July / August 2013

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 at 7:00 PM
or meet early at
C.B. Perkins at 5 PM Cobb's Corner, Canton.
*** Dinner location TBD at Perkins ***

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Details from the June & July Meetings
Well it's summer time so I guess I have an excuse to miss a newsletter. Works for me anyway. But to the five people who read this newsletter and look forward to it... I apologize. Summer also generally brings a lighter attendance which is what we saw at the July meeting. But there are some benefits to that... we all can fit around one table and enjoy the same conversation. Not that I encourage missing a meeting for any reason whatsoever, for example visiting your father in Georgia or vacationing in Nantucket. Excuses like that just don't cut it. But it's more than ok if I miss a newsletter every now and again. I guess the highlight of the July meeting was the tobacco raffle which included Capstan and Three Nuns. A couple of blends that have not been available for a while. A big thank you to Ernie for his write up on Bell's Three Nuns below.
The June meeting had us in the basement again. Derek brought Doug with him... yet another member of the Guckert posse to try and uncover the deep dark secrets of the "pipe club". I don't think he had a clue. Other than than, the June meeting was so long ago it's all becoming a blur.
Next meeting's August 6th. Hope to see you all there.

Something To Consider.........by Richard Frederics

Do you like smoking on a hot day?

It wasn't too long ago that I was sitting in my non air conditioned house during the first, I fear, of many heat waves - with little energy to do anything. Where did the Spring go? My heat was on not to long ago.

It's way too hot to go outdoors and mow my much overgrown grass so I think I will do the next best thing; sit and light up my pipe.

Do you ever feel like it is sometimes to hot to smoke? That's what I am pondering at this moment. People have told me that they don't enjoy smoking when it is very hot. It makes them hotter.

I'm not sure if I agree with that. I find pipe smoking relaxing - makes me forget how hot it really is. Makes me less uncomfortable, less grumpy because pipe smoking is something I always seem to enjoy, regardless. I can forget about things (like how miserable it is in this heat).

So what do you think? Is it ever to hot to smoke a pipe? Is there a particular tobacco that's better suited for hot weather? This, I never thought about -- not to sure where to look. Any suggestions
from you, the readers?

Do you have a special pipe just for hot days?

I do know one thing. The more I talk or think about the heat the hotter I am feeling. I think I will have to get myself a gin & tonic to cool off. I wonder, is there a particular drink you like with your pipe?

That's all for now. How about writing back with your thoughts. Would love to hear from you.

Good question Rick. This is a perfect time for this piece since it's been so hot lately. My answer is -- I don't mind smoking in the heat. I would prefer cooler temps but any time is a good time to smoke. But to add to your thoughts, I'm wondering about the humidity. Throughout July I've been struggling with my current favorite blend, Old Dark Fired. I love the taste of this tobacco and although some people claim it has a nicotine bite, it doesn't seem to bother me too much. But every bowl in this last tin has not tasted the way I'm so fond of. I keep wondering if the extreme humidity we've been having is somehow contributing to this change, if not then why does it taste different? Could the blend have been adjusted? I sure hope not, this blend has only been out a short while. Some of you who know me, know how finicky my palate can be but I'm pretty sure that is not the reason this time (at least I hope not). I still have another tin waiting to be opened and I'm not ready to give up yet. Hopefully things will turn around. - Nelson - Boston, MA

If you have a comment you would like to add, send us an email and we'll post it in the next newsletter.

Pipes & Tobacco News & Info

PipesMagazine Radio Show - Recent Episodes
Below are links to the Pipes Magazine Radio Shows that aired since our last meeting.

Other Important Links for smokers:

Tobacco Raffle
This month we have 2 new blends from the Brigham Legend Series.

Brigham Maritime Morning (50 gm tin)
Brigham Maritime Morning Pipe Tobacco - Finest Oriental tobaccos are balanced with mild Bright and Red Virginias to produce a light but satisfying smoke. Perfect for the first pipe of the day and mild enough for all day smoking.

Brigham Klondike Gold - (50 gm tin)
Brigham Klondike Gold Pipe Tobacco – Golden, light and medium brown Virginia tobacco presented in the classic pressed and sliced flake format. This fragrant Virginia provides a light, naturally sweet pure tobacco flavor and aroma.

Tobacco Review - by Ernie Whitenack

Bell’s Three Nuns

Having never had the opportunity to taste the original Three Nuns, this is not a comparative narrative.

Be assured, Three Nuns offers a blend of dark-fired, sun-cured, and lighter leafs, and is a Burley lovers dream. The nicotine is heavy and the nutty taste of Burley is ever present and lasts long after the last ember has faded. I find it requires several lightings but is well worth the effort.

Three Nuns is produced by Mac Baren Tobacco and that fact is very apparent as, until one gets well into the bowl, it tastes like all Mac Baren unflavored Burley blends I have smoked, just fuller in body.

I like the strong flavor of this blend but find the lingering taste a bit overpowering. If you are a Burley fan, I heartily recommend Three Nuns.

Estate Pipes in Hyannis

I've mentioned before that there is a place to smoke in downtown Hyannis on the Cape called Puff the Magic. This summer I found a nice little shop called Treasures & Temptations that sells estate pipes as well. So now you can stop by, pick up a pipe and smoke it at Puff the Magic to help give the place a little more class. A couple of the pipes I saw were tempting but no real steals on this visit. Still, its nice to find places like this that sell pipes. Check them out the next time you're down there visiting. (click image to enlarge)

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