January 2011

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 at 7:00 PM or meet early at C.B. Perkins at 5 PM or Five Guys at 6PM
Cobb's Corner, Canton

Club Info & Events

Details of the December Meeting
We had a good crowd on hand for our December holiday meeting but we did missed having some of our regulars like Joe, Ken and Eric join in the festivities. But it was nice to see Steve Gutz back again as well as Ryan. Unfortunately, I just found out that Ken Collins is not doing very good health wise. Contact info has been sent out to you all so please connect with him and send him your prayers and well wishes for a quick recovery and return to the club (which he misses desperately).
Our meeting started as usual at CB Perkins and everyone seemed to be in a good mood (then again, why wouldn't they be). We did our usual thing at Perkins and even got Prabahka the manager involved in some of the action. After a quick reload of cholesterol at Five Guys, we headed to the meeting to begin the festivities.

Tobacco Yankee Swap
As we have done the past two years, we bought enough tins of tobacco for everyone and had a tobacco yankee swap. This year was more interesting (once we got the rules figured out) and lots of swapping was taking place. Sillem's Black seemed to be one of the favorites.

Pipe Raffle
This year we decided to take some of the proceeds from the sale of the SHPC Tobacco Blends and buy a few pipes to raffle off at the holiday meeting. We purchased a Luciano, a Mastro Beraldi a Savanelli pipe for the raffle. Members who wished to participate in the raffle needed to purchase only one ten dollar raffle ticket for a chance to win any one of the three pipes.

Tamper Raffle
As reported in last month's Gazette, we received two tampers from Mark Schloemer to raffle off to our members as a way to get the word out about his new company, Granito Tampers. The tampers arrived so well packaged that we decided to leave them a mystery until they were revealed by the raffle winners. The two lucky winners of these beautiful tampers were Steve Gutz and Tony. Here's what Tony had to say about his tamper:

This tamper has it all. It is visually very appealing; the white band and granite bottom complimenting the wood of the rest of the tamper. It truly combines function and form perfectly. When held in hand feels extremely nature. My only compliant is I now notice a difference when I use the standard pipe tool. It is like driving Rolls Royce for a weekend and then going back to my 03 Echo.
-- Tony

What? More Members!
It seems that Christmas time and the winter months in particular, tend to bring pipe smokers out of the woodwork. At our December meeting we had opportunity to meet up with three pipe smokers at C.B. Perkins who came by to find out about the club. Two of which, Andy and Ron were able to attend our meeting (more details on these guys next newsletter). The third gentleman (whose name I unfortunately forgot) we hope will be able to join us in January. Also, I've been communicating with Charles from New Bedford who plans to join us in January and Jeff from Bedford that hopes to join us as well. We look forward to meeting you all.

Suspension of Club Dues
Due to the proceeds generated from the sale of our SHPC Tobacco Blends we have decided to suspend dues this year on a trial basis. If we continue to generate enough funds to pay for our club expenses we may be able to suspend dues indefinitely.

A Big Thank You!!
I would like to take a minute to give special thanks to Rick, Neil & Ernie for their contributions to the club and newsletter in 2010.
has been the treasurer for many years now and does an outstanding job of keeping track of the clubs finances and keeping club members informed. He has also contributed a number of items to the newsletter which is always greatly appreciated (and encouraged). See Rick's write up of the latest NY Pipe show below.

has sort of become the club's photographer which has allowed us to bring a little more life to the newsletter on a regular basis. I would also like to thank Neil for the enthusiasm he brings to the club each month. He has definitely played a big part in boosting morale and bringing excitement to many of the club meetings.

And finally, I can't forget Ernie. Ernie has given us a look back into the better days of pipes and smoking. His contributions to this newsletter have undoubtedly made the SHPC Gazette a must read on many pipe smoker's list. In 2011, Ernie will be bringing you a new feature we've named Plugs & Dottle. An occasional piece on pipe and tobacco trivia, history and other tidbits of pipe and tobacco related information.

Kaywoodie Holiday Party & UPCA's
Northeast Regional Pipe Smoking Contest

Unfortunately, time does now allow for a full report of the event in this months edition of the Gazette but I can assure you it continues to be the main event of the year. As we did in 2008 and 2009 we hope to have a new video for you in February.
This year we were at capacity with club members from the Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club of Boston, New York Pipe Club, Hudson Valley Pipe Club, New Jersey Fellowship of Pipesmokers, Christoper Morley Pipe Club of Philadelphia, Chesapeake Pipe Club and the return of the Pocono Intermountain Pipe Enclave. "Is it alright to yell FIRE at a crowded pipes smoking contest?" You damn right it is.... now FIRE up those pipes.

