We Meet the First Tuesday of the Month in Sharon, MA.
Next Meeting is Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 6:00 PM
or meet early at C.B. Perkins at 5 PM Cobb's Corner, Canton.

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President's Message

Fellow Pipers.
First let me start off by wishing all a Happy Easter and Happy Passover later this month. Spring certainly is a marvelous time of year. We get to witness all of the wonderful changes of the season as Mother Nature transforms gray and gloomy to green and bright... I do hope all is well since the last time we had a chance to sit and enjoy a bowl together. For those of you who were not present at our previous gathering, I’d like to re-cap what’s going on with the club.

We tabled any discussion for the possibility of forming any sub-chapters of the SHPCB until our April meeting. So once again, I cannot stress enough that your input is very important and you should make every effort to try to attend the next few meetings if you have any concerns either positive or negative. The reason we had to postpone any business is that we had a very special guest join us last month. Joyce Beck from Lane Limited paid us a visit and spent the entire meeting with us. It was an open forum and there were lots of questions and answers concerning our hobby including very informative information about the FDA rulings as well as the future of Dunhill tobacco in the USA. It was a great night and everyone received multiple gifts care of Joyce and Lane Limited.

I can’t think of a better way to engage in an important discussion than with pipe in hand. There must be a reason why some of history’s most intelligent men smoked a pipe. So we as (gentle) men shall indulge in some of history’s great tobacco blends and argue the pros and cons of the formation of associate clubs. The pipe you must bring yourself, the tobacco is none other than “Father Dempsey” from the famed Kramer’s Pipe Shop in Beverly Hills, California. Tom Nyzio has scoured the internet for hours and hours going without food or sleep to procure some of this fine concoction. He even has a tin or two that will be the tobacco raffle. His hard effort and sacrifice alone should be enough reason to join us, let alone the free samples and possibility of going home with your very own tin!

It has been implanted in our brain that, “Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti day”… Well, Tuesday is “Prince Pipe Day”! Bring your Prince shaped pipe and smoke it at the meeting and receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win a pipe from my private collection of estate pipes beautifully restored to factory condition and ready to smoke.

Upcoming events to remember:

  • May Meeting, Jarrid Trudeau from Kristoff Cigar, Guest Speaker
  • June Meeting, Dave Mooney from Philips & King, Guest Speaker, Cook Out, Pipe Swap\
  • July Meeting, Need to discuss to change date because 1 st Tuesday is the 4 th
  • August Meeting, Sherlock Holmes Movie Night??
  • Suggestions?

Would also like to see if there is any interest in a road trip some Saturday to the “Owl Shoppe” in Worcester.

All my best, Kevin

Invisible Enemy - A short story by Ernie Whitenack

From the Intro....
Hitler’s hidden diamonds and gold were allocated to fund a secret organization. It was a terrorist group known as Werwolf (Werewolf) who would disrupt and confuse the Allied occupation, and planned to overthrow the Allies, and then carry the fight to the East and Soviet Russia.

Chapters: Ch 1 | Ch 2 | Ch 3 | Ch 4 | Ch 5 | Ch 6 | Ch 7 | Ch 8 | Ch 9 | Ch 10 | Ch 11 | Ch 12 | Ch 13 | Ch 14 | Ch 15

Chapter 15

.... When Clancy returned to the table, he noticed Fox filling his pipe from a familiar red pouch of PA and followed suit with Sherlock’s Choice. As the smoke billowed upward to the large smoke-eater in the ceiling, the three devised a signal for the three escape routs, plus the men’s room and bar end for talking. They decided on Platoon codes for danger and help and scratching an ear for, come here now. Next, they decided to eat at the Silver Skates; Clancy and Otto together at a table and Fox alone. The end of another round and they were off to the BOQ to spruce-up; deciding Fox to take a motor pool car to the club 20 minutes later than Otto and Clancy who left promptly at eight o’clock.

