We Meet the First Tuesday of the Month in Sharon, MA.
Next Meeting is Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 at 7:00 PM
or meet early at C.B. Perkins at 5 PM Cobb's Corner, Canton.


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President's Message

Gobble, Gobble!!
My how times flys. It seams like last month we were sweating in club and now the nights are cold and Thanksgiving is upon us. Let’s all remember to be thankful for the small thing’s life gives us that we sometimes take for granted. Remember to make that call or send that e mail to someone special that you may not often get to talk to because “life” gets in the way.
I received notice last week that an old friend of mine had passed. He was the father of a girl I grew up with in my childhood neighborhood. And, yes, he was a pipe enthusiast and one of the reasons I believe I smoke a pipe today. Take a trip back with me to 1985. There I was 16 years old and found myself in the kitchen of a girl a friend of mine was dating. We were there picking her up to go to the movies or the mall I assume but, that’s not that important. Sitting at the kitchen table buried behind rolls of blueprints was her dad Tom. Full bent black sandblasted pipe clenched between his teeth, billows of smoke rising towards the vaulted ceiling only to roll back down and slap me in the face like I was a 6-year-old boy and said the “F” word out loud in public. I was assured from that exact moment on that I wanted to study architecture and of course smoke a pipe. Sure, I had been exposed to pipe smoking before this. My uncle smoked a pipe, a guy who worked for my father smoked a pipe and likely a half dozen or so more throughout my earlier years. But, this time it was different. I stood there in awe watching him scanning the documents, methodically puffing and reading at the same time so naturally. I was hooked. Back then Tom to me was one of the cool dads. Not only because he smoked a pipe and dabbled in the real estate and building business but because I can remember even back then he treated us kids as equals. He laughed with us, joked with us, and listened to our stories or adventures. Fast forward about 8 years. Another acquaintance of mine was looking for some real estate to open a cigar shop. I knew Tom had a perfect location. I put the two together and Tom leased him the space and turned out to be a very lucrative endeavor during the big cigar boom. As a smoke shop he did blend and sell pipe tobacco and had a few great lines which included Bari, Nørding, Vauen and Boswell to name a few. A pipe selling for over 100.00 back then was pretty much not on my radar. I was happy in the 40.00 range. But, every time I visited the shop I would ask to look at a particular Vauen that to me was just beautiful. This was not just any Vauen but, one of the famed ones with the grey (Dunhill like) dot and a reversed mortice. I looked and looked ran my fingers over it so many times I should have been arrested for molestation. A bunch of us would all meet there a few times a week and have coffee and smoke a bowl or two while enjoying each other’s company.
A few months after he opened the shop owner called me and wanted to know If I would be stopping in anytime soon as he had something for me. I went later that afternoon and the shop owner presented me with a small package. I asked, “what’s this?” He replied, “A gift from Tom.” I unwrapped the packed and inside found a navy-blue box and in gold letters “VAUEN PIPES” I hinged the lid back and inside was the pipe I had been eyeing for so many months along with a Vauen tamper. Attached was a thank you note thanking me for introducing the shop owner to him. Tom influenced me once more, this time with his kindness and generosity. The years went by, the shop closed after the boom, life intervened. I as well as Tom moved out of the town. Every time I would see one of his daughters I would ask for him and tell them to tell him I said hello. He even used to stop into the Humidor in Cranston occasionally but, I would always miss him. I was looking for him as I wanted to take him to one of our meetings. About 2 months ago I was saddened to find out that he was sick and not doing to good. I got his number and shared a couple of text messages in which I am glad I got the chance to do. And just like that on October 23rd, he was gone. So, like I stated, be thankful for what you have, be sure to do your best to keep in touch with old friends and family members you may not have spoken to. Life is precious and there is no guarantee on tomorrow.
Now, since its Thanksgiving I think we should have a Thanksgiving themed Presidents Raffle. All those who either smoke a cranberry colored pipe at the meeting or wear a cranberry article of clothing or brings Ernie a cranberry muffin will get an extra raffle ticket for something from my private collection. Tom Nyzio is disqualified if he wears his cranberry colored shoes.

Hope to see you all Tuesday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all those who cannot make it.


Featured Story ................................ by Ernie Whitenack

Mystery of the Killer Pipe - Chapter 13

Upon the signal, the agents and police will enter the front and grab Smyth and the pipe. When we hear the commotion of the police coming in, we will join them as a further distraction for Smyth. You will have a first-hand seat for the arrest procedure and an opportunity to interview Abby, if he is willing. Any questions?”

“None. You explained it adequately. Frank said. You will let me know when and how we will go to Abby’s?”

“Yes, I’ll call you. I know we will be riding with the FBI; the time has not been set.”     Read Chapter 13  

Ch 1 | Ch 2 | Ch 3 | Ch 4 | Ch 5 | Ch 6 | Ch 7 | Ch 8 | Ch 9 | Ch 10 | Ch 11Ch 12Ch 13

Tobacco Review - by Ernie Whitenack

John Bull - Royal English Pipe Tobacco
Made in Denmark by the Scandinavian Tobacco Co.
Imported by Lane Ltd.

