August / September 2010

Tuesday, Sept 7th, 2010 at 7:00 PM or meet early at
C.B. Perkins at 5 PM or Five Guys at 6PM
Cobb's Corner, Canton

Club Info & Events

************* IMPORTANT NOTICE **************
This month's meeting has been relocated to the Sportsman's Club. Details have been sent to members in the monthly reminder email. If you have questions feel free to contact us or meet up with us at CB Perkins before the meeting.
Details of the June Meeting
It usually happens once a year, there's either not enough content, time or desire to put out a newsletter. That time was last month so this will be a double newsletter..... sort of. I apologize to the 5 people out there that actually look forward to it.

Temporary Meeting Location
As noted above, we need to relocate our meeting this month to our alternate location at the sportsman's club due to other pre-scheduled events taking place at our primary location. We apologize if this causes any inconvenience.

What! More New Members?
They very well could be. I walked into C.B. Perkins before the August meeting to see two new faces in the smoking circle. I was introduced to Matt (R) and Ben (L), two college students who have picked up an interest in pipe smoking. While visiting Perkins earlier and inquiring about pipes, Prabahka, the manager, told them about our club and when we would be in. Their interest held and the met up with the group at the prescribed time. It didn't take much to convince them to attend a meeting and see what they though. They decided to start with the trusty corn cob and see how it goes from there. We all enjoyed their company and I believe the feeling was mutual. They both gave a short intro of themselves. Here is a little about Ben and I hope to have Matt's up soon. Good meeting you guys.

Ben is a senior at the University of Rochester studying International Relations and Chinese. When not smoking his General MacArthur corn cob pipe he can be found rock climbing or fishing in the great outdoors. An adrenaline enthusiast, Ben is an avid longboarder and has jumped off the highest bungee in the world in Macau, China. During the school year, Ben is a brother of the Delta Upsilon International Fraternity and a senior member of In Between The Lines Comedy Improv Troupe. Recently returning from a study abroad in Shanghai, China, Ben hopes to continue studying Chinese after graduation and enter the Foreign Service as a political diplomat.
Better Days - The Final Chapter
A Series on Pipe Smoking's Nostalgic Past

                                                           By Ernie Whitenack

SHPC Member Ernie Whitenack has offered to write a series of articles about the "better days" of pipe smoking as remembered by him. We hope you enjoy these stories and look forward to them in future editions of the SHPC Gazette.

Thank You Ernie
The following is Part I in the final chapter of Ernie Whitenack's"Better Days" series. I am very happy to have been able to include these stories in the SHPC Gazette and I hope you got as much enjoyment out of them as I did. While reading these recollections of smoking's past, I kept thinking to myself.... "I wish I could have been a part of it all back then".
Thanks Ernie. I truly appreciate all the time and effort that went into putting these stories together and I hope you will be able to dig up a few more tidbits for us in the future.

The Final Chapter - Part 1
I walked into the reception room of the Framingham studio where the odor of pipe smoke was very prevalent. It was a gentle and refined smell.
"In here" proclaimed a voice from the small sales room off the reception area.
I entered the room and was greeted by a jovial man with pipe in mouth and encircled by clouds of smoke. I later learned he smoked a private blend made for him by L. J. Peretti which he bought in five pound lots. I was never able to find out the contents of the blend but it was a flake and very light in color ranging from yellow to deep gold.
A box of golden raisins always sat next to his pipes and tobacco. Some years later I tried raisins after a smoke and found they had the ability to cool-down a parched tongue.

                                                                           [Read More...]

Pipes & Tobacco News & Info

Making the SHPC 2010 Club Pipe
As you know the SHPC 2010 Club Pipe was made by Kaywoodie this year. Bill Feurbach, Vice President of Marketing at S. M Frank & Co. was nice enough to take a series of photos of the steps involved in making this year's pipe and sent them along to us. I have put those photos together in a short montage for your entertainment. Thanks Bill for taking the time to take these photos and for make this year's club pipe. It's a great smoker and we are all very proud to have it as part of our collection.

Finally... A reply from Scott Brown
I honestly didn't think it would ever come but it did. Read the reply from Senator Scott Brown to my protest on the increased taxes on pipe tobacco.
                Read Senator Brown's Reply
Other News & Information for smokers:

Websites Worth a Look

West Coast Pipe Show - Nov. 6 & 7, 2010
Steve O'Neill, Marty Pulvers, and Rick Newcombe would like to invite you to the second annual West Coast Pipe Show. to be held once again at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino, conveniently located just off the Las Vegas strip near Interstate 15 and an easy hotel shuttle ride from McCarren Airport.                                                        [Visit the Site]

Dunhill Pipe Tobacco Returns to the US
There have been rumors in the past, but this time it is true. We have it straight from British American Tobacco, the owners of the Dunhill Tobacco trademark - Dunhill Pipe Tobaccos will once again be available in the United States, most likely in September 2010.
                  [Read the Story at ]

This Month's Tobacco Raffle
Here we have two Ashton blends that are blended by McLelland. I couldn't find a real clear history behind these blends but from what I did gather McLelland is bringing back some old Ashton blends. If anyone has any better info on the history of these blends please let me know.

McClelland Ashton Brindle (50g tin)
Brindle Flake pipe tobacco. Flue-curing captures the natural sweetness of fine Virginia tobaccos. This is a partially rubbed-out pipe tobacco that is delicate in aroma, clean-smoking, and naturally sweet and zesty. We are pleased to make available once again this original Brindle Flake pipe tobacco recipe.

McClelland Ashton Pebble Cut (50g tin)
Pebblecut pipe tobacco. Selected red mottled leaf from Carolina, small Oriental leaves from Macedonia. Bright nut-flavored broad leaf from Virginia, and pure Louisiana Perique all combine to form a blend that brings flavors long since forgotten in todays mass-produced substitutes.

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