Post Tobacco Ban Meeting

& Pipe Party at Steve Gutz's

August 14, 2004

Nate, Bill, Dock Cyndi Dr. Bob & Dory, Allan, Tim
Dick and Laurie Omid and Sid Omid and Melanie
Arlene cookin' some kosher dogs Melanie & Celeste 1 (Tim's Wife) Steve and John Millholland
Sterling, Sea Foam & Quincy
A right motley crew!
Chatting Celeste 2 & Dock
Steve & Cyndi Kenny's Treasures Peace
Mark Gutz and Gutz Jr. Dr. Bob, Celeste, Tim & Dock
Steve's Stuff (just a bit of it)
Caught red handed Pipes, racks, tobacco, etc, etc... More stuff
Glass top table... filled Just 4 of 20 drawers Can't forget the beer
Pipe Cartoons All shapes, sizes, ages & flavors Just a couple of dollars invested here.
Churchwardens A couple of old photos Me smellum tobacco
Friends of Steve's I think. Orlik Collectible Not more tobacco!
Wheel of fortune Sherlock More stuff
and yet even more stuff Club Members Dory, Laurie, Arlene, Melanie
Celeste 1 & Celeste 2
The whole crew (or what was left of them)
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