Tuesday, April 1st, 2014 at 7:00 PM
or meet early at
C.B. Perkins at 5 PM Cobb's Corner, Canton.
*** Dinner location TBD at Perkins ***

Club Info & Events

Details from the March Meeting
I've had so much going on this past week that my mind is a blur as to what happened at the last meeting. Hmmm... let me see.... I'm pretty sure we smoked our pipes, tried some new tobaccos, talked about pipe stuff.... oh yeah, and we were visited by the spirit of John Jameson who lead us in an early celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Pretty much business as usual. Lucklily we had a few members help out so you actually have something to read.

New Blood
We also had a visit from a friend and fellow pipe smoker Jim Fitzgerald. You may have seen the photo of Jim sailing and smoking his pipe in the October 2013 issue of the Gazette. Jim wasn't able to stay too long but at least long enough to partake in the offerings from Jameson.
Jim's been smoking a pipe for a lot of years. He's one of those guys who just smokes his pipe... end of story. Doesn't worry how it's packed, doesn't need to relight very often, doesn't worry about what color it is or how much it cost as long as it smokes good. Doesn't even care if he's sailing in an open boat in a full gale.... if the pipe'll stay lit, he'll smoke it.
The first time I asked Jim what he did for a living, he said... "I build shit". He wasn't kidding, just check out his website Mystic Scenic Studios to see what kinda shit he actually builds. It's no wonder it's difficult for him to make it to these meetings but we hope he does, he'd be a great addition to our group. Just think of it.... we got a G-Man and a guy who builds shit.... it doesn't get any better than that. There's a MacGyver episode in there somewhere.
If you're intersted, you can also read a Wicked Local story about Mystic Scenic Studio here.

New Club Shirts
I expect to have the prototype of our new club shirt at the April Meeting. If everyone is happy with them I will take orders. The cost will be around $25 so if you think you want to order one be sure to bring enough money with you to the meeting.

2014 Club Pipe by Brebbia
We have an update. The pipes are done!!! Everyone needs to have their money by next week! April Fools!! Well, April fools about the money anyway. The pipes are done but they are enroute to the US. We don't know for sure but right now it's looking like we'll be able to hand them out at the May meeting and money will be due then. I'll notify all members who bought one when the details are in stone.

Pipe Club Monthly Theme
Last month the theme was pipe smoking in the movies. Everyone had something to share and they were all good. Here are links to some of the show and tell items for favorite smoking scenes.

Scene 1   |   Scene 2   |   Scene 3

This month's theme: All of us at some point in time gravitate towards one style or shape of pipe or buy multiple pipes form the same pipemaker. Bring in your favorite collection of either pipe shape or pipemaker to display and talk about.

A Shriner's Smoker ..................... by Tony Scherma

Greetings All,
I know this is our pipe club news letter. So let me start this by saying thank you for letting me write about a Cigar smoker I attended on March 14th. I and a couple of friends attended The Aleppo Shriners Auditorium in Wilmington MA. For those of you that do not know, the Shriners are an appendage body of the Mason that gives millions away to charity each year. Yes that means each Shriner is also a mason (like me). What a better way to give to charity than smoking?

I was a little late due to traffic and missed most of the cocktail hour. Pours of various liquors are given out (for tips) along with beer and a raw bar. We found a seat next to a familiar face (see photo). After we settled down and had smokes and drinks. We bought several raffle tickets and some 50/50 tickets a few lovely ladies were selling (some more were pouring the drinks as well).

The meal was a steak dinner. After dinner the charity auction and raffle started. My friend won big. A new Humidor (that all three of us are going to put our overflow into) and a live 8 pound lobster from the operators of the raw bar! (what happened to it is a story for another day). The 50/50 raffle was worth about 3K! The best part was meeting new people.

It is not a cheap event; it costs $150.00 for the smoker and meal. But you receive about 16 cigars that are worth the ticket prices. The raffles about 20 per string. I also did a wheel for $5.00 a spin to win a cigar. Trust me you made out. All and all it is a great time. You have the time and money I highly encourage you to try it. It is an experience..


