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Club Info & Events

Details of the November Meeting
Rich Frederics Winner 2006 Smoking ContestThe main topic for the November meeting were the upcoming Kaywoodie Holiday Gathering and Pipe Smoking Contest. We should have a group of nine heading out to Peekskill this year and we look forward to another great time. Thanks in advance to Bill Feuerbach for hosting this excellent event.
We also took a head count of those planning to attend the Scotch and Cigar Night held at the Ahavath Torah Congregation. Five of us attended what was a very enjoyable evening. More about the scotch and cigar night below.

Important Information about the January 2008 Meeting
The January 2008 meeting will be held on Tuesday January, 8th due to the New Years holiday falling on our normal meeting day. Please make this note in your calendars.

Our newest member Derek printed up a couple hundred SHPC calling cards containing our club logo and website address for members to hand out to pipe smokers that may be interested in joining our club. We have also made them available at Peretti's of Boston, Mikes Brookline News & Tobacco and the Gold Leaf Tobacconist in Seabrook, NH. Thanks to Derek for putting in the extra effort in getting this done and to Rick and Tim for distributing them to the tobacco shops.

New Membership Dues Structure
A new membership dues structure was also discussed and voted on at the November meeting. Currently, we collect a $10 initiation fee from new members as well as $5 per meeting for any meeting a member attends. Each member also makes a charitable donation of $10 at any meeting they attend.
Starting in January 2008 the new member dues structure will be as follows:

The club voted to have the annual membership dues be $50 per year payable by the March meeting (a savings of $10). Monthly dues will remain at $5 dollars but any monthly dues paid up to March will be applied towards the annual dues when paid in full. Dues will cover all normal yearly expenditures including tobacco for the raffle. We have also agreed to waive the $10 initiation fee for new members however, the $10 charitable donation will still be required at each meeting.

Member Contributions

R.D. Field Trunk Show at Peretti's of Boston
Photos and narrative by Rick Frederics
Last month R.D. Field held a trunk show at L. J. Peretti’s in Boston and the Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club was there in force. It’s always a great time getting together to smoke with old friends and meet new friends. This visit was no exception. It was great seeing Don Powers and Paul Dunn again, and it is always a good time with the guy’s at Peretti’s – both Steve’s and Charlie. It was especially nice talking and reminiscing with David and Jan of RD Field and learning about some of the treasures they brought with them. Afterwards a group of us, Tim, Nelson, Eric, Tom and myself went over to Cigar Masters where we further reflected on the day’s event. A perfect ending to a great day. Whether you are smoking a pipe or a cigar nothing beats getting together with a great group of friends.
Hope to see you at the next event.   by Richard Frederics
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Bill "Ashton" Taylor Trunk Show - Peretti's of Boston
Photos and narrative by Horace Harker
Thanksgiving isn't quite the same without our yearly visit to Peretti's for the Ashton trunk show. A trip to Peretti's is always a nostalgic event but having Bill Taylor visiting from across the pond really makes for a jolly good time. Tim, Rick and I met up around 12:30 and headed out back to the blending room only to find that some of our alumni, John Millholland and Ron Lau had already arrived. A little later on were joined by the Peretti regulars Paul Dunn and our former Pres Don Powers. Now if we could only get a couple of these guys to come back to a meeting.
Bill's pipes were laid out on the blending table in the usual fashion and although there didn't seem to be quite the selection I'd remembered from previous years there was definitely enough to whet one's Ashton appetite for an afternoon. Bill also brought with him some tampers made from snake wood (I believe) that were complimentary for those who purchased a pipe.
After pawing over his offerings I decided to pick Bill's brain about the state of tobacco in England these days. When I posed my question, Bill's expression went from it's usual cheerio grin to a scowl of utter disappointment and frustration. I've had this same scowl on my own face a number of times for the very same reason so I know exactly how he was feeling.. His description of the eight month old smoking ban in England sounded very much like what we are dealing with here in Boston and maybe even a little worse. He goes on to tell me that now you can no longer smoke in the tobacco shops and in many places, if not all, you are not allowed to smoke outside the doorway of the bars. What a sad state of affairs this has become.
Bill did try to improve our moods by describing the outdoor gazebo that they've constructed at the bar he frequents daily in Essex. It is a six sided structure with half walls, a roof, heat and mood lighting. The open areas of the structure are surrounded by trees giving it a cozy feel, Bill explained. Inside there are seats around the perimeter and a table in the middle. I have to admit this does sound very nice but I'd need to check it out for myself in the dead of winter before I could give it the thumbs up.
The three of us finished our pipes while chatting with Steve Smith and the others in the shop before making the chilly trek to CigarMasters on Boylston St. The pairing of Peretti's and CigarMasters seems to have become somewhat of a ritual with our trips into Boston. Might as well enjoy them while we can (sorry... I just can't shake the pessimism.)
We all enjoyed a cigar and a beverage and an occasional glance at the barmaid before heading back from whence we came. How many of you will be joining us next time??
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Pipes & Tobacco News & Info

Despite a seven year decline, 45 million American adults continue to smoke.
Quicktime may be required to view.
Download it here free.

