We Meet the First Tuesday of the Month in Sharon, MA.
Next Meeting is Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at 6:00 PM
or meet early at C.B. Perkins at 5 PM Cobb's Corner, Canton.

Club Info & Events

Details from the December Club Meeting
A great time was had by all at our December 2016 holiday meeting and everyone left a raffle winner. We were also delighted to see Rick Frederics back for another visit and looking about as healthy as an Ox. Great to have you back Rick.
But as we put 2016 behind us we look forward to a new beginning. As our country takes on new leadership so too should the Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club. This January will be our annual club meeting where we will nominate and elect new club officers. As you all may recall, the treasurer position was never filled due to unforseen circumstances and the secretary (me) has temporarly been taking care of the money. "ME" would rather not continue doing this. In addition, I will also be stepping down from my role as secretary this year but will continue to put out this gazette as long as I have sufficient content contributed by our members. I've been the secretary and webmaster and filled a number of temporary roles since 2005 and it's time for a break and a chance to bring "new change" to the Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club. Who is up for the challenge?
Additionally, the office of President is also available to anyone who is interested in taking it on so we look forward to a nice turnout in January to support the club and take part in the elections.

2017 Dues
2017 dues will be due no later than the February meeting. Dues will be pro-rated quarterly for new members only who join later in the year. Current and new members joining Jan-Mar will pay $40, Apr - June $30, July-Sept $20 and Oct-Dec $10. No money will be collected from new members on their first visit. Dues may be adjusted by the body at the general meeting each January.

2016 Pipe Carving Contest Winner!!!
Kevin was the only member to follow through with the SHPC pipe carving contest so by default his was the nicest pipe. But in all fairness, he did an outstanding job for his first pipe. Congrats to you Kevin. Nice Job!!
(click to enlarge)

SHPC 2016 Club Pipe Update
We have decided to go with the Stanwell Hans Christian Anderson pipe for the 2016 club pipe. It will be a little late in coming but better late than never. The majority chose the smooth version so we will be going with that but Tim is checking on one more thing before the meeting. Those who said they would purchase a pipe should bring their check book to the meeting. The price will be $150 or less including the engraving.

Invisible Enemy - A short story by Ernie Whitenack

From the Intro....
Hitler’s hidden diamonds and gold were allocated to fund a secret organization. It was a terrorist group known as Werwolf (Werewolf) who would disrupt and confuse the Allied occupation, and planned to overthrow the Allies, and then carry the fight to the East and Soviet Russia.

Chapters: Ch 1 | Ch 2 | Ch 3 | Ch 4 | Ch 5 | Ch 6 | Ch 7 | Ch 8 | Ch 9
Ch 10 | Ch 11| Ch 12

Chapter 12

....Clancy walked over to a table to retrieve matches and was about to relight when he turned and asked Fox if he was still smoking the Lumberman he bought in Freiberg. With an affirmative answer, he tossed his L.L. Bean pouch to Fox and suggested he light up. Fox was impressed with the Sherlock’s Choice imitation and a short conversation regarding pipes and tobacco ensued. The two men discussed Clancy’s plans for the next few days and where the whole thing might lead, both militarily and politically before Fox, when he finished his pipe, asked to be excused.

Meantime, on the other side of town in a secret room in the lower level of a Weinkeller, Richard Stahlmann was meeting with some group leaders of local Eastern agents.

 Read Chapter 12   

Tobacco Review ....................... By Ernie Whitenack

Samuel Gawith's Cabbie’s Mixture
Cabbie’s roll cut tobacco with Perique

I would say the tobacco is a blend of Virginia as I noticed nothing else except the Perique.

The tin note says Perique when first opened but with a citrus undertone. The rolls are cut very thinly and are easily pulled or rubbed apart.

It needs a moderate packing – too lightly and it burns fast and hot – too firmly and it has a hard draw.

Smoked slowly, the flavor is a delight with the sweet Virginia melding with the pungency of the Perique.

If you are a Virginia fan, give it a try you’ll like it. If you are not, give it a try anyway you’ll like it.

Pipe Personalities

Douglas MacArthur
Douglas MacArthur (26 January 1880 – 5 April 1964) was an American five-star general and field marshal of the Philippine Army. He was Chief of Staff of the United States Army during the 1930s and played a prominent role in the Pacific theater during World War II. He received the Medal of Honor for his service in the Philippines Campaign, which made him and his father Arthur MacArthur, Jr., the first father and son to be awarded the medal. He was one of only five men ever to rise to the rank of General of the Army in the US Army, and the only man ever to become a field marshal in the Philippine Army.

MacArthur was also well known for his famous oversized corncob pipe which was often shown clenched tightly between his teeth below his Ray Ban sunglasses and well worn officer's cap. MacArthur wanted to have a distinct look during his many photo opportunities and so he designed this corncob pipe with that in mind and with the help of the Missouri Meerschaum Co. You can still purchase a MacArthur style pipe from Missouri Meerschaum today at a reasonable price. They make a great conversation piece or can provide you with a nostalgic smoke. Don't forget to wear your Ray Bans.

Douglas MacArthur - Wikipedia

10 things you may not know about Gen. MacArthur

Cobs are King - P&T Magazine

Video of the Month
MacArthur's Pipe, Ray-Bans And Hat On Display In Norfolk, VA

Pipes & Tobacco Around the Web

Country Squire Radio
Below are links to the Country Squire Radio episodes that aired since the last Gazette. See them live on Monday Evenings at around 6:30 PM Central Time on YouTube.

PipesMagazine Radio Show - Recent Episodes
Below are links to the Pipes Magazine Radio episodes that aired since the last Gazette.
(Live Tuesday evenings 8 PM )

Other Important Links for Smokers:

Tobacco Raffle

Gawith & Hogarth Black Cherry Twist (2 oz)
When you think of this blend, think of a dog turd that smells like a cherry. Sorta gets those salivary glands going don't it? I haven't smoked this before but turd or no turd I'd give it a whirl.

McLelland Oriental Mixture No 12
For those who enjoy straight Virginia blends, or those who prefer heftier Latakia mixtures, Oriental Mixture No. 12 could be the perfect change of pace. The Orientals and Latakia content, though light, add complexity and intrigue, which will be welcome for the Virginia smoker who wants something more substantial. For the English blend fan who needs a respite from the heaviness of those blends, this may be the perfect choice.

We also have some Dunhill Nightcap and Stokkebye's English Opulence to raffle off which I believe was donated by Tom. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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