When love grows cool, thy fire still warms me;
When friends are fled, thy presence charms me.
If thou art full, though purse be bare,
I smoke and cast away all care!
~ German Smoking Song ~

Pipes & Tobacco News & Info

The Smoking Lamp
The exact date and origin of the smoking lamp has been lost. However, it probably came into use during the 16th Century when seamen began smoking on board vessels. The smoking lamp was a safety measure. It was devised mainly to keep the fire hazard away from highly combustible woodwork and gunpowder. Most navies established regulations restricting smoking to certain areas. Usually, the lamp was located in the forecastle or the area directly surrounding the galley indicting that smoking was permitted in this area. Even after the invention of matches in the 1830s, the lamp was an item of convenience to the smoker. When particularly hazardous operations or work required that smoking be curtailed, the unlighted lamp relayed the message. "The smoking lamp is lighted" or "the smoking lamp is out' were the expressions indicating that smoking was permitted or forbidden.
The smoking lamp has survived only as a figure of speech. When the officer of the deck says "the smoking lamp is out" before drills, refueling or taking ammunition, that is the Navy's way of saying "cease smoking."

PipesMagazine Radio Show - Recent Episodes
Below are links to the Pipes Magazine Radio Shows that aired since the last Gazette.

Other Important Links for Smokers:

Websites Worth a Look

Ever Seen a Sailor's Prick?

Tobacco Raffle
Here is the tobacco for the raffle this month. Sorry folks, I know we already had Capstan in the Raffle but I didn't do a newsletter that month so thought we hadn't had it yet.

Capstan Original Flake
Select Virginia tobaccos create a mild to medium blend. Subtle tobacco flavors mix with an earthy aroma for a wonderful, raw tobacco experience. Smooth and silky.

Brigham Acadian
Brigham Acadian Blend Pipe Tobacco - This is a shag cut blend of light and medium brown Virginias with a high percentage of fruity black Perique. Mild, naturally sweet, pure tobacco flavor – a great choice for fans of Virginia and those looking for an alternative to Latakia blends.

Tobacco Review.................. by Ernie Whitenack

McClelland’s Black Parrot

The tin said it is a square cut tobacco but, upon opening it I found slices from a pressed cube. The slices are of varying length and depth and consistently an eighth inch thick.

A pungent scent rose from the Virginia, Carolina and Perique along with an underlying sweetness. After giving it a good rub-out, I lit up and experienced a flavor commensurate with the scent.

At first it seemed harsh. However, after tamping a couple of times, it smoothed out to the “mellow” smoke promised in the description on the tin. Black Parrot remained mellow to the bottom of the bowl.

The sweet pungency, along with a slight pepper sensation, completely engulfed my mouth with abundant smoke from this slow burning blend.

I would class it as a desert blend, if there is such a thing, and well fit following a hearty meal or with a bit of Drambuie.

Members and Readers:
If you have a comment, story or photo you would like to contribute, send us an email and we may post it in an upcoming newsletter.

The 2014 New York Pipe Show.............................. by Richard Frederics

Spring has arrived. Forget the snow outside. It is 55 degrees, sunny and I am at the New York Pipe Show. Tim Hynick and I left at 5:45 A.M. and arrived in plenty of time to set up and await the “mob” outside. Let’s face it; it has been a long winter.

Perhaps the biggest surprise when we got there was that Steve Monjure from Monjure International was not there. Rich Esserman told me that for the first time Steve was going to miss the New York show. He was unfortunately iced in with no flights coming or going from North Carolina. Even waiting ten hours at the airport could not get him here.

Nevertheless, there were some great vendors present and I found this to be a very good show. From Tim’s standpoint it was a great show because he sold several pipes.

Pipes and Cigars was there with Russ promoting many new blends – some aromatic which I like. One in particular I am now smoking is Ole Shenandoah. Sally Gottliebson – The Pipe Tart Lady was there who in the past I had bought some pipes from. Don Seatter from James Island Piper was there with two tins from the NASPC series of Lord of the Rings: Bilbo’s Blend and Balrog. I had to have those because I am a huge Lord of the Rings (and Hobbit) fan and I can never resist these once a year releases – when I can find them. Don always knows I am interested and has them waiting for me at this show. Neat Pipes from Italy was there carrying a large number of Radice, Cavicchi and Luciano pipes.

A new addition this year was Ramazan Tufan from Turquoise Ceramics & Meerschaum selling beautiful Meerschaum hand carvings that were out of this world. Just gorgeous work and I had to get me one – which actually turned into two. I plan on bringing them to our next Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club meeting.

There was a huge table of books, catalogues, and magazines. I found two old catalogues from the 70’s; one from David P. Ehrlich and the other from L. J. Peretti. One would have thought that I would have kept the catalogues when I first got them – not have to buy them 35+ years later.

There was something for everybody at this show. And as always one of the greatest highlights was seeing old acquaintances – especially many, who usually go to Kaywoodie in December but like me, couldn't’t make it this year because of a snow storm.

Attendance was good and judging by the many purchases, everybody left happy – vendors (that a way Tim) and customers. I know I did.

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