 Read Chapter 15   

Tobacco: A Cultural History of How an Exotic Plant Seduced Civilization                          By Horace Harker

This book has been sitting on my shelf for quite a while now and I kept telling myself I was going to read it eventually. Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of reading so was happy to see that it is also in audio format and available through my Audible subscription. This a a good sized book and kept me entertained for many hours (12h 35m) during my commute to Boston. It contains a very detailed history of tobacco from it's very early beginnings straight through to the ninety's. As you can imagine my primary interest was to hear about pipe smoking which was well represented in a number of the earlier chapters but as time moved on waiting for a reference to pipe smoking was like waiting for a canonical reference in the final episode of BBC Sherlock. Even still, the history of tobacco was still quite interesting and sad all at the same time but there was plenty of humor thrown in to help ease the pain of the demise of our favorite plant. If you like tobacco and history, you'll like this book.

Audible is a great way to read books with your ears. First time subscribers can get any free book, with their subscription. My free selection was the Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, a $70 value. Subscriptions start at $14.99 a month which gives you a credit for one book.

Here is a link to this book on Audible. This book is also available on Kindle. You can find it on Amazon for $9.99.

Pipe Personalities

Barry Fitzgerald (from Wikipedia) - go there

Barry Fitzgerald (10 March 1888 – 14 January 1961) was an Irish stage, film and television actor. In a career spanning almost forty years, he appeared in such notable films as Bringing Up Baby (1938), The Long Voyage Home (1940), How Green Was My Valley (1941), None but the Lonely Heart (1944) and The Quiet Man (1952). For Going My Way (1944), he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor and was simultaneously nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor.

He was born William Joseph Shields in Walworth Road, Portobello, Dublin, Ireland, the son of Fanny (Ungerland) and Adolphus Shields. His father was Irish and his mother was German. He was the older brother of Irish actor Arthur Shields. He went to Skerry's College, Dublin, before going on to work in the civil service, while also working at the Abbey Theatre. His career with the Abbey Theatre was from 1914–1936 where he was involved in numerous productions.

In 1945, Fitzgerald achieved a unique Academy wards feat. For portraying Father Fitzgibbon in Leo McCarey's Going My Way (1944), he was nominated for both the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor (which he ultimately won) and the Academy Award for Best Actor; voting rules were changed shortly after this occurrence to prevent further dual nominations for the same role. An avid golfer, he later accidentally decapitated his Oscar while practicing his golf swing. During World War II, Oscar statuettes were made of plaster instead of gold-plated bronze to accommodate wartime metal shortages. The Academy provided Fitzgerald with a replacement statuette.

Video of the Month
Scene with Barry Fitzgerald from The Quiet Man

Pipes & Tobacco Around the Web

Country Squire Radio - TIME CHANGE!!
Below are links to the Country Squire Radio episodes that aired since the last Gazette. See them live on Monday Evenings at around 8:30 PM Central Time on YouTube. (9:30 Eastern Time)

PipesMagazine Radio Show - Recent Episodes
Below are links to the Pipes Magazine Radio episodes that aired since the last Gazette.
(Live Tuesday evenings 8 PM )

Other Important Links for Smokers:

Tobacco Raffle
I'm pretty excited about April tobacco raffle. In addition to tins of two blends from the legendary Beverly Hills shop, Kramer's Pipes & Tobacco, we also have a two ounce bag of each blend to try before the raffle (just don't bring your biggest pipe!). Kramer's was founded in 1949, and here's a link to their story . - Tom

Kramer's Father Dempsey (50g tin)
Though originally blended to match Father Dempsey's own preferred smoke (Father Dempsey's parish was behind the shop, and he worked with Kramer's to develop the blend), this full-bodied English mixture is now Kramer's most popular house blend and has been enjoyed by the likes of Cecil B. DeMille, Samuel Goldwyn, Gene Barry, Fred McMurray, and many others.

Kramer's Blend for Cary Grant (50g tin)
Kramer's created this medium-bodied mixture especially for one of their customers, the iconic actor Cary Grant. Using our English Blend as a base (The English Blend is a clean, crisp, cool smoke with just a hint of natural sweetness, and was a favorite tobacco of Leonard Nimoy, Tony Curtis, and Charles Bronson), they carefully layer in a small portion of Irish Aromatic for a little more sweetness.

If you like these blends, let me know and we'll try a couple of their other blends at a future raffle!

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