A true connoisseur’s delight, this supremely cool and smooth mixture uses tamed flue-cured tobaccos, mellow and nutty Burley, a touch of black Cavendish for a subtle sweetness and the star of the blend, magnificent Cyprian Latakia. The result is a well-behaved, all-day mixture that is ultra-flavorful but never overbearing. It’s exceedingly rare to find this kind of premier blend in a pouch, but John Bull is anything but ordinary.
For some time I’ve been wondering about John Bull. Maybe it’s the Bulldog or the colorful package that enticed me. Although the Black Cavendish as held me back from buying a pouch. I finally did.
To start with, the web description does not tell you that the contents are a blend of bright Burleys and bright Virginias; leaving out the Virginia altogether. That seems important as, to me, as there is considerable difference in light and dark versions of both tobaccos.
Otherwise, I can’t disagree with the remainder of the description. And, that’s odd considering I am not a fan of Black Cavendish, at all. However, in this blend it apparently just enhances the sweetness of the Virginias, and softens the entire experience. The Latakia stays in the background but does not disappear and adds a hint of smokiness.
All in all, I like it and if you want to get started with English tobaccos, this will be a great start. Or, if you aren’t partial to heavy Latakia blends give it a try. To me it is a masterfully blended mild tobacco. Perhaps Lane Ltd. has it within their vast selection under a different name. Think I’ll go looking.

Other Important Links for Smokers:

Pipe Personalities

Scottie Piersel (excerpted from multiple sources)
The 2018 SHPC Club Pipe was crafted by female pipemaker Scottie Piersel. We received our pipes at the October meeting and all were very happy with the beautiful craftswomanship of these pipes and some of those who didn't purchase one, a little envious. Those of us who fired it up at the meeting were extremely pleased with its initial smoking qualities. This pipe will sit proudly next to the rest of the pipes in the SHPC Club Pipe Collection. Thanks Scottie for making this process so easy.

Here is a little bit about Scottie Piersel:

While some pipemakers come to their craft from a variety of craft related fields or through longtime interest in the tradition of pipe smoking, Scottie Piersel's introduction was inspired from the desire to create a gift for her husband. Scottie says…

"My pipe making journey began when my husband decided to take up pipe smoking. I ordered a pipe kit from Mark Tinsky to carve a pipe for Father's Day. Little did I know how quickly I would become hooked. As soon as I finished that first pipe I had to make another. Over the next few months I purchased as many tools and supplies as possible and off I went. With the guidance and support of the fellows at the Pipes Maker's Forum I quickly found what needed to be refined with each pipe I made."

With aid from web resources, as well as Kansas City craftsmen George Dibos and Quinton Wells, she has been honing her skills for years, and certainly has plenty to show for her efforts. Scottie's designs strike at the heart of utilitarianism; that is to say, they are first and foremost functional pieces, with their attractiveness not an afterthought, but an extension of their usefulness. Favoring forms unforgiving of imperfection and easy in the hand, most notable is her philosophy that an excellent pipe should not only function well, but cultivate a desire to smoke it — something quite evident in her handcrafted stems which are as attractive as the stummels themselves.

“I try to stay true to tradition while giving each pipe a little bit of my personality. Clean lines, perfect proportions and flawless drilling are what I strive for and what you can expect from every pipe that leaves my shop. Although I believe form must follow function I endeavor to offer a perfect fit and finish and to make each piece stunningly beautiful."

In 2017 she won the women's division of the Chicagoland International Pipe & Tobacciana Show Slow Smoke Contest with a time of 33:59 beating out Rie Jacobsen and Manduela Riger-Kusk.

More on Scottie Piersel:

Video of the Month
Scottie Piersel reviewed on All Pipes Considered

Our November tins are something special. All of Germain's tobaccos, including their Esoterica line and Balkan Sobranie reissue, are extremely difficult to find, but are well worth the search. In addition to our featured tins, we have two exceptional and discontinuted aromatic alternates, McClelland Tastemaster (a wonderful chocolate blend) and Benjamin Hartwell Evening Stroll. The two tins that are not selected will be placed in our free holiday tin raffle, to give everybody a second chance at them. Thank you for your continued participation in our monthly raffles - we look forward to bringing the club a great variety of exceptional tins in 2019!

'Bridge Old Brown Flake
Germain's 'Bridge Old Brown Flake is a broken flake blend of sweet, savory Virginias and offers a smoke with notes of grassiness and spice. It is great both fresh or aged.

Royal Jersey
Germain's Royal Jersey Original Latakia Mixture is a blend of selected Virginia and Maryland type tobaccos that are carefully blended with a selection of Oriental leaf from Greece and Turkey and top grade Latakia. They are then specially processed to produce a mellow smoke with rich flavor.

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Trifles artwork created by Tom Richmond


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