April 2006

Tuesday, April 4th, 2006 - 7:00 PM
Meet early at Applebees in Stoughton 6:00 PM

Club Info & Events

Details of the March Meeting
Well we had our first minor setback since we've been meeting at the new location. We got double booked, delayed and relocated. So the ten of us hung out in the vestibule for 30 minutes waiting for the weight watchers meeting to get out downstairs. It had a happy ending though, the group that was meeting in our usual room were doing some baking and brought down a few delicious peace offerings. Fear not however, for all things should be just as they should be for our April meeting.
Many of us went to the New York Pipe show on March 11th and had a great time and heard some promising news about the future of the NY shows. Be sure to read Dock's write up of it below with pictures by yours truly.

Kurt Huhn visits SHPC
New England pipe maker Kurt Huhn has informed us that he will be able to attend our April meeting. Kurt hails from Warwick, RI and and produces a nice variety of hand made pipes. I'm not sure how many pipes he'll have on hand for his visit but its always a treat to meet and talk with those who put their time and passion into something that bring us so much enjoyment. See Kurt's work for yourself by visiting his website at www.pipecrafter.com and be sure and come to the meeting and help us give Kurt a warm welcome.

First Annual SHPC Swap & Sell "UPDATED ITEM"
On May 2nd the Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club will host its 1st Annual SHPC Swap and Sell. So bring along your unwanted pipes, tobacco, accessories and tobaccania to sell or trade with fellow members. This might be an excellent opportunity for those of you who have been considering coming to your first meeting to finally make it a reality. If all goes well, hopefully we can make this a yearly event! Hope to see you there.

Brookline News this April
SHPC is planning a visit to Brookline News this April. Those of you who have been there before know what treasures could be found there if only there was a bit more room to move around without having to shuffle out of the way of the customers (or even get out of your own way for that matter). So to improve the experience we've made plans to get in there after hours and really take a look at what's behind the counter, in the basement and in all those boxes. The details of this event will not be available in the newsletter so if you're interested in coming along then it might be a good idea to come to the the April meeting (Tuesday the 4th). We hope to see you there.

Castello Trunk Show at Peretti's
On Saturday, April 29th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Marco Parascenzo, the distributor for Costello Pipes will be having a Trunk Sale at Peretti's. Marco will be bringing many Castello's, including rare and difficult to obtain pieces. Whether you're a Castello collector or are contemplating your first Castello, you won't want to miss this!

MacBaren Tobacco Sampling
Recently the Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club was contacted by Gene Thompson, the US Ambassador for MacBaren tobacco who asked us if we'd be willing to sample and comment on some of their tobaccos. Of course we would I told him without hesitation. Well today a package arrived in the mail chock full of tobacco and lots of free goodies for our club members including tampers, pipe cleaners, mouse pads and lots more. As much as I'd like to bring all this to the April meeting I think I'll wait until May since we have a lot going on this month and I want our members to be able to give this opportunity the attention it deserves. So be prepared to fill your bowls next month with some of MacBaren's Solent Mixture and English blend and something new called the "CUBE". This ought to be fun.

Dock's Corner

The New York Pipe Show - March 11, 2006
It had been a long day for me and I shuffled slowly off to bed eagerly awaiting the doors to open to the show at 10:00 am the following day. After a restless night of sleep I awoke and joined the rest of the SHPC guys in the Hotel's restaurant for breakfast. The food there is always good all-be-it a bit pricey... four bucks for an orange juice? After breakfast we made our way into the line for the show. Pipes & Tobaccos Magazine was set up outside and had quite a few items for sale including P&T shirts, hats, mugs and even tampers. It was hard to beat the prices and I ended up with a hat and a denim shirt. The doors were opened promptly at 10:00 a.m. and we all proceeded in to the pipe filled tables.      [Read more]


Pipes & Tobacco News & Info

The Estate Sale of Tom Dunn
Over the next several months Hermit Tobacco Works will be selling off the entire pipe and tobaccania collection of Thomas A.Dunn editor and publisher of "The Pipe Smoker's Ephemeris" on the popular auction site E-Bay. There are approx 600 pipes and nearly as many tampers and both sealed and empty tins of tobacco dating back many, many years.Many of the pipes are unsmoked and most come with the original letters from the senders as well as dated notes from Tom himself. This is a once and a lifetime chance to own an item from the Grandad of modern pipe literature.
  Take me to the Tom Dunn Estate on Ebay
  Read an article about Tom Dunn

NH - Up in smoke: There go our liberties
March 23, 2006
"AT THE RATE the New Hampshire House of Representatives is going, New Hampshire won’t remain the “Live free or die” state much longer. Call it the “Live free unless legislators disapprove of your behavior” state."
                                             [Read the story]

Other News & Information for smokers:

Websites Worth A Look

Pictures of Tom Dunn's Estate
Take a look at just some of over 1000 items from Tom Dunn's estate currently being auctioned on Ebay by Hermit Tobacco Works.                                     [Check it out]
This Month's Tobacco Raffle
For this month's tobacco raffle we have two Virginia blends from Butera. Maybe you'll be the lucky one this time.

Butera Dark Stoved.
A single, zesty lemon Virginia leaf, picked at its peak, aged to perffection, is carefully slow-stoved under pressure until the cakes turn to beautiful chocolate brown. Cut to flake form, Dark Stoved offers a maze of diverse tastes, with a mysterious flavor curve ranging from tart and spicy, through smooth and mellow.

Butera Matured Ribbon
A select combination of 3 distinctively different Matured Virginias, including a bright zesty lemon, a mellow,sun-dappled red, and a sweet, delicious, slow-stoved black. All are first, well-aged apart, then pressed together into cakes to develop this full-flavored, savory smooth, balanced blend. Cut and spun to ribbon form, Matured Ribbon delivers a boutny of soft, rich aromas and tastes, with alluring, spicy tart overtures.

Occasionally I'm looking for a news item to help fill out this newsletter. So if you have some interesting
pipe, tobacco or smoking related news, or would like to share your knowledge on a particular
pipes and tobacco related subject, please send it along and maybe I'll use it. (Preferably by e-mail).

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