Great News! Pipe Community Showing Signs of Growth

By Kevin Godbee, Owner/Publisher of

The following is an excerpt from a speech given by Kevin Godbee at the recent West Coast Pipe Show in Las Vegas. We'd like to thank Kevin for allowing us to post this piece in our newsletter.

For the last couple of years there's been more and more talk of new people, and younger people discovering pipe smoking.

Not everybody's positive this is the case, and for a while I had secretly wondered if it was just wishful thinking.

Now, I'm pretty sure that this good news is actually true.

In the nearly two years that has been running, we've seen our audience grow at a phenomenal rate.

I'm not here to go on about our website. I'm here to tell you what I feel is great news for both the industry and for all of us pipe enthusiasts.

To put it into perspective, most of you probably know that within the luxury tobacco market, that the cigar side is much larger than the pipe side.

Most of you are probably familiar with Cigar Aficionado Magazine. They're the 800 lb gorilla.

PipesMagazine's daily traffic is now 80% of what Cigar Aficionado's is. They get 5,000 visitors a day, and we get 4,000.

What does this mean?

I think it means there's a great opportunity on the horizon for the pipe and tobacco business and for everyone in the hobby of pipe smoking and pipe collecting.

The more the market grows, the more incentive there is for makers of pipes and tobaccos to offer more products. There will be more choices and a greater variety of pipes and tobaccos at all different prices for us to choose from.

One of our driving ambitions at is to facilitate the growth of the pipe smoker market.

There is a digital revolution going on. There are less brick & mortar stores than there used to be, but now there are more young pipe smokers getting into the hobby.

Lots of the new guys getting into pipe smoking are arriving at our site and making it their online hangout for pipes.

Many new members joining our site, when asked what their favorite tobaccos are usually respond that they have only smoked 1 so far. When asked when they first started smoking a pipe, many of them give a date less than 6-months ago. Many of them are 19 to 29 years old.

People in their 20's do not know what life is like without the Internet.

I guarantee you the first thing a 20-something does after he smokes his first pipe is to go online looking for information about pipe smoking.

The younger guys getting into it are helping us grow, and by having this website that new smokers can learn from helps the hobby grow - both are feeding off one another and things are really catching fire.

Here's my two points that I will leave you with, one for the industry and one for the pipe smoking public …

  1. For the industry -
    Realize that your market is growing again for the first time in 30 years and be sure to cater to the new guys and to nurture them along.

    And you better have a decent presence online … (by the way, I'm full of free advice in that area if anyone wants to talk to me in private)
  2. And lastly, for the collectors and smokers …
    This is one of the best times for pipe enthusiasts in the last 30 years. The more the market grows, the stronger our hobby is, so I would like to encourage you to be helpful in educating others and helping them along when they are new to pipe smoking.

Smoke your pipes in public and be an advertisement for pipe smoking. If you're a closet pipe smoker, and I know there are lots of them, now is the time to come out and smoke your pipe in public.

Find the nearest pipe club and join it. If there isn't one, then start one yourself.

We will have a new series of articles, starting with "How to Form a Pipe Club".

We will also be starting a directory of pipe clubs throughout the world to help pipe smokers find the clubs to join.

Thank you for reading the longest email I have ever sent to our member base.

If you would like to see a couple of charts showing the growth of our audience … and now we are hitting over 5,000 visits on several days this month …

Take a look at these links:

Thank YOU for Smoking!

Best regards,
Kevin Godbee
Owner / Publisher -
Right Click Media, LLC

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