March 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012 at 7:00 PM or meet early at C.B. Perkins at 5 PM Cobb's Corner, Canton.
Dinner at 6 PM - Location TBD

Club Info & Events

Details of the February Meeting
We had a nice crew of both pipe and cigar smokers at CB Perkins this past month and everyone seemed to be in a pretty good mood. Ophelia showed us all the new pipe she had just purchased and was handing out cigars for people to try that someone online had given her. But the next thing that happened is one of the reasons I love this hobby and the people who pursue it. A guy walked in, purchased a cigar then sat down with the group. His grandfather had smoked a pipe so he started asking us a few questions about pipe smoking and if you know anything about pipe smokers, they love sharing their passion for the pipe with anyone who will listen. I continued the conversation I was having with others there when I looked over and saw this guy holding Ophelia's new pipe and being shown how to fill it with tobacco. He lights it up, sits back and starts slowly puffing, and puffing and puffing. He went through almost then entire bowl without relighting. Either it was beginner's luck, he is a closet pipe smoker, or maybe he's just a natural. Whatever the case, I think we had him hooked and the cigar guys were threatening to kick him out of the store (in jest of course). I thought perhaps that Ophelia was letting him borrow her new pipe because who would give away a brand new pipe you hadn't smoked yet. Apparently, she would, and in the process made a friend and introduced another happy soul to the world of pipe smoking. I hope we'll see him back again soon. But this is not the first time I've seen a woman give a pipe away to a total stranger. Our only other women club member did a similar thing many years ago when our club's founder Alan Rosenfield, who had been away from the club for many, many years but showed up at a meeting out of the blue. They got to talking and she pretty much gave him the the Stanwell she had been smoking. Now those of you who know Alan may know that there was a good possibility that she didn't have much of a choice. But that's a story for another day. You can read that story here.

2012 Club Pipe Officially Approved
A motion was made and approved to move forward on the 2012 club pipe by Mastro De Paja. I had confirmed a few details around additional cost and how the stamp would be applied. We agreed to go with a laser engraving on the pipe which will be included in the price. If all goes as planned the pipes will be available in early summer.
2012 Club Pipe: Taking Orders from Non Members
We are taking orders now for the 2012 SHPC Club Pipe by Mastro De Paja. A number of orders have already been placed by our club members but as we have done a few times in the past, we are making this offer available to a limited number of our readers. This is a great deal on a beautiful pipe by Mastro De Paja (click image for a better view). The price of the pipe $168 for the pipe WITHOUT the stand and $250 for the pipe WITH the stand. Full payment for non members will be due by April 15th which will also include a shipping cost which we can discuss through email but should be somewhere between $7-$12.
If you are interested in purchasing one of these pipes please send us and email so we can work out the details. Please be clear if you want the pipe with or without the stand. Unfortunately, we can only take US orders only.

Who Woulda Thought?
Anyone who knows my pipe smoking habits knows that I have a pretty finicky palette. I can smoke a blend one day and love it the next day it's just ok. Possibly it has something to do with mood, but I need a tobacco that doesn't care what mood I'm in to make me happy. Good friend and club member Neil Morris is a relatively new pipe smoker but you wouldn't know that by talking to him. He's jumped into this hobby full force and has already gained a lot of experience. But Neil is one of those guys people like me could find easy to hate. Why? Because he likes almost everything he smokes and can enjoy a great variety of blends while I find myself smoking the same blend day after day with an odd one thrown in every now and then for $%!#$ and giggles. Recently we had a conversation about burleys. Neil loves burley blends and one of his favorites is Prince Albert. All I think about when I hear Prince Albert are the prank phone calls people used to make about it years ago. I've smoked other similar burley blends before and none ever really stuck with me. But there's no big surprise there. So after our conversation, I decide to give the Prince a try. What could it hurt. I filled a pipe and smoked it on the way home from the club meeting. Pretty good I thought, but I know what that means. Let's see what tomorrow brings. I had enough for another bowl the next day and it was still working for me but I still wasn't convinced. So I stopped in to the local tobacconist and was happy to see that they had some in stock. Many bowls later I can honestly say it is now one of my favorite blends. It smokes cool in your mouth and cool in the pipe and has a deep nutty type flavor, something akin to Grape Nuts cereal which I used to love (if it wasn't so hard to get out of your teeth). And although every bowl doesn't excite me the exact same way, I chock that up to the pipe I'm smoking it in and very probably, my mood. But it's definitely a keeper. The thing I found strange after I started smoking it was that the blend kept presenting itself to me, first with an article about it in and then seeing it as a featured product in a recent email ad. Reviews I've seen for it are mostly average but when you have an average palette like mine, it seems to be a perfect fit. Many drug store blends get over looked for just that reason, if their a drug store blend they can't be very good. But Prince Albert and many of the drug store blends have been around for more years than you can imagine so that has to tell you something. So why not give it a try and let Prince Albert out of his can and into your favorite pipe. Let us know what you think.

Pipes & Tobacco News & Info

IPSD - What did you do?
I'm sorry to report that SHPC Boston did not hold a IPSD club event this year but we would like to hear from those of you who did. If you did something special as an individual or group for IPSD this year and would like to share it with us and the readers of the SHPC Gazette (all 20 of them), please send us and email and tell us all about it. We will post your responses in the next edition of the Gazette.
Send your stories to

WhiskeyFest - Lukes Liquors, Rockland, MA.
For those of you who love to try new single malt scotches and other whiskey's, you won't want to miss this event. It's held every year around this time and well worth the $5. This year they will have 70 blends of Scotch, 12 blends of top shelf Irish Whiskey and 20 bourbon blends for your sampling pleasure. The event goes from 1pm - 3pm on Saturday March 3rd.

Other Important Links for smokers:

Websites Worth a Look

The Scotchcast
If you love Scotch then you'll enjoy the reviews provided by the Jeff, Chip and Michael of the Scotchcast. They put out a new show every month. This month they will reviewing some peaty scotches, the Isle Of Jura Prophecy and Laphroaig Triple Wood. Why not download them to your phone or iPod and listen to them on the way to work. [Check it out]

Tobacco Raffle

Hearth & Home Marquee - Cerberus (2 oz tin)
As the first addition to the H&H Marquee series in 2012, we are thrilled to offer a real Latakia-lover's blend which we created in honor of International Pipe Smoking Day 2012. The initial response was so strong, that we worked hard to obtain the components to make more. Loaded with Cyprian Latakia and enhanced with Perique, Orientals, Virginia and Dark-Fired Kentucky, this is a full-flavored, cool-smoking treat!

Chonowitsch T-14 (50g tin)
T 14: Brown Burley, golden Virginia and mild black Cavendish with a baked in flavor of herbs and spices give this mild, subtly sweet blend an unusual woodland aroma.

The Crooked X - Prelude to War
A Short Story of Hate, Mystery and Intrigue
                                           By Ernest N. Whitenack

Listen to an excerpt from Chapter 7
"Setting the Trap"

The story takes place in 1934 during the depression and leading up to World War II. Boston Lawyer, Scott Wadsworth, follows a lead on his missing friend which could lead him into a tangled web of foreign intrigue, murder and counter-espionage. If the audio plug-in does not work, just click the image on the left.

Read previous chapters:
Ch. 1
| Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch.5 | Ch.6

Read Chapter 7 >>

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