June 2004

June 9th - 6:00PM

Club Info & Events

The SHPC Pipesmoker of the Year Award
More discussion arose at the last meeting about the method for electing the the first SHPC Pipesmoker of the Year. The discussion ended with the consensus of the members present naming the President, Secretary and Treasurer as the election committee however there was some confusion and disagreement between the committee members as to weather or not the committee would be electing the awardee or choosing 3 nominees for a further vote. This issue will be hopefully be finalized at the June meeting.

Watch City Cigar at the June Meeting
As mentioned last month, Ernie Quintiliani from Watch City Cigar in Framingham, MA will be presenting his wares at the June meeting. In a recent conversation, Ernie informed me that he will be bringing with him his remaining Upshalls and a selection of Tsuges that will be priced to sell. He'll also have some Nordings at half price and number of Ser Jacopos to name a few.
For tobacco, the House of Windsor donated some of their retro blends that he'll pass along to us and will have some McLelland blends as well including a couple of their new blends. This should prove to be a great event with some excellent deals but you can't get the deals if you aren't there. I hope to see many of you there.

The Estate Pipe Feeding Frenzy
As you can see by the picture, Geoff Stern made it to the meeting but barely made it out alive. He hadn't been in our little ocean a whole 3 minutes before the sharks picked up the scent of the chum he was doling out. As the first few pieces hit the table there was that awful sound of thrashing chairs as they surrounded him with lightening speed and the table disappeared from view. When they cleared all that was left were the tattered remains of a well used carcass and Geoff was covered in green.

Extreme Pipe Makeovers - Now that's reality!
Although very well used and not very well cared for, there were quite a few finds in Mr. Sterns box of plenty. It has been suggested that those of you who purchased any of these lost souls and have brought them back to life, should bring them to the July meeting so that we can all see the amazing transformation.

Ted Blank's Surgery
As many of you know Ted Blank had surgery to repair a heart valve this past month. I spoke with his wife after the operation who said that everything went well and the doctors were happy. In a recent e-mail from Ted he said he is a bit uncomfortable and is not looking forward to the lengthy recovery process. We will most likely not see his big Meerschaum smile at the June meeting, so if you get a chance drop him a line and say hello. You should be able to find his e-mail address listed in the Newsletter e-mail you just received (hooper).

Upcoming Events

New York Pipe Shop Hop
The trip to the New York pipe shops is still in the planning stages. The idea is to choose a date where we could get the most participation but it will most likely take place in late June or early July. If you are interested in going but won't be attending the June meeting please let me know by e-mail and any Saturday you wouldn't be able to go.

Member Contributions

The Habana Premium Cigar Shop & Bjarne Nielsen
                                                                             By Horace Harker
During a recent tobacco order from PipesandCigars.com I had the opportunity to speak with the owner, Scotty Bendett. Scotty informed me that he would be hosting a pipe show with Bjarne Nielsen, prominent Danish pipe carver and one of the largest distributors of pipes in the US. The event would take place at the Habana Premium Cigar Shoppe in Albany, NY, which is the physical location of PipesandCigars.com. Scotty extended an invitation to me and all interested to come up for the day and join them.
                                               Read the rest and check out the pics


Pipes & Tobacco News

FDA Authority Over Tobacco Products?
" Two bipartisan pairs--Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) and Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) in the Senate, Tom Davis (R-Va.) and Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) in the House--introduced a new bill to give the FDA authority over tobacco products. FDA may win right to regulate tobacco. Agency could reduce nicotine levels in products, but not ban cigarettes under proposed legislation."
"It would also ban fruit and spice flavors; require premarket approval for new tobacco products; mandate bigger, scarier warning labels; allow comparative risk statements only with FDA approval; and give the FDA the authority to demand reductions in nicotine and other tobacco components."

Conan Doyle Archive Goes on Display
May. 15, 2004
By AUDREY WOODS - Assoc. Press Writer

LONDON (AP) - Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts got a rare glimpse into the private world of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as thousands of personal papers _ from his passport to his jotted-down story ideas went on display Friday. At the same time, the archive has become entwined in a mystery worthy of Conan Doyle's celebrated fictional detective: the bizarre death of a leading Holmes scholar.
                                     Read the Article

Websites Worth A Look

A few of the tobacco shops we're likely to visit in NYC:
De La Concha Tobacconists
Davidoff of Geneva
Nat Sherman's

F.F. Pipes & Tobacco
Our shop offers tax-free pipes, tobacco, and accessories at some of the best prices on the Internet. See the beautiful new Dunhill series.

Ladies of the Briar
A Yahoo group just for women pipe smokers.

This Month's Tobacco Raffle

Ashton Pebble Cut
Selected red mottled leaf from Carolina, small Oriental leaves from Macedonia, and bright nut-flavored broad leaf from Virginia all combine to form this blend that brings back flavors long since forgotten in today's mass-produced substitutes.
Highly Recommended by William Serad

Astley's No. 88
Matured Dark Virginia

Deep flavored, heat cured, naturally fermented and matured black Cavendish.
Highly Recommended by William Serad


Compliments of Dr. Bob


I'm always looking for new items for this Newsletter. If you have an interesting article, or would like to share
your knowledge on a particular pipes and tobacco related subject, please send it along (preferably by e-mail).


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