February 2005

Tuesday, March 1st at 7:00 PM

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Those of you who read this newsletter regularly know that since July of last year our club has been dealing with homelessness due to the MA State Smoking Ban. But the heavens have opened and God has smiled down upon us. Psalm 124 from the Old Testament might better explain how we're feeling right now.

If it had not been the LORD who was on our side,
when our enemies attacked us,
then they would have swallowed us up alive,
when their anger was kindled against us;
then the flood would have swept us away,
the torrent would have gone over us;
then over us would have gone the raging waters.
Blessed be the LORD, who has not given us as prey to their teeth.
We have escaped like a bird from the snare of the fowlers;
the snare is broken, and we have escaped.

Why am I getting all religious on you now, you ask? I'll tell you why. Because we have at last found safety and solace in a house of Worship and my faith in God has once again been renewed.
I was asked after our January meeting if it had dawned on me that we've been banished from restaurants and bars, hotels and workplaces and for some of us, even from parks and open spaces, but we can still find refuge in God's house. God does work in mysterious ways!

The icing on the cake is that our new location falls within the guidelines of the Mass Smoke-free Workplace Law. I urge all of you in need of a place to meet and smoke or just need some spiritual guidance, to pursue this option (gently) . Undoubtedly, it will still be up to each individual facility to allow smoking or not, but at least we have some options that should allow us to continue meeting in a way we are more accustomed to without feeling like outlaws.

Below is the excerpt from Section 22 (a) from the Mass Smoking Law that was mentioned above:

"Membership association", a not-for-profit entity that has been established and operates, for a charitable, philanthropic, civic, social, benevolent, educational, religious, athletic, recreation or similar purpose, and is comprised of members who collectively belong to:
(i) a society, organization or association of a fraternal nature that operates under the lodge system, and having 1 or more affiliated chapters or branches incorporated in any state; or

(ii) a corporation organized under chapter 180; or

(iii) an established religious place of worship or instruction in the commonwealth whose real or personal property is exempt from taxation;

We invite our members who have been away for a while, to rejoin us this March and celebrate our victory.

Upcoming Events

Northampton Pipes & Antiques
Dock Perry has invited us all out to his neck of the woods on Saturday March 5th for a smoke in his smoking room then it's off to Northampton to check out the Aurora Borealis Smoke Shop and some antique and books shops. If there's time left we may take a ride up to Deerfield to to check our a few more antique shops. So if you've been looking for just the right accent table or wall adornment for your smoking room or den, maybe a first edition of your favorite book or if you just want to hang out and smoke with friends; this might be your lucky day. Come and join us.

If you're interested in taking the drive out to Northampton (about 2 hrs or so from Boston), send me an email and let me know. Or better yet, come to the March meeting and you can get all the info and directions first hand.

13th Annual New York Pipe Convention
Otherwise known as the March New York Pipe Show, happens on Fri, Sat & Sun. March 12-14. We have about 10 people interested in going so far this year and it should prove to be a great time, as always. If you're interested in going, be sure to come to our next meeting so you can get all the details and make your hotel and travel arrangements with others that are going.


Pipes & Tobacco News

Bring Back Cigs
[January 30, 2005] If state MA Senator Charles E. Shannon has his way, you could be smoking in bars again soon.
                                          Read the story

No Smoking in Cuba: By James Suckling
This may be the last straw, or cigar. What was once thought of as a giant natural humidor for cigars is on the way to becoming smoke-free
       Read the Story at Cigar Aficionado

What's Next... our living rooms?
San Francisco board votes to ban smoking in city's parks
[January 26, 2005] Smokers, take heed: A new law is kicking your butts out of San Francisco parks and open spaces. The Board of Supervisors voted 8-3 Tuesday to outlaw smoking outdoors in all recreational areas managed by the city except for golf courses.                                Read more

Cambridge Citizens for Smokers Rights. More smoking news for Massachusetts and around the world.

The United Pro Choice Smoker's Rights Newsletter

Websites Worth A Look

The Dan Pipe Catalog
For those of you who haven't see it yet, you may not have much time. The European Communities health authorities have passed a bill on tobacco advertising and soon this catalog will no longer be available online. The full color catalog is in .pdf format and is 12.7 mega bytes (fairly large for you dial-upers) but it's worth the wait and depicts all pipes in their actual size. I saw quite a few keepers as well. Download it to your computer so you'll always have it.
To read the page about tobacco advertising in Europe, click here, then click on "You've gotta see this!"

To just download the catalog, click here.

Ever want to watch a movie where people are smoking pipes? These days they're hard to find. But there's one website out there that has put together a nice collection of them. From the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (a particular favorite) to The Young Philadelphians, they've found just about all of them. Take a look for yourself and see if anything fills your bowl.
                                        Visit PipeFlix

This Month's Tobacco Raffle
Since we spaced out the raffle at the January meeting and February's raffle was graciously donated by Ernie Quintiliani of Watch City Cigar (thanks Ernie), we will be raffling off the January tobacco in March... Did you get all that? So here it is again.

Peter Heinrichs #312
This is a mixture of dark and light Virginia with Curly Cut and is the perfect all day smoke for those who like straight Virginia flavor without condiment tobaccos.

CAO Patriot Flake
For New England Patriot lovers. This tobacco features U.S. Virginia grades and Virginia tobaccos from Mysore with additional fermentation under pressure. It is press aged, sliced thin and kept in flake form. Easily rubbed out. This blend has an excellent cool burn with a satisfyingly rich, but smooth flavor Medium Strength.




Occasionally I'm looking for a news item to help fill out this newsletter. So if you have some interesting
pipe, tobacco or smoking related news, or would like to share your knowledge on a particular
pipes and tobacco related subject, please send it along and maybe I'll use it. (Preferably by e-mail).

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