mixture of a few of his favorite things: Virginias, Burley, Perique, and Bourban, sure to be a favorite of the Scotch, Bourbon, nad Burley fans in the SHPC!

Hearth & Home Rolando's Ownpad
Named for renowned pipemaker and friend of SHPC Rolando Negoita. This is a Virginia/Perique blend with Rolando's artistry in mind. A mixture of lemon, red and stoved Virginias is enlivened with a moderate dose of wonderful Perique, for a sweet and flavorful all-day smoke.

Hearth & Home AJ's VaPerpad
Blended with Andrew (AJ) Smith, this is a different turn on the Virginia/Perique genre. A variety of red Virginias is combined with a generous amount of Perique, and the mixture is slightly mellowed and sweetened by Green River black Cavendish.

Hearth & Home Larrys Blendpad
Larry Loerzel, one of our regular store customers, and connoisseur of English/Balkan blends had tried Ten to Midnight, and although he liked it, he was looking for something a little fuller and different. Based on his preference, we blended a full, traditional Balkan using Orientals that were more "buttery" and amped-up the Latakia. This blend is now a big hit among our full-bodied English fans; a cool-smoking, very rich mixture.

Second only to Russ Oulette's new Obsidian, just released at the 2007 Northeast Pipe Show in Albany*, this blend was all the buzz. Everyone I asked recommended this blend, and I'm thinking it just might be the smoke Nelsons been looking for; the Shangrila of smokes!

* Read the most favorable write up in next months newsletter.

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