March 2011

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 at 7:00 PM or meet early at C.B. Perkins at 5 PM or Five Guys at 6PM
Cobb's Corner, Canton

Club Info & Events

Details of the February Meeting
With the weather we've had this winter it wasn't a surprise that it kept us from having our meeting last month. But March is a new month and brings with it two important things.... first and foremost Spring, which I'm sure we're all looking forward to and the feast day of the patron saint of pipe smokers, St. Patrick's. So be sure to bring your sheleighly, your green top hat and a clay pipe to the March meeting to celebrate properly.

Ken Collin's Pipes & Tobacco
At the March meeting we will also honor the life of our good friend Ken Collins with sale of his pipes and tobaccos. All proceeds will benefit Ken's wife Mary. Dock Perry (remember him?) has agreed to help Mary with this effort and will bring all of Ken's pipes and much of his tobacco to the meeting. This is a great opportunity to acquire one of Ken's favorite possessions and make it a keepsake and fond memory of an SHPC member who was highly admired by all of us and the pipe smoking community. We encourage you all to come to the March meeting and pick up a memento of a great man while contributing to a noble cause.

Here is some of what will be available at the meeting:

Ardors including magnums, X-Mas and Sherlock Holmes commemoratives, Dunhills, Cavicci's, Savinelli Autographs, Mike Brissetts, Petersons, Meerchaums, GBDs, David Jones, Ser Jacopos, SHPC Club pipes, Mark Tinskys, Ashtons, JM Boswells as well as many old Algerian briars which will be sold for between $10-$20.00 ea so that everyone has a chance to get a memento of our late friend. In addition, there will also be several large, gorgeous, hand made pipe racks as well as a ton of "Pipe & Tobacco Magazine", NASPC Gazettes, Pipe Smoker's Ephemeris and the few odd books. Also, there will be a variety of inexpensively priced, well aged, jarred tobacco. Lots of Condor, Lancers Slice, St.Bruno's Flake, original Dunhill's #965 and more.

For those of you who have not been to a meeting in awhile or have read this newsletter but have not yet made the effort to connect with us or attend a meeting. This might be a good month attend.

We want to thank Dock Perry for taking this on and look forward to seeing you in March.

Artificially Aging Tobacco........ by Ernie Whitenack

My order of a half pound of Hearth and Home's American Heritage tobacco arrived recently. This is my second try at this blend. In my years-long quest for a replacement of the old Ehrlich's DPE, I purchased some of this a couple of years ago. Upon opening the first bag I noted a sweet scent. My first reaction was "why don't they tell you when a product is flavored or scented!" I called Russ and asked about it and he promptly assured me that it was all natural tobacco. I must have smoked it as it disappeared.
The smell and taste might be from the cubes of pressed Burley, a casing put there in the manufacturing process to bind the leaves in the press.

I have been fooling around with some blending tobacco and obtaining some success at altering certain blend traits. Where Hearth and Home is a good "American English" (is that phrase an oxymoron?) and the scent soon became unnoticeable in my first batch, I decided to do a little altering to see if I could bring it closer to DPE. I added one ounce of Latakia to the blend. After checking a bowl full, I decided a bit more Latakia was needed to tame the Virginia and added another ounce....
                                                                   [Read More... ]

Pipe Smoking and the Movies.......... by Richard Frederics
When you live in New England you expect snow. Children use to relish a snow day, especially when that meant missing school. And me, a professor – I too don’t mind a day lost to snow. But this year; enough is enough. Too many days lost and what was worst, our pipe club meeting had to be cancelled today.
So now I am back from shoveling and walking my dog (the only one that seems to love this weather) and I sit down in my comfy chair, light my pipe, put on a CD, and watch my dog fall asleep next to me. This is so relaxing. And then, trying to think of something to do and having no one to talk to, I begin to think about movies that have pipe smoking scenes in them, besides Sherlock Holmes.
Lord of the Rings is my favorite with so many good pipe smoking scenes. Jimmy Stewart smokes a pipe in “It’s a wonderful Life”. John Wayne smokes a pipe in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (just saw that movie on the previous snow day). Gregory Peck smokes a pipe when he portrays General Mac Arthur. And I wouldn’t want to forget Robin Williams as Popeye. I know there are others. Care to share any? Do you have a favorite? Just thought I would ask. Did I get you thinking? This sort of thing is kind of fun to do on a cold evening when you are doing nothing but relaxing with a pipe.

Since this month celebrates the feast of St. Patrick, maybe you should check out John Wayne in The Quiet Man. There are quite a few pipe smoking scenes in this classic Irish movie.
Another movie that comes to mind is Running With Scissors. A pretty far out flick if you ask me but Brian Cox smokes a pipe in this movie and is one hell of a "pipe talker." You can hardly tell he's holding a pipe in his mouth.
Let us know if you have a favorite pipe smoking movie.

Pipes & Tobacco News & Info

International Pipe Smoking Day
For some reason, every year I forget to put something in the February SHPC Gazette for IPSD. It 's already in my calendar for next year so hopefully that problem is solved. I know that many pipe smokers honored the day in a variety of ways so if you'd like to share with us how you spent yours I will post them in the April Gazette.

For those of you who don't subscribe (but should) ...some interesting pipe related articles from

Seattle Pipe Club Fights Harsh Smoking Bans
As of last year, a law was passed that made shipping tobacco to consumers in the state of Washington illegal. The ban, which has been lauded by lawmakers, the media, and the public, is a travesty of both free enterprise and free will, and has led multiple proponents of tobacco and all its consumers to take their fight to the halls of the state legislature in protest of the bill and its proposed accessories, HB 1246, (which bans all flavored tobacco) and SB 5016, (which bans smoking in an automobile when minors are present).
Read more about this at

Brigham Pipes U.S.A.
Brigham Pipes have been around for over 100 years. They have a very unique internal design, a beautiful exterior, and ... drum roll please ... they are affordable for normal people! You don't have to trade in your personal jet and send your butler to pick one up for you. Industry powerhouse, Brian Levine takes the reigns at the new US operation of Brigham Pipes
Read more about this at

Confessions of a Pipeman on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - If the video doesn't play, click here.

Other Important Links for smokers:

Websites Worth a Look

Lukes Liquor's Rockland, MA - Scotch Tasting
It's always nice to enjoy a dram of single malt scotch with a favorite bowl of premium tobacco. But Scotch isn't the cheapest beverage on the planet so it's nice to be able to sample a few before you drop fifty or sixty bucks down. Well here is your chance to do it. Every March, Luke's Liquors in Rockland, MA puts on one hell of a Scotch tasting. More scotches to taste than you can possibly imagine (or can handle). If you like Scotch or are looking to find out what it's all about, mark your calendars for March 19th 1-3 pm.
                                               Visit their website

This Month's Tobacco Raffle
Since these were not raffled off last month we will raffle them this month.

Orlik Golden Sliced (50g)
A touch of Burley adds zesty new life to the flavor of flue-cured Virginia tobacco. Tobacco cut: Traditional flake slice cut.

Butera's Royal Vintage - Dark Stoved (50g)
A single, zesty lemon Virginia leaf, picked at its peak, aged to perfection, is carefully slow-stoved under pressure until the cakes turn to beautiful chocolate brown. Cut to flake form,

G.L Pease Westminister - (50g)
The very essence of the Traditional English mixture: rich, elegant, refined, and exquisitely balanced. New World red virginias are enhanced with a gentle caress of bright leaf, then lavishly seasoned with rich oriental tobaccos and generous measures of noble Cypruss mountain Latakia.

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