Pipes & Tobacco News & Info

A Petition to Repeal the State Tax on Tobacco
I don't know how much strength this has but while a my local Brennan's Tobacco Shop yesterday I saw a petition to repeal the state tax on tobacco. I guess they figure that if they can do it with alcohol, they might be able to do it with tobacco. Of course I signed it and maybe you can too. Stop in at your local Brennan's or other B&M and see if they have a petition to sign. If they don't, tell them about this and see if they will start one. Maybe we can take something back in 2011.

Vintage Pipe Tobacco Commercial

Other Important Links for smokers:

Websites Worth a Look

Turn Any Pipe Into a Clay Pipe
Just slip one into your bowl, pack it - light it, and
taste the tobacco to help aid in your decision to purchase.  [Check it out]

This Month's Tobacco Raffle
We had some tins of tobacco left over from last month's tobacco raffle so we will raffle a few of them off each month until they are gone.

MacBaren Burley London Blend (3.5oz. tin)
A very distinct tobacco. made from white Burley, well matured in wooden casks. A real smoking pleasure!

Ashton Tin - Winding Road (50g)
A mellow mixture designed to bridge the gap between aromatic and english style blends. Comprised of golden and dark brown Virginia with a sprinkling of black cavendish, this excellent blend bears a natural fragrance accompanied by subtle notes of caramel and apricot.

Rattray's Red Rapparee - 50g tin
Exhilarating, elusive, quaint and seductive. Red Rapparee is prepared from choice Red Virginias and heavily flavored with Orientals

The infant efforts at TV programming during the late 1940s into the 1950s were fraught with problems from program material to skilled production people. The natural and safe thing to do was transport successful radio shows into the new medium. Perhaps the most successful to make the jump to TV was "Gunsmoke". It was some time before the radio shows were dropped from broadcasting and most ran concurrently for several years.

Martin Kane, Private Eye made its radio debut in 1949 on the Mutual Broadcasting Co. under the sponsorship of the United States Tobacco Co. Three weeks after the radio debut NBC introduced the program to television – both were broadcast live. The series ended in 1954 after several changes in the lead actor had occurred.

Initially, William Gargan played the part of Martin Kane on both Radio and TV. Despite occasional bad camera work, set mishaps and script flubs the show was popular and successful. A comic book soon appeared featuring Gargan.

Kane, a pipe smoker would wander into Happy Mc Mann's Tobacco Shop, where little could be seen of tobacco other than the sponsor's products, to purchase a fresh supply of Old Briar Tobacco and often have discussions about Kane's current case and the sponsor's other products. Once in a while another character from the show would show up at the shop along with Kane. This type of commercial was far less intrusive and somewhat entertaining.

This was one of my favorite shows and I was disappointed, after not watching it for two years while in the Army, to find Gargan had been replaced as Kane. The character was completely different.

Have a look at Martin Kane, PI

New York Pipe Show – A Reflection by Rick Frederics

The December New York Pipe Show has come and gone and I fear that there may not be many December shows left. These shows are a lot about connecting with old pipe smoking friends that we don’t see often enough but reconnect at pipe shows like the New York show. This is what made this show once again special to me. And what has become a tradition is going to the show with Tim Hynick and catching up on a lot of things that we just don’t talk about at our own SHPC meetings.

But unfortunately there were not many attendees this time and it is hard to figure out why. The weather was great, it was the Holiday Season and there haven’t been a lot of shows in the area in the last several months. But whatever the reason – not many people came. It could be the economy has not recovered enough to warrant people coming to a show and buying; and going to a show and not buying is hard to do. Maybe pipe smokers feel that at this point in time they have enough pipes to smoke – at least for now. And the fun of going to a pipe show and smoking is a thing of the past.

That is a shame, because these shows are for many the only chance to see – to actually feel new pipes that are out there and to talk to the pipe makers and pipe collectors and maybe find that very special pipe as I did. Of course this pipe happened to be made by my friend Tim Hynick, but buying a pipe at the show is what also made this one special to me.

I would hate to see these shows become a thing of the past. I plan to be there again in March. Maybe things will be different. I hope so.

Do you have any thoughts about Rick's article or pipe shows in general that you'd like to share with our readers? If so, please email us at shpcboston@yahoo.com.

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