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March 2008

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008 - 7:00 PM or
** Meet at X & 0's in Stoughton at 6:00 PM **

Club Info & Events

Details of the February Meeting
We've been talking the last couple of months about looking for another place to meet for dinner. It seems that X&Os has lost some it charm for many of us. So it was funny to see a record nine people show up at X&Os in February. Nonetheless we will be throwing out a few ideas at the March meeting so this may be the last time we meet at X&Os. We'll keep you posted.
Turn out was good this month and it was nice to see Bruce and Greg were able to make it to the meeting. We hope to see more of them in the coming months. We also received some positive news on the health issues of Steve Gutz's, Ken Collins and Kenny Kasparian. All of them seem to be making progress. We hope you all continue to improve.
The news dues structure seems to be working out well and if the increased participation in the tobacco raffle continues we should be have no trouble covering our yearly expenses. An speaking of which we have submitted our dues to the United Pipe Clubs of America for 2008.
Other discussion was with the New York Pipe Show and we seem to have a handfull of members planning to attend the April show. We are also planning another trip to Brookline News this year and have begun talking about the 3rd Annual SHPC Swap & Sell. Watch here for more details on these events.

SHPC 2008 Club Pipe
So it looks like the club pipe for 2008 will be created by our good friends at Kaywoodie. Dock has been working with Bill Fuerbach on this year's pipe and this is what we have so far.
The 2008 Club Pipe will be a Group 4-5 deep blast Canadian and we will have a choice of a dark or tan finish. The dark finish will cost around $110.00 and a tan around $150.00. The tan is more expensive because bowls need to be cleaner (mostly fill & sandspot free) when you use a clearer stain such as tan. We will need to have an exact order number by mid March. Bill is happy to be making this year's club pipe and we know he'll do a great job.
Upcoming Events

Peterson Trunk Show at Peretti's of Boston
March 15, 2008 10 AM - 3 PM

These will NOT be your usual run of the mill Petersons! Peterson rep Andy Green is bringing several high end Petersons that you very rarely see in the US, so it will definitely be worth your while to check this out.

Member Contributions ........ by Dock Perry

Brother of Briar - A Pipe Smokers Community
Under New Management

I am very pleased to announce that I've officially taken over the day to day operations of "The Brothers of Briar" pipe discussion board. from the site's founder Jason Huggett. We currently have a great and loyal core group of members who visit us daily. We're just big enough to offer a variety in topics and posters but we're still small enough so that you actually get to know these folks well. From my own experience on various pipe boards I can say that too big of a group can be as bad as too small of a group. Quite a few of "the old guard" from ASP (when it was still good) have shown up lately and it's been nice to be able to reunite with these old friends.
Our forums are varied and include sections on books, sports, cigars, The Shaving Den, and an area to post photos. Of course we also have the usual tobacco and pipes forums too. Currently we're in the midst of a tobacco box pass with around 25 members taking part. The box is sent around from member to member and tobacco tins can be traded and various bulk tobacco can be sampled.

Wednesday Night Chats

On Wednesday nights begining at 9:00 pm eastern time we host an interactive chat. Generally the turnout is good and the conversation interesting.
So if you're looking for a great place to talk pipes, please stop by and give us a try. I'm sure you'll feel right at home in no time.
                                                                            [Stop on in]

Pipes & Tobacco News & Info

Smoking ban workaround catches on at bars across state - By MARY LYNN SMITH, Star Tribune

Having patrons become "actors" when entire bar is turned into a "stage" started as a one-night experiment 2 weeks ago, but now it's becoming a way around state law.

What started as a quirky idea to get around the statewide smoking ban appears to be spreading like wildfire.

Dozens of bars are expected to stage "theater nights'' this weekend in which patrons are dubbed actors. The law, which went into effect in October, permits performers to smoke during a theatrical production. "Two weeks ago, we had one bar doing this,'' said Mark Benjamin, a criminal defense attorney who launched the theater-night idea. He estimates 50 to 100 bars could be on tap for theater nights this weekend based on phone calls, e-mails and requests for the how-to-stage-a-theater-night packet that he's devised. And many bar owners are passing on the information quickly among themselves without getting in contact with him.
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Other News & Information for smokers:

Websites Worth A Look

Precision Pipe Repair
From the website... "My most steadfast hobby and sincerest passion since 1976 has been collecting, smoking, and working on pipes. Why I didn't find a way to work with them professionally 25 years ago is puzzling to me, now. If I had a rewind button, I wouldn't even have to think about it; Precision Smoking Pipe R & R would be having its silver anniversary today instead of just starting out."
Our site has received many a hit from this website. I'm told it is considered by many to be one of the best shops of it's kind in the country.
                                                    [Check 'em out]

Atelier Rolando.com
Rolando has six new pipes available for your viewing and/or purchasing pleasure. [Take a look]

Cigar Live.com
A friendly community of cigar lovers with lots of videos, images, info, links to manufacturers sites, online publications and podcasts. A great way to hook up with other lovers of the leaf from your state. They even have an area for pipe smokers.
                                                   [Take a look]

This Month's Tobacco Raffle

Balkan Sasieni - Back in the States
Blended, flue-cured Golden Virginias, pressed and matured. Cut to form a broken flake which offers a natural sweetness. Medium strength

Sam Gawith - Golden Glow

Blended, flue-cured Golden Virginias, pressed and matured. Cut to form a broken flake which offers a natural sweetness. Medium strength

Kahn's Korner

How I got my first Dunhill lighter....

As with most of us, when we venture into our (not so) inexpensive hobby of the briar (or meer or ceramic or cob) we quickly begin to accumulate the related paraphernalia without which we cannot do. Our tampers, matchbooks, boxes of matches, windscreens (that we nearly never use), belt pipe holders (aka "pipe breakers". Because you forgot you were wearing it when you sat down...ouch.) pipe racks, pipe reamer, pipe cleaners, burned shirts, etc. all become part of our compulsion, er...hobby.

We wander into tobacconists to seek out the perfect pipe, which, if you're anything like me, after purchasing some 300 or more, have yet to find. But I will keep looking for the perfect pipe while enjoying the 'failings' of my frequent searches. I venture into flea markets, antique halls and yard sales in hope of finding someone else's discarded 'estate' perfect pipe.

Such was my pursuit one sunshining day in Pueblo, Colorado, I happened into a small antique shop. I mean it was small, not much more than five or six hundred square feet. As usually I meandered about the periphery of the shop looking at flouncery old and not inexpensive. I circled the shoppette once, trusting to my well developed instinct to find tobacciana no matter where it is stuffed in which cubby holes. Don't make light of my innate instinct. I'm rarely wrong. I can look into an antique mall window and feel the old pipes and pipe holders and sterling matchboxes almost calling me inside. Alas, it seemed that this time, in this booth of a business, for it wasn't much bigger, my sixth sense failed me, for it had no tobacciana in it, not even an old ashtray. Thus, despondent, I opened the door as to leave the establishment. Before the door was but three inches open I heard a sweet if mid-life voice calling from behind me, "May I help you find something?" As I learned long ago in my years as a Radio Shack grunt, it can't hurt to answer the question, so turning.

"Well, I was looking for some pipes. You know, smoking pipes, but you don't appear to have any here." I said. *


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