March 2006

Tuesday, March 7th, 2006 - 7:00 PM
Meet early at Applebees in Stoughton 6:00 PM

Club Info & Events

Details of the February Meeting
Not much to report from last meeting. We had a good turnout and our old friend Kenny even showed up. The big buzz at the meeting was about the Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club article that appeared in the NASPC Newsletter "The Pipe Collector", so if you haven't subscribed yet it's not too late. If you subscribe any time during the year you will receive all back issues from that year.. It's a great publication with six packed issues for a paltry price of $12. I will have order forms available at the March meeting and will send them in together so be sure to bring in you a check or some extra cash with you to the meeting.
Dock announced that he is ready to take orders on new denim shirts and fleece jackets. If you're intersted in ordering one email me and let me know. Orders will only be put in in numbers of four or more.

The New York Pipe Show - March 11th
The New York Pipe Show, held at the Ramada Inn at Newark Airport is just around the corner. You probably still have time to reserve a room (but not much). This is the best of the 4 pipes shows they have there so if you've never been, now's the time. With the New Jersey smoking ban going into effect on April 15th there's no telling how it will effect future shows. If you decide to come, get there on Friday night and visit the pre-show viewing in many of the rooms (yes you can buy pipes too), then finish the night out in the bar while you catch up with old friends or make some new ones. We hopw to see you there. To get an idea of what it's like check out these links:   NY Show 1  |  NY Show 2

From the E-Mailbag - New Pipes for Sale
I recieved emails from both Michael Parks and Rolando Negoita that new pipes are now available and just in time for Spring. Both of these pipe makers are excellent craftsman each with their own special qualities. Be sure to check them out. Rolando usually has a table at the NY Show and we expect to see him again this year, so if you see something on his site that you like you should be able to see it up close and personal at the show.

Dock's Corner

Tastes change.
Just a quick glance at your senior year book picture and you'll find this all too evident. Tastes change in pipes too. When I first started in the hobby about ten years ago I was completely and totally taken with huge and gawdy freehands. The more extravagant and wilder the better. I amassed a large collection of Preben Holms / Ben Wades, Nordings and assorted danish monstrosities mostly dating from the 70's. The main problem with these pipes is that they're so damn heavy!  It's almost impossible to clench them in your teeth and holding a pipe in your hand while you're smoking it isn't always convenient.  Most of these pipes now hold very little charm for me as they sit in their racks unsmoked.  Eventually I'll sell them to make room for new faces.

From freehands I moved on to classic english shapes most noteably the Oom Paul, the 120 bent and the paneled billiard.  As with the freehands before them, I built up a rather large collection of classic shapes from Ashton, Ferndown, Bonaquisti and Dunhill. Most of these pipes are group 5's to ODA in size and most of them are sandblasts. I've always been a "blast man" as opposed to a "grain nut".  I've always personally thought that a tan blasted finish like that of an Ashton "Old Church" rivals any angel hair straight grains available. Who knew this principle was about to change.

About a month ago I was on Marty Pulver's Sherlock's Haven website based in San Francisco.  I initally went on to see if he had an Ashton Magnum bents available as I've been after one for some time now.  When none were found I quite innocently (and out of sheer boredom) looked under "S.Bang" and fell hopelessly in love with a silver banded blowfish.  In the past I had never given these organic shaped pipes much thought and likened them to cheesy 60's / 70's modern furniture.  Suddenly I was looking at them differently. It was kinda like beeing a teenager and discovering girls for the first time!  Later that week I was looking at Uptown Pipe Shop's website and I discovered Chonowitchs, Matzholds and Eltangs that I was equally excited about.  So, just like that the tides have changed yet again and on my return from the NY pipe show next month I look forward to bringing a couple of these amebic shaped beauties back with me...                        Cheers, D. Perry


Pipes & Tobacco News & Info

What a pain in the ASH
Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) - a D.C.-based anti-smoking group - admitted yesterday that it has every intention of pursuing smoking bans not only in indoor workplaces and everywhere outdoors, but in private homes as well. [read more]

Mandatory Shower with a Gorilla Program
Another helpful idea from your concerned government. [watch it now]

Talking Butts - A smoking documentary.
A short (12:45) and informative documentary that discusses some of the reasons why the issue of smoking has gotten so far out of control. If you're a frustrated smoker you might enjoy this short clip. A broadband connection is recommended for download. [watch it now]

Other Information for smokers:

Websites Worth A Look

Fall Pipe Lovers Tour
London and Dublin - October 10-17, 2006
Visit the factories of DUNHILL, ASHTON, COMOY, PETERSON and enjoy a side trip to the Guinness Brewery get all the details at                 [Check it out]

This Month's Tobacco Raffle
This month's tobacco really "takes the kake!"
Two tobacco's from the Russ Oulette's Home and Hearth Series available at pipesandcigars

Anniversary Kake
A mixture of everything from Lemon through Brown Virginias, combined it with St. James Perique (a good amount), heat-treated and pressed. The result is a smooth, flavorful cake with a mouth-watering chocolate and fig pouch aroma.

Marble Kake
A firmly-pressed blend of Bright and Red Virginias, it comes as a solid piece which can be broken or sliced and rubbed-out, and the flavor changes depending upon how you prepare it.

Occasionally I'm looking for a news item to help fill out this newsletter. So if you have some interesting
pipe, tobacco or smoking related news, or would like to share your knowledge on a particular
pipes and tobacco related subject, please send it along and maybe I'll use it. (Preferably by e-mail).

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