Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 at 7:00 PM
or meet early at
C.B. Perkins at 5 PM Cobb's Corner, Canton.
*** Dinner location TBD at Perkins ***

Club Info & Events

Details from the December Meeting
Our December meeting has become the highlight of the SHPC club year. Why? Because we get a chance to say thanks to the members who supported the club throughout the entire year. Members can bring friends and family to the meeting, we provide pizza and soda, have a tobacco give away and the increasing popular pipe raffle. Everyone who contributed to the monthly tobacco raffle receives a free tin of tobacco and this year we included a 4th pipe, a lighter and a leather pipe pouch to the raffle items. Raffle tickets were $10 and you could buy a maximum of 3. Congratulations to all of this year's winners:

Xikar Lighter - Joel
Stanwell Canadian - Nelson
Missouri Meerschaum Freehand - Derek
Leather pipe pouch - Neil
Savanelli Churchwarden - Rob
Butz Choquin pipe - Tim

What's New for SHPC in 2014??

Club Member Appreciation
We think it's important to recognize those members who go out of their way to help make the club more appealing to current and prospective members. This year we started by thanking two members with a $25 gift certificate to an online tobacco shop for their contributions to the club.

For years Neil Morris has taken photos at our club meetings that we used each month in the SHPC Gazette. They not only remind people of the good times that were shared but also help to enhance the look and interest of our website.
Over the past few years Ernie Whitenack has made numerous literary contributions to our newsletter including multi part pipe-centric stories, walks down pipe-smoking's memory lane, tobacco reviews and more. The extra effort from both of these individuals not only makes my job easier but also makes the website more attractive to it's readers and potential new members.

At the December 2014 meeting we hope to present additional awards of thanks and although the categories have not been completely finalized we're thinking about awards for club attendance, new member recruitment, website contributions and maybe even most enthusiastic. The club officers will make these determinations soon and present them at an upcoming club meeting.

Return of the Club Meeting Monthly Theme
Back when we were meeting at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield (we call those the good old days), we used to have a monthly meeting theme that members could participate in. But over the years that practice has sort of fell by the wayside. Recently a couple of requests have been made to revive it so I figured we'd give it a try.

This month's theme: Bring in the first pipe you ever bought or owned and tell us the story of how you got started smoking the pipe. If you don't have your first pipe but still want to participate, just tell us the story of how you first got into pipe smoking.

Ok, so some may call us wimps but I'm sure no one really wants to be stuck on the highway, in the snow, miles and miles from home in the middle of the night. At the same time we don't want to shell out $100-$200 for a hotel room when that money could be better spent on pipes and tobacco. It's sort of a "no brainer."
The Kaywoodie Holiday Event is one of the highlights of our pipe smoking year but it's a long drive and an even longer day. This year the threat of snow worsened as the days grew closer. We had one member back out which seemed to begin a chain reaction with help from additional declining weather reports. I don't really mind driving in the snow but I wasn't doing the driving. I do mind driving at half the speed making a 4 hour drive into 6 to 8 hours whether I'm driving or riding. So much to our dismay we decided to be prudent and stay home this year. Only one of our members toughed it out (I'm sure we'll get an earful at the next meeting) and he also enjoyed a wonderful 6 hour drive home in the slush and snow. The least he could have done was to win the slow smoking contest for us since we all weren't there to beat him :-). Already looking forward to 12/14.

See how Rick Frederics dealt with missing out on this year's Kaywoodie event below.

Pipes & Tobacco News & Info

PipesMagazine Radio Show - Recent Episodes
Below are links to the Pipes Magazine Radio Shows that aired since our last meeting.

* Particularly good episode IMHO

Other Important Links for Smokers:

Websites Worth a Look
Never heard of J&J Pipes until I was sent a link to this well done video about them. Two guys who met back in 2007 and whose friendship became bound in briar. They work out of the Seirra Nevada region of California and produce some beautiful pipes. Check out the blasts on their site. Enjoy the video.

2014 Club Pipe by Brebbia
Based on a vote that leaned more towards the sandblasted over the smooth, the decision has been made and the 2014 SHPC Club Pipe will be the Brebbia Ninja Sabbiata- Shape 8311 with a Boxwood Band and Tortoise Color Acrylic Mouthpiece and should begin production this month. SHPC's cost for the pipe will be $110. Payment will most likely be due when the pipes are finished but I will provide more info on that as I have it.

Club members who agreed to purchase a pipe are: Nelson, Derek, Dock, Eric, Rick, Tim, Neil, Andy C., Omid, Rob, Neil, Bob (2), Tony.
If you ordered a pipe but do not see your name on this list then contact us.


Sweet smoking pipe; bright glowing stove,
Companion still of my retreat,
Thou dost my gloomy thoughts remove,
And purge my brain with gentle heat.
Tobacco, charmer of my mind,
When, like the meteor's transient gleam.
Thy substance gone to air I find,
I think, alas, my life's the same!
What else but lighted dust am I?
Then shew'st me what my fate will be;
And when thy sinking ashes die,
I learn that I must end like thee.

If you have a comment, story or photo you would like to contribute, send us an email and we may post it in an upcoming newsletter.

I should be writing about the Kaywoodie Event ............................... by Richard Frederics

What do you do when a snow storm prevents you from going to one of your favorite smoking events of the year? That is what happened this past December when an unwanted snow storm hit on the day of the 2013 Kaywoodie Pipe Smoking event.
I couldn’t go out anywhere so I decided I would light up a pipe and drink some of my favorite single malt whiskies. Sitting down to watch some TV, I noticed that “White Christmas” was showing. OK, I really like this movie so why not smoke my Bing Crosby Savinelli pipe? Seems only fitting. During the movie I got to thinking what kind of pipe was Bing Crosby smoking? When the movie was over it was time to do some research. What else would you expect from a college professor?

I learned that Bing Crosby had an interest in a variety of different pipes. I first read about Ed Koplin Sr. who designed Bing Crosby’s pipe in 1967. As an aside, Ed Koplin Sr. was called the tobacconist to the stars. He converted the soda fountain in his father’s drug store into a smoking bar in 1927, which laid the foundation for the national chain of Tinder Box shops. He operated the original one on Whilshire Boulevard beginning in 1948. Bing would go into Ed’s shop in Santa Monica for artisan’s handmade pipes.

I further learned Bing Crosby promoted Mastercraft pipes, and that he also had a love for the classy Savinelli smoking pipes; (which appears to be the major reason Savinelli came out with the Bing line of pipes). One last note – in the movie “High Society,” Bing Crosby is smoking a Dunhill long-stemmed pipe - a shape that was especially made for him.

There is more information about Bing and his smoking – a lot of conjecture – the main points I have shared with you. But as I was perusing different sites I found that there was a special tobacco that he smoked, blended by Cornell & Diehl made especially for Bing Crosby. Cornell and Diehl has since come up with a similar blend called “Crooner.” Well, I had to have some of this blend and at the same time, I found another Bing pipe. I was feeling better already.

I never did find out which pipe he was smoking in White Christmas – and it really doesn’t matter – just that he smoked a pipe.

I would have rather been at the Kaywoodie event with my friends and seeing the other pipe-smokers who I only get to see once a year. But it wasn’t to be this year. So, I bought a new pipe, some new tobacco, got to drink some scotch, watch “White Christmas” – two times I might add, and most important – I go to smoke my Bing pipe –with Bing Crosby himself (well sort of).

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