Smoking Rates in U.S. Fail to Drop
The Pipe Community: Are we doing enough?
I had intended on having a piece in the December newsletter on this topic but time during the holidays is even harder to come by than it normally is. I will have something ready for the January newsletter. Maybe that will be a good time to make some resolutions for 2008 (and beyond).
Other News & Information for smokers:

Websites Worth A Look

New Pipe Maker Website
Can you believe someone near and dear to the Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club has a new website and didn't even tell us about it? Well here it is nonetheless. Congrats on the new site. [Let me see]

Premium 70to70 Cigars
Another establishment in MA. where the smoking lamp is happily lit and a worthwhile destination for a future road trip. 70/70 is located in Westport, MA.
Due to the popularity of our their Cigar Lounge and customer feedback, they've expanded the lounge into a larger space. The new Cigar Lounge offers the best aficionado atmosphere around and features entertainment such as a big screen TV, pool tables and dart boards! As always, premium leather seating provides a relaxing, premium cigar experience. See images on the About Us page. [Take me there]

This Month's Tobacco Raffle

McClelland 2007 Christmas Cheer
Hand blended, premium pressed Virginia Flake tobaccos. A fine vintage, naturally sweet.
The 2007 blend is made with a special selection of red, ripe, mellow flue cured Virginia from the Middle Belt crop of 2001. Smooth with rich undertones and natural sweetness and zest, this excellent Virginia should age beautifully.

Cornell & Diehl / Serad - Consolation
An Americanized English, it has the traditional Latakia and Turkish (though in lighter amounts) in a Virginia flake base, but layered in are cubed burley and a discreet amount of toasted black cavendish for a round and slightly sweet finish.

The Christmas Pipe by Jean Shepherd
It has become a tradition to put this audio clip up for the December edition of the SHPC Gazette. I hope you all enjoy listening to it again.
Jean Shepherd was a famous radio show host on WOR radio in New York. You may also recognize his voice as Ralphie's conscience in "The Christmas Story".

Have A Great Holiday Season!
Scotch & Cigar Night ...... by Horace Harker
The Ahavath Torah Congregation in Stoughton, MA held it's annual Scotch & Cigar Night on November 17th. This was my first time attending this event but you can be sure I'll be going back. The cost was $45 and included five cigars with admission (additional bags of 5 cigars were also available at $10 ea.). It was a full house and everyone seemed to be having an outstanding time (well can you blame them?). Five of us showed up from SHPC and we were fortunate enough to connect with two other pipe smokers in the bunch that are not yet members. Tony proudly gave each of them one of our new calling cards and gave them the run down of our meetings and such.
The food that was served was outstanding and the jambalaya was out of this world. Each table had a twelve and eighteen year bottle of scotch. Although a micro brewed ale is my libation of choice I did try samples of both. The rep from Martinietti's did a great job of describing the blends and the proper way to sip and enjoy scotch. I think I have determined that I will always remain a beer man but I have been told that the bottles we had available were of excellent quality.
The night rounded out with a charity auction of alcohol and a few boxes of premium cigars. We're already looking forward to the next event.

Kahn's Korner
I'm sitting here smoking a nice aromatic in an old Peterson that I bought in Galway several years ago. The pipe is a sitter, but with 'the system'. I'm also sipping one of my favorite adult beverages, scotch, and thinking of some of the times that this combination has come together before. Rather frequently actually. They seem to go together, right? It puts one in a contemplative mood, unlike any other combination. Reminiscences galore. This night it's taking me back to a certain night at the Oak Room in the Copley Plaza back in 2000.

I'd been working for MEDITECH for a couple of years and done quite some traveling by that time. Cigars were still very big and you could count on spending twice the value of the cigar on average and even more if it was a 'name' cigar like Fuentes, Romeo y Juliet or Montecristo. Yeah, I know you all remember. I also had a friend who had an 'in' at the Oak Room. You have to know what the Oak Room was like. First, it was in the Copley Plaza Hotel, one of the ritziest in Boston. Come to think of it, as ritzy as the Ritz, about ten blocks east of it. Doormen, valet service, Concierge each one with their hands out. Beautiful carpeting greats you as you walk into the lobby. Then you turn right and enter the Oak Room. It lives up to its name. A long solid oak bar, rich chairs that swivel and low oak tables to rest your drinks. It was lavish. No small ashtrays. No, these things were too big to steal and too heavy, too. You understand, the Oak Room was a high class cigar bar. Drinks ran about ten a pop and a beer was six. Well, the group I was with that night had given our mutual friend $30 each that he was to feed the 'special' waiter, who would keep us from dying of thirst that night and see too it that the appetizers kept coming. One hundred and twenty bucks, to eat, drink and make merry. Seemed fair considering we each planned to drink three or four each and eat like pigs. Cognizant of where we were, we all dressed appropriately, suits or blazers were the standard, your best shirt and a good tie.

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