We Meet the First Tuesday of the Month in Stoughton, MA.
Next Meeting is Tuesday, May 5th, 2015 at 7:00 PM
or meet early at C.B. Perkins at 5 PM Cobb's Corner, Canton.

Club Info & Events

Details from the March & April Meetings
It's not every meeting that you have 4 new members attend and one member raised to celebrity status but the April meeting had all of that. Kevin, who seems to have become our "new member machine" brought two new members with him to the March meeting Mike and Carl and now 3 new members in April, Yaakov, Joe & Rick. Who is this guy anyway and where did he come from. Well he came from Rhode Island but we won't hold that against him but it's long time member Tom Nyzio who is responsible for getting this whole membership calvacade going.

But wait! There's more! We had a forth new member join us in April who Kevin doesn't even know (if you can believe that?). Mark comes from Plymouth, MA and works with software security. He found us through our website even though we did not post a new newsletter last month, he still took the chance and stopped by CB Perkins to see if he could connect with us there, Good thing too because we had a change in meeting location last month that was not publicly announced (oops, sorry). Well we're glad he madethe effort and we hope to see him again at future meetings. Welcome all.

Normally I like to post photos of all of our new members but so much was going on last month and our club photographer Neil decided to go to Florida instead of attend the meeting, so unfortunately, no good photos this month (I'm lost without my Boswell) but we'll make it up to you all in the next newsletter.

The Evening's Main Event
The Main Event of the evening was a visit from Cliff Nelson who was in the area to interview long time faithful member and resident SHPC pipemaker Tim Hynick, for an upcoming article in none other than Pipes & Tobacco Magazine (and the crowd goes wild). Cliff is a former academic who left his profession to followed his passions for pipes, tobacco and writing about them and is now the associate editor for P&T Magazine. Cliff spent the day with Tim at his home and workshop before attending the April meeting as our distinguished guest. Cliff is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to tobacco and he treated us to a short presentation on tobacco and in particular his favorite, Virginia tobacco.
We are so happy for Tim and look forward to his article in the Summer edition of P & T (if all goes as planned). Congratulations Tim!!

Wanted: SHPC Gazette Contributors
Need an extra punch or two on your SHPC Club Card. You're going to need them to catch up with Ken who is already running away with this years priz'e. We want to hear about your thoughts and experiences in the world of pipes and tobacco. Did you recently visit a new tobacco shop? Take a couple of photos and write a few paragraphs about it. Try a new tobacco you loved (or hated)? Let us know what you think. Do you have a good pipe related story to tell? We want to hear it. Don't be shy, you don't have to be a great writer, we can help you smooth it out if you need some help. You never know... you could end up with your own article in Pipes and Tobacco Magazine some day.
Not a Member? You don't need to be a member to contribute. If you are a reader of the SHPC Gazette we'd like to hear your stories as well. If you'd like to contribute something to our newsletter send it to Be sure to include any associated photos. Please put "Newsletter Contribution" in the Subject Line.

Tobacco Reviews Ernie Whitenack

Sutliff Balkan I (bulk)

Sutliff says....

“What makes a Balkan blend special is the influence of air-cured tobacco from the area around Turkey and Greece, and with Sutliff's Balkan I, that influence is notable. The naturally aromatic quality of four grades of choice Turkish leaf works with the Cyprian Latakia to create a flavorful and fragrant tobacco that is easy on the tongue,”

Ok, ok I know there is no such thing as a Balkan tobacco. However, add an “s” to tobacco and you have a term referring to tobaccos grown in some of the countries on the Balkan Peninsula. And there are blends made up of a variety of these and using one as a base – and no Latakia, such as the Grand Orientals line from McClelland Tobacco.
For more on this click here.

So, this particular broad cut Balkan blend is a tasty smoke. I wish they had described it using varietal names because “Turkish and Greek” tell me nothing other than Orientals. The Latakia is certainly present but the other tobaccos soften it somewhat and often impart a velvety texture to the smoke. There is a subtle sweetness that comes through occasionally
and the after-taste is definitely on the sweet side with a hint of citrus.

The larger cut requires a bit of skill and patients to get going but once lit it holds the fire nicely with a little judicious tamping.

I suggest a large pipe bowl with slow relaxed puffing to completely enjoy a nice blend. Enjoy.

Piper Profile

Harry Lillis "Bing" Crosby, Jr
. Pipe Smoker - (Born May 3, 1903 – October 14, 1977) was an American singer and actor. Crosby's trademark warm bass-baritone voice made him one of the best-selling recording artists of the 20th century, with over half a billion records in circulation.
Crosby won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as Father Chuck O'Malley in the 1944 motion picture Going My Way, and was nominated for his reprise of the role in The Bells of St. Mary's opposite Ingrid Bergman the next year, becoming the first of four actors to be nominated twice for playing the same character. In 1963, Crosby received the first Grammy Global Achievement Award. Crosby is one of the 22 people to have three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (a star for motion pictures, radio, and audio recording). - from Wikipedia

Pipes & Tobacco Around the Web

PipesMagazine Radio Show - Recent Episodes
Below are links to the Pipes Magazine Radio episodes that aired since the last Gazette.

(Live Tuesday evenings 8 PM )

Country Squire Radio
Below are links to the Country Squire Radio episodes that aired since the last Gazette. See them live on Tuesday Mornings at around 9 AM.
Or find older shows on YouTube.

Video of the Month

(Bing starts smoking at about 2:35)

Member Contribution

This month's contribution comes from Derek who is one of SHPC's more colorful members and one not easily forgotten after you've spent some time talking to him.. Derek is a collector of sorts (aren't we all) but he tends to lean more towards vintage things. Today we have an smoking related article from Derek's 1909 copy of the Boston Sunday Post. The article is titled His Last Cigar.  I hope you enjoy it.    

Other Important Links for Smokers:

Tobacco Raffle

This month we have a couple of new blends G.L. Pease and Cornell and Diehl

Sixpence from G.L. Pease q
The newest release from Gregory Pease, Sixpence, is the first entry in the Old World series to feature Virginia and Perique. This broken flake also contains some dark-fired leaf, and a secret component. If you're looking for a flavorful, rich blend that doesn't contain Latakia, you'll love Sixpence.

Tom Eltang Mixture from Cornell & Diehl
Cornell & Diehl's Tom Eltang Mixture is a rich VaPer with a difference. Beside the sweet and tangy Virginias and the deep fruity and spicy character of Louisiana Perique, a touch of dark, earthy Burley is added to increase the body and to add a bit of pepperiness to the